Top 100 3d Printing Innovators 2014

Top 100 3d Printing Innovators 2014

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(2014 Injection Molding Plant China and Mexico) — 3d Printing is ending China’s economic reign. Smart Chinese companies are starting to migrate to Hong Kong (see  also why so many printing companies are popping up in Hong Kong). That’s what one of the world’s top financial journals, “the Motley Fool” proclaimed.

While that may be a bit of an exaggeration, the point is clear. In a world where the supply chain adds 500% more cost to anything that’s produced and a world where you can never have it just the way you want it, if you can solve both problems, the old world withers on the vine. That old world is anyone mass producing anything. On the top of that list is, well, China.

With the popularization of 3d Printing, no only do you not have to wait for that container to sail across the Pacific Ocean, clear customs, and get hauled to your local retailer, you can have it now. That’s almost as exciting as the fact that you can have it precisely custom made, fitted, and design modified to your exact dimensions at the cost of plastic pellets and maybe a DRM 3d printing file.

In the macro scheme of things, this means that mass transit won’t be shipping as many jelly shoes in 9 different sizes (5 of which will never leave the store racks). That means that air pollution and climate change will get a hard swift check to the gut. In the micro scheme, you won’t have to spend hours shopping for just the right shoes, purse, watch, cabinet, desk, etc… because you’ll be able to just download a file.

There are broader economic implications too. In the same way that inkjet printers made paper companies rich, 3d printers will make plastics makers very wealthy. Chemicals companies with biodegradable polymer patents will also do well. But that’s just the tip of the iceberg. If you want to get a clear glimpse of the future and how 3d printing will change everything from industries to nations to the global climate, follow…

The Top 100 Innovators in 3d Printing 2014

list by Injection Molding Fabricators Inc.

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Founder and maker, bhold – / Thoughtful 3D printed design to make your life easier / Creating beautiful and useful things / Google, MIT, Stanford

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3D Printing Thailand: @3D_Protothai

บริการปรินท์ 3 มิติ แบบครบวงจร แนะนำและให้คำปรึกษา

Duann: @Duanns

Designer Evangelist : Shapeways : 3D Printing :Industrial Design through online digital fabrication


John Tokash: @jtokash

Co-founder at . Mobile, consumer electronics and 3D printing enthusiast.

WB Engineering: @wbengineering

WB Engineering provides digital prototyping, product development, and 3D printing services. We also represent Autodesk and 3D Systems as value added resellers.

3D Druck 3D Printing: @3D_Druck

Informationen rund um 3D Druck / 3D Printing, Selektives Lasersintern, Stereolithographie, Rapid Prototyping und Additive Fertigung

Mathilde Berchon: @mathmath

Love design, makers and 3D printing. Founder of

Ashish Panjabi: @apanjabi

COO of Jacky’s Electronics-Dubai, 3D Printing Geek, technology enthusiast, Liverpool Fan (why?). Blog sometimes. Opinions given are personal views.


RepRapPro: @RepRapPro

RepRapPro is a collaboration between RepRap Ltd and eMAKER Ltd. We are dedicated to providing you with accessible open-source 3D printing.

mark zero (Jason): @markzero

STUFF & NONSENSE: history & mystery, food/film/photos/frivolity. speculative fiction, personal genomics, 3D printing, astronomy. flexitarianism. nerd, not geek.


Maker Faire Toronto: @MakerFaire_TO

Back for 2014 – oh yeah! Drones. 3D Printing. The Future! Festival of making, DIY-ing, hacking & more. Nov 22-23 at Toronto Reference Library.

Kevin Taylor: @jpnKevin_T

Mobile wireless hardware design & development manager, 20 years experience. Share insights on market & industry trends, 3D printing, cloud virtualization.

Sixense: @sixensemotion

Motion tracking and software for gaming, VR, 3D printing and other 3D digital media.

Karan Checker: @kchecker

Tech Enthusiast, Entrepreneur, Babson Alum, PEC Chandigarh Alum, SJOBA, Singularity, 3D printing, Arduino, Quadcopter, Maker, Hacker

MakerBlock: @MakerBlock

My story is a lot like yours, only more interesting ’cause it involves robots (3D printing/blogger, Maker, author)

Artem Mikhlin: @mikhlin

brand advocate.

Zack Sandor-Kerr: @ZackSandorKerr

I give enthusiastic highfives, ride a bicycle and live in Toronto. I also like boardgames, 3D printing, grammar and geekery. Digital Strategist at .

cool 3d printing: @PrintingCool

We Are All About Cool 3D Printing Innovations & The Industry

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The One Stop Shop for information and resources to get started in 3D printing today.


European 3D Printing: @euro3dprinting

European 3D Printing Summit: November 2014


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3D Printing Systems

3D Printing VC: @3Dprintingvc

Matching 3D Printing Firms with Venture Capital

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Providing a broad array of and scanning services, including models, prototypes and objects in a variety of colors


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3D Printing Carey: @Carey3DPrinting

JHU Carey students researching 3-d printing technology. willing & eager to learn more about the sector, looking for guidance as well!

3D Printing Pro: @3DPrintingPro

Learn how 3D Printing is changing the way we create and innovate from toys to life saving devices and body parts

IPF 3d Printing: @IPF3dPrinting

3d Printing with Objet, Stratasys, EnvisionTec systems. Helping others understand what prototyping process suits them best!


AD 3D Printing: @AD3DPrinting

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.


VSF – 3D Printing: @VSF_3D_Printing

3D Printing !!!

3D Printing PR Firm: @3dprintingpr

Public Relations for 3D Printing


3D Print Store: @3DPrintStore


3D Printer Blogs: @3DPrinterBlogs

Bringing the 3D printing community together.

Print 3D Expo: @Print3DExpo

Print3DExpo – 3D Printing Conference is the world’s leading event on latest 3D printing technologies, applications, and case studies.

3d Print: @3dPrinter3d

3d Printing Consultancy

John Biehler: @JohnBiehler

Photographer, Technologist, Traveler, Maker, 3D Printing Advocate & book author. Co-Founder of

3D Printing Bank: @3DPrintingBank

The Bank That Understands the 3D Printing Industry

3D Printers Canada: @3DPrintCan

An Idea in tangible form. For all your rapid prototyping, 3D printing and design needs. Product development at its finest

3Dprinting&society: @social3Dprint

Swinburne University of Technology project on the legal & social implications of 3D printing


3D Printing Studios: @3DPrinting_Aus

3D Scanning, Design, Printing, Training and more @Threeding

3D printing marketplace where you can buy, sell or simply share for free 3D printable files. ,


SD3D Printing: @SD3DPrinting

3D Printing Enthusiasts and Movers

OUT OF NOTHING 3D: @OutOfNothing3D

Dedicated 3D Printing Gallery opening in Shoreditch, London 2014…watch this space


3D Printing Filament: @JustFilament

Just Filament provides professionals, hobbyists, and every day makers with quality tested, reasonably priced 3D printing materials.


3D Printing: @q_3dprinting

3D printing is a technology whereby a machine builds up an actual object layer by later based on a digital file. The technology used to be known as Rapid Pro…

3DPrinting on Campus: @3DPonCampus

3D printing empowers students and educators, providing them with the ultimate tool for turning ideas into real three dimensional objects and prototypes.


3D Pioneer Systems: @3Dpioneer

3D printing and Mobile games.. That’s what we do. launching late summer 2014.


iDig 3D Printing: @iDig3dPrinting

We sell 3D printers and 3D printer filament. Follows us for all 3D printing news and advice.

Print3Dexpert: @Print3dExpert

Print3dExpert provides a syndicated source of news and business marketing services for the digital fabrication, 3d printing & rapid prototyping industry.


LIX 3D Pen: @lixpen

The smallest and smartest 3D printing pen in the world! Enables you to doodle in the air.

3D Dreaming: @3DDArchitecture

Architecture, 3d modeling, 3d printing, renders, design, technology, soft-hardware, CG, animations, urban sci-fi, lifestyle and everything that is cool!

PrintME 3D: @PrintME3D

PrintME 3D London, Europe’s leading 3D Printing Specialist. We provide Product Design & Supply 3D Printers, 3D Scanners, Filaments, Accessories & Parts.

3D Printing: @3dprintingfilm

Twitter home for the Documentary Film 3D Printing Revolution


3dPrinting Group: @3dprintinggroup

The Voice of the 3d Printing Industry

eXWorld Print News: @exworld4

Get the latest print industry and 3D printing news at

3D Printer Geek: @3DPrinterGeek

Geeking out on 3D Printing

d3print: @d3print

Part time entrepreneur, 3d-printing, 3d-modeling. Owner at amd-tec.


3D NYC Lab: @3D_NYC

3D printing and rapid prototyping in NYC

Initio 3D Printing: @Initio3DPrintin

Founded in Mesa, AZ in 2013. We strive to enhance the quality of human life through the use of 3D printing of prosthetic and medical supplies.

3d print expo: @3dprintexpo

По многочисленным просьбам участников и посетителей 3D Print Expo, конференция посвященная 3D-печати и сканированию едет в Казахстан!)

3D Printing: @3DPrintingPin

3D Printing Pin provides resources and news about 3D printing technology and 3D printers


Creatz3D Printing: @Creatz3D

Creatz3D is proud to be at the forefront of 3D printing world, with technologies by Stratasys™ and Arcam™, in the ever changing business landscape.

3Dprint@home: @kinnect2print

Entrepreneur|Inventor|Maker|CEO 3D Systems|Faculty Singularity|Cooper Hewitt National Design Museum|XPrize|America’s ToothFairy|Convergence|Education

Pro Tech 3D Printing: @ProTech3DPrint

3D Printer Repair – 3D CAD Modeling – Rapid Prototyping – 3D Printed Parts (916) 436-1933

Fantasy Author: @BrianRathbone

Creator of The World of Godsland fantasy series. I love to connect with readers, writers, artists, designers and visionaries. VIP Crew 3D printing.

Maxx 3D Printing: @Maxx3DPrinting

We offer 3D printing, 3D scanning, 3D modeling, and 3D rendering services, as well as 3D integration with web design.

Airwolf 3D: @airwolf3d

We manufacture the best 3D printers. We stay abreast of current technology and provide a foundation for engineers into the world of 3d printing.

RaceWare: @racewaredirect

3D Printed Custom Cycle Components We produce a variety of 3D printed items from both nylon & Titanium as well as offering a full custom service. All in the UK


Pixil 3D: @Pixil3D

3D Printed Products from South Florida. Remixing creative things around the house with plastic and passion by

Print the Legend: @PrintTheFilm

Print the Legend. The 3D printing revolution has begun. Who will make it?

3D F1: @3D_F1

From Australia to Abu Dhabi, we’ll bring you around the world with our series of stylish 3D printed F1 tracks. Like us on FB


Future Lab 3D: @FutureLab3D

Robotics, Animatronics, CNC, 3D Printing

sebastian cann svärd: @sebastiancannsv

Protected TweetsDGAG!! When photos are not enough anymore, 3D-print yourself, your housepets, wedding, baby, pregnant wife etc..this techinc is amazing!!

3D Printing Club: @3DPUCI

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.


UIG 3D Printing: @UIG3DPrinting

UIG 3D Printing comprises separate business units which cover sales, distribution and service encompassing all aspects of 3D Printing.

Charlotte Jansen: @PrintedJewelry

Passionate about 3D printing and its possibilitiesCustom and personalized 3D printed jewelry. @3DModelch

SWITZERLAND’S ONE STOP SHOP FOR 3D PRINTING AND 3D SCANNING Reseller 3D Systems, Service Provider, 3D Print Academy, R&D

3D Printing News AU: @3DPrintNewsAU

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.


AdditiveMfgUG: @AdditiveMFGUG

Additive Manufacturing Users Group educates & advance the uses & applications of additive mfg/3D Printing technologies.

3D Print Prosthetics: @3DPrintMED

Disrupting the prosthetics industry with 3D printing

DGS 3D: @DGS_Aus

Australian partner for the revolutionary Mcor Iris Full Colour 3d PAPER printer. Encouraging enthusiasts through our pioneer paper 3d printing program


Helmi: @helmi

Dedicated to 3D printing, runner of , addicted to football. Retweets do not necessarily reflect my opinion. Also at


Do You 3D?: @DoYou3D

Visit to get your own items 3D printed.

3D Printed Jessie: @3DPrintedJessie

All things 3D Printing…

3D Forged: @3DForged

3D Printing Our Way Into the Future!

Printed Solid: @PrintedSolid

US Reseller of ColorFabb PLA/PHA 3D Printing filament.3D Printing 24/7, Lost PLA casting, Proud father and husband.


Presspin: @presspin

Presspin connects designers, tinkerers and hobbyists needing objects to be 3D printed with talented makers offering their services.

Toronto 3D Printers: @Toronto3DPrint

Toronto 3D Printers is a monthly meeting 3D printing enthusiasts at Site 3.Everyone is welcome, whether you own 3D printer or have only just heard of them!

Agents 3d Revolution: @3dagents

3d printing is going to make us Re-think, Re-look and Re-evaluate the way we live. Join the revolution!

Info3Dprinter: @Info3Dprinter

Info about 3D printers * 3D-Printing * Additive Manufacturing * Rapid Prototyping


3D Printing Pty Ltd: @3DPrintingPL

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.


I Made That: @IMadeThat3D

3D printing and design service based in . Spreading the word about the revolution.Provoke your creativity by making your idea a reality

Eetu Kuneinen: @EetuKuneinen

Co-Founder of 3D Printing Industry

Impact 3D Models: @Impact3DModels

3D Printing Service Bureau For AEC, brand design, rapid prototyping, and custom print communities!


3D Printer News: @3D_Printer_News

News from the 3D Printing Community


Disrupt 3D: @Disrupt_3D

3D Printing – Innovation | Design | News


3D Printing Nerd: @3DPrintingNerd

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.

The 3D Printer: @the3dprinteraus

Australian Based 3D Printing Supplies and Services. Focus on bringing 3D Printing into the education system.


Custom 3d Stuff, LLC: @custom3dstuff

We are a Baltimore and Brooklyn based digital fabrication consultancy specializing in 3d design and 3d printing from jewelry to engineering prototypes

Brandon Lipman: @lipmanb

Have a passion for startups & entrepreneurship. Founder of Clefts United and Co-founder of 3DLT a marketplace for physical and digital 3D printed products.

3D Print Lab: @3D_PrintLab

Help us bring high tech 3D printing into the heart of a London Community.What can we make? How can 3D printing change lives and make change?

Mad Jack 3D Prints: @CartoonImp

I’m a Film Maker/ Illustrator/ Maker that’s about to get I to the world of 3D printing.


NRI 3D: @nri3d

Contact me with any questions about 3D printing! We do it all!!

PrintaBit: @PrintaBit

We make your works of art using 3D printing |

THINK 3D Ltd.: @Think_3D

Need Solidworks CAD capacity? Think 3D Ltd. offers Design Engineering, Product Development, CAD Services & 3D printing (in-house).

Stephen Murphey: @stephenmurphEy

DIY Space Technology Evangelist: Engineering geek, commercial space junkie and fan of 3D printing.


3D Melbourne: @3DMelbourne

The one stop shop for everything 3D printing related in Melbourne and the surrounding region.


Learn about the capabilities of : DLP Cinema, DLP Pico, front projection, automotive displays, 3D printing, spectroscopy +more

Ash Martin: @iamashm

Mainstreaming 3D printing as Head Product for . Fmr founder of , Fmr filmmaker, MIT Sloan MBA (’10), love DIY, water polo, and fun t-shirts

3D Print 4 Architect: @3D4Architects

Sudarshan Holla trained in Chicago; 30 years of experience; works with Craig Semingson. Focused on 3D in architecture. Admin assistant:

3D Print Works: @3Dprintwork

3D printing enthusiast.


iMakr Store: @iMakrStore

iMakr Store, the World’s Largest 3D Printing Store

3D Print BG: @3DPrintBG

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.

Continuum Fashion: @continvvm

Building the future of fashion with 3D printing and software. Founded by

3D Printeresting: @Printeresting3D

3D Printing – Next Industrial Revolution – is a Masterpiece of Engineering and a work of Art. Great perspective of the potentials of Additive Manufacturing.


iPRINT Technologies: @iPrint_3D

We understand that 3D printing is more than a hobby… It’s a revolution! iPrint are the makers of 3D Stuffmaker, built for the greatest innovators of our time.


3DPrintingPlan: @3DPrintingPlan

3D Printing news and updates


i 3D Print: @i3Dprints

We fuse professional design with the latest 3D printing technology. Representatives in Boston, Seattle and Pacific Beach, CA

Giorgio Magistrelli: @Giorgio3DPRINT

International Project and Corporate Manager 3D Printing Expert Project Manager 3DPrinting Revolution Event

ewindisch: @ewindisch

The OpenStack + Docker guy. Working at . Cloud pioneer. Coffee aficionado. Stock trader. 3D Printing Geek. Glass Explorer.


Jenny Sparks: @SparkyRobot

Game developer. Into 3D printing, pinball, comics, crafty stuff. I sometimes put costumes on my cats.p.s.: Not really a robot. Sorry.

Trey Shelton: @treyshelton

F# Head of Sales, Founder of Music Interactive. Diving deep on startups, music, adtech, paleo, food, 3D printing, & ag policy.


3D Print & Design: @ST3P3D

Professional 3D Print and Design Company


Benjamin Nicoll: @Ben_Nicoll

Open Source web developer & sometimes tech journalist. Interested in 3D printing, web startups, dogs, poker & motorcycles.


Faberdashery: @faberdasher

Faberdashery: Supplying tools, materials and ideas for the 3D printing community.


Designers of Things: @dothingscon

Official handle for the Designers of Things Blog & Conference, Sept. 23 & 24, 2014 | Dedicated to Wearable Tech, 3D Printing & IoT | EIC

3D Print 4 Dentists: @3D4Dentists

We are deeply committed to promoting the range of benefits from 3D Printing technologies among the community of dentists worldwide.

Vamsi Sistla: @vsistla

Innovation, Disruption, Mobile, Sociology,3D Printing, Internet of Things (IoT), Equity CrowdFunding, Impact, Social Entrepreneurship –


Nikolai Svakhin: @Nikolai3d

Adobe Engineering, I work on 3D Printing in Photoshop; SciFi nerd, SDCC’er, Gamer, operative. DS: My own opinions are my own. Also, cats.


3D Printing: @drawnin3d

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.

Christopher Barnatt: @ChrisBarnatt

Futurist, lecturer and videographer. Author of nine books including ‘3D Printing: The Next Industrial Revolution’ —

Jon Harrop: @jonharrop

Emerging technologies including 3D printing, printed electronics and wearables.

Chris Krueger: @TheNewHobbyist

My name is Chris. I’m a Chicago area maker, 3D printing enthusiast, and wannabe Imagineer.

Todd Blatt: @tblatt

UMBC Mechanical Engineer, 3d printing guru, digital fabricator, go & foosball player, movie prop replicator, Glass explorer

FabLab Hub: @FabLabHub

Info on innovation in ! Connecting w/innovators – teachers – students – biz – 3D Printing – STEAM not STEM


UNO: @UNOestudio

Design studio focused in Prototyping Laser cut, 3d printing and graphic production on screenprint, located in Bogota Colombia


MacKenzie Brown: @3vu

Founder Cad Crowd | Hire a freelance 3D modeler, 3D designer or CAD drafter on demand. Get a designer for product design, interior design & 3D printing design.

Richard H: @RichRap3D

Electronics engineer, highly interested in 3D printing.


3D Printlife: @3DPrintlife

3D printing is the fun new trend in printing. And we are the fun new company doing it! 3D Printers, Print Materials, Design Templates for home, office, school.

Natalia Krasnodebska: @NKrasnodebska

creating a 3D printed future as community manager . making jewelry, biking and not falling off my surfboard the rest of the time. lasers go pew! pew!


Makerland: @makerlandconf

Makerland is a 3-day intensive workshops on Internet of Things, Rapsberry Pi, 3d Printing and QuadCopters :)) We still have some tickets for sale, hurry up!

Matt Stultz: @MattStultz

Software developer, hardware hacker, hackerspace proponent, and 3D printing evangalist.

Plastic Prototyping: @Proto3000_RP

PROTO3000 – Your Rapid Prototyping / 3D Printing / Plastic Prototyping Specialists


YesJess: @YesJessEtsy

Architect turned knitting maven. With a blog, a craving for artichokes and a love for maps. Social Media & 3d Printing in Chicago.

Chris Charlton: @charltonweb

Programming Community Astronaut. Published Author.Skills: High Performance PHP, Drupal, iOS, Web Standards, MySQL, Eclipse, 3D Design & 3D Printing.

Tim: @ChinaShopBull

eCommerce & digital manager for a FTSE 250. Getting stuff done.Tweeting marketing, photography, cooking, making, baking, 3D Printing & my VW T5.

Natural Machines: @NaturalMachines

Foodini: the first 3D food printer kitchen appliance to contribute to a healthy eating lifestyle. Real food, 3D printed.


Clint Johns: @clintjohns

edtech innovator + advocate of education reform movements: STEM, CSed, Career Technical Education, Maker Movement, 3D printing, Robotics ; serial optimist

Bertier_Luyt: @Bertier_Luyt

French entrepreneur, maker, digital enthusiast, 3D printing evangelist, high tech curious , Arduino beginner, dad of 2; food and wines 😉


3D Prints: @3d_prints

please contact @journik about saying something useful here.


LUXeXceL Group: @LUXeXceL

LUXeXceL – Inventor of Printoptical Technology. Digitizing the manufacturing of Optics with a unique 3D printing process. We focus on LED lighting optics.

Elizabeth Goode: @GoodeInk

Branding. Communications. Marketing Consulting | Rapid , Printing, , Sub , .

3dfilemarket: @3dfilemarket

Growing 3Dprinting community. 3Dprintable files for personal/home 3D printers. Browse/download/sell 3D print files. All designs verified printable!


Layer By Layer: @LayerByLayer3D

Layer By Layer sells 3D prints—not files, templates, or designs. We’re a new kind of marketplace.

EnvisionTEC, Inc.: @EnvisionTEC

the benchmark in 3D printing

Proto Technologies: @bestrapidproto

Rapid prototyping & 3D parts printing service bureau. Any part you want, we can build it!

3DPrint3: @3DPrint3

Tweeting the best of 3D Printing from around the world & every industry – we love 3D Printing! 🙂 Retweet if you like! 🙂


Joris Peels: @VoxelFab

VoxelFab is a blog about 3D printing & the future of manufacturing. The blog also covers design, 3D modeling & 3D printers.

Samantha Snabes: @samanthasnabes

Challenge seeker committed to exploring the intersections of space & society. Passionate about toilets, pineapple, 3D printing and opportunity.

MakerKids: @Maker_Kids

We are one of the only makerspaces for kids in the world. We teach kids and educators 3D printing, woodworking, electronics, robotics, Minecraft, and more.

Naqaash Pirani: @qaash

PhD student at with a focus on Information Systems and Emerging Tech. Currently exploring the role of technology like 3D printing in creative pursuits


Adam Cox: @adamundefined

I am a caffeine powered robot. I rule with a 3d printed fist over at

3d4printers: @3d4printers

3D printing for print professionals. Visit us at

TX/RX Labs: @txrxlabs

Houston’s non-profit Hackerspace. Project-based team of makers in electronic circuitry, machinery, 3D-printing, crafts, computer science.


ColorFabb: @ColorFabb

ColorFabb. Fabulous Colors. Producers of Filaments for 3D printing.

Gavin Gear: @GavinGear

Tech/gadget guy, Mechanical Engineer, programmer, maker, camera enthusiast, speed freak, motorcyclist. 4K, 3D Printing, PC Gaming, CAD, CAM, Photography, Video

Andrew: @andrewdlindsay

Lots of Geekiness here, Software developer, IoT, Maker, 3D printing, Home Monitoring, Computers, Beer, Motorbikes, breadmaker, food and woodwork!


The future of footwear. Perfect fit, enhanced performance, and personalized style powered by 3D printing.

John Abella: @johnabella

3D printing enthusiast, obsessive hobbyist, Make Magazine contributor. chief bottle washer.

Yvonne van Zummeren: @Dyvsign

Dyvsign (since 2011) is at the forefront of developments in the field of 3D printing with conversions to exclusive jewelry designs, inspired by works of art.

Chris Thompson: @eagleApex

3D printing and digital manufacturing professional at NextFab. OSHW enthusiast. Digital artist. AMA

Eric Barnett: @ericbarnett

Digital Sculptor. Editor. Character Designer. Colorist. Interested in 3D printing, VFX and other awesome stuff.

Avi Cohen: @4AviCohen

Managing worldwide dental and medical solutions at Stratasys Ltd. Practice in Medical CT,MRI,Dental scan and software solutions,3D Printing, modeling and design

Cokreeate: @cokreeate

3D printing company

Todd Halterman: @ToddHalterman

I’m the Managing Editor of (3D Printing) and the Editor of ,

Design Make Teach: @DesignMakeTeach

A behind the scenes look at the ideas, research and endless questions of a HS technology resource teacher & 3D printing enthusiast.

Pierre Baillargeon: @Kabong

Inventor, Robotics Engineer, Space geek. Addicted to 3D printing.


3D sken+print BG ST: @TopoQuote

Na BG Sajmu Tehnike 2014 saznajte kako prebaciti realne predmete u kvalitetne GOM ATOS 3D skenove i 3D printeve. Zatražite procjenu cijene sa android appom:


FlatPyramid 3DModels: @flatpyramid

Stock 3D Models optimized for Mobile, Augmented Reality and 3D Printing


Derek C. Wallace: @derekcwallace

College student + indie filmmaker. Energy + Video . panels, quantum levitation, +

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