Youtube Marketing Stats: Could Video Be the Missing Tabasco in Your Marketing Bloody Mary?

Youtube Marketing Stats: Could Video Be the Missing Tabasco in Your Marketing Bloody Mary?

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Advertising does not work. It doesn’t. If you’ve ever spent $50,000 on a media blitz, you’ll agree with me.

“If it works for Coke, it’ll work for us,” are the most famous last words I’ve heard from many corporate executives before launching a massive ad campaign and subsequently filing chapter 11.

It’s even worse when you spend a couple hundred thousand with the New Jersey Nets and plaster your name (@GaryVee) all over a billboard ad to hear pins drop and crickets chirp – only, not both at the same time.

The real problem is that inexperienced marketing executives and even Ivy B-Schools work off the logic that “since Coke has been doing this for a hundred years and is a success, they must know what they are doing.”

Actually, the above it totally true. They do know what they are doing. The problem is that their formula doesn’t apply to your business. First, they have hundred year name recognition going for them. Second, they have a global “convenience product” that is just 3 steps away from a point-of-sale. Third, they have “impulse buy” pricing.

This is why ads work for Coke. A coke ad is nothing more than a surrogate wife standing next to you at the check-out line asking, “honey, did you pick up the milk?”

Since Coke is positioned geographically and costographically at super low resistance, all you need is a super low impact suggestion to buy. This is the only reason advertisements work for companies. And I’m guessing that your product is not nearly as easy to impulsively toss into the shopping cart.

For your product or service that is more expensive and has a much higher resistance to acquisition, you’ve logically got to utilize a much more powerful means of persuasion.

You may think at this point, “I don’t see how ordering with paypal off of my ecommerce site is any harder than picking up a coke and pulling out the Amex to pay for it at a counter.” If this is you, you’ve fallen into the same trap that many other experienced and successful marketing execs have. You’ve overlooked the “point of purchase context.” It’s dangerously easy to do. But doing so will be the ruin of your enterprise. Too many brilliant people are still scratching their heads wondering why their dot com failed. Here’s why:

If you look at purchasing a coke as a unique event then you compare that to ordering a product from your website as a unique event, then you’d be 100% correct that ordering your product has intrinsically much less resistance than picking up a Coke. But that’s not what happens.

You don’t have to go to the store for Coke. You don’t have to stand in line for Coke. You don’t have to park your car for Coke. You don’t even have to pay for Coke. You had to go to the store, stand in line, park your car, and pull out your Amex to get gas. These are all required events. The labor to piggyback a Coke into this required event is near zero resistance. Buying Coke is transparent. This is why a million dollar superbowl ad with the slightest persuasive impact is effective.

Can your product be acquired transparently? Windows 95 did. YKK zippers do. iPhone 4 bumpers should.

So if your marketing strategy has more resistance in it than Bill Gates and that Chinese guy that makes zippers for every pair of pants on earth, you’ll need a much higher “influence impact medium” of marketing. And the most effective sales method is a persuasive salesman. What’s even better than the most persuasive salesman is an army of clones of him. This is the value of video.

In our personal experience, video produces about 78 times (that’s 7800%) more sales than any other means of advertising or marketing. But as with everything, the medium of communication isn’t everything. You’ve got to execute the 27 factors of a successful video marketing campaign flawlessly. If you want to talk to us about these 27 factors, message us at | | 310 598 1606

We’re eVolVement, the team that put together surprisingly cost effective videos for corporations and for Hollywood. Let’s have a conversation how we can use video to help you spread the word.

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