The Marketing Mix: Google SEO vs Google Adsense vs Twitter vs Facebook vs Blogging

by admin on January 22, 2011

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Back in the old country (not geographically–two decades ago in the 90′s), there was one brand of mobile phone, there were two brands of jeans, vaccines were definitely good for you, and you could do advertising or you could do marketing. Life was simple.

If you were going to do some advertising for you business, you’d consider magazines, tv, newspapers, or the yellow pages. On the outside chance you were big enough, you’d sprinkle in there some billboard ads.

If you were going to do some marketing, you hire a PR person to get you writeups in those same magazines and papers you are considering advertising in. You’d go to some entrepreneurs’ round table, you’d go to trade shows, and you’d mingle. This was marketing.

Today, prospective clients ask my team for marketing help. And frankly, I’m not really sure what that means.

If you ask us for marketing help and then tell us that you want to market via Twitter (details – Twitter Management and Social Media Management) and Facebook, which are social environments but then tell us that you have nobody on staff who can write and be a full time web customer service rep, that’s like saying, I want to go to a big industry trade show for networking and I have nobody to send (yes, can can hire out but it’s much more cost effective to do it inhouse).

So here are the pros and cons; strengths and weaknesses of each medium of communication and each of their requirements for successful implementation. Special thanks to Orange County’s Top Solar Panel Installer for inspiring this post!

The Pros and Cons: Google SEO vs Google Adsense vs Twitter (details – Twitter Management and Social Media Management) vs Facebook (details – Facebook Social Media Marketing) vs Blogging vs Forums vs Banner Ads

Google Adsense
Pros: Instant Traffic, Precise Measurement

Cons: $1-$5 per click, conservatively 800 clicks per sale (Do the math)

Requirements: Just sign up with a credit card

Google Organic Search
Pros: High credibility and conversion rates (lower every year due to SEO spammers);

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