Top 100 Designers: Graphic Industrial Interior, On Earth

Top 100 Designers: Graphic Industrial Interior, On Earth

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Tyler, A close friend of mine in Seattle is 6 months behind and $12,000USD over budget on his design project. Crabby, tired, and frustrated, he’d skype his designers at 3am. He literally went out drinking just to pass the time and be up for the call. He sourced out to a team in India or Malaysia or was it Chile? Their rates were too good to pass up.

There was a time when you would only do business with people who were already in your life. You’d do business with parents who send their kids to the same school. You’d do business with people in your church (or atheist meetups). You’d do business with people on your block. And you’d do business with people related to co-workers and clients.

This was smart for several reasons. First, you’d already start off with a common cultural base. Your architect, graphic designer, product designer, or interior designer wouldn’t pull some weird scheiBBe out of their hat (that was totally cool where they were from). Secondly, you’d have social and political leverage.

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Nobody who works for you wants to do a poor job when they see you every day. Nobody wants someone who knows all their friends to say anything embarrassing to any one of them. And absolutely nobody wants their kids openly scolding them about settling differences because of some unresolved issue that becomes glaringly obvious at the school open house. It would cost too much to leave you, the client, anything less than 100% Happy.

Recently, all that has changed. I suspect that you, with my buddy Tyler, have sailed into exploring the international outsourcing option based on the price tag. And I suspect you’ve heard of a friend who has or have personally been sunk out in the high seas. The fatal mistake you made, that everyone makes, is that you traded in social and personal leverage for a low price tag that ended up costing you much more in the end.

To prevent that sour mistake from ever happening again, has assembled the Top 100 Designers Around The World Who Are Your Neighbors. No, you don’t have to select a designer who lives in your town. Everyone below is in your neighborhood–no matter what time zone they’re in. They are all people who are online on Twitter, Linkedin and Facebook social media management near 24 hours a day.

Think about it. If you work with any of the Top Designers below, you’ll have 100% redundant access to them near 24/7. More confidence inspiring than that, you’ll be able to network and friend their subcontractors, employees, and even their other clients via Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook. You’ll be personally be closer to the geographically furthest designer on this list than with Gary from the Golf Club.

But the best part, we’ve hand picked the below designers from several hundred more. The criteria we used makes us confident that each of these designers below are operationally transparent, manage their business relationships with the highest integrity, and won’t nickel and dime you do death (although some may slip on deadline here and there–who doesn’t?!). In other words, while your global neighbors below may be more accessible than designers who are physical neighbors, you most probably won’t have to do any politicking to get them to take good care of you.

Before we introduce you to the top designers on earth who are closer than your neighbors, we want to interject a quick “How to Select A Designer Checklist:”

1) Deadline your project long before you actually need it
The creative process is temperamental and designers are even worse when you don’t give them enough time.

2) Talk to a designer long before you commission a project
The most common problem designers experience is that you, the client, will deliver necessary components and pieces long after the designer needs it. To compound this problem, you tend to give designers partial information and interject (derail) the design process with unforecasted

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