What we do

Volume Printing for In-Korea, Hong Kong and Japan Distribution or Export

We mostly do large volume printing for all of Korea, Hong Kong, and Japan as well as for exports. For example, 10,000 - 5,000,000 copies of 16pp - 256 page catalogs and brochures on 60# - 110# paper stock. By the way, in Korea, Japan and China, that's about 100gms to 150gsm. 100gsm feels like a JCrew Catalog. 150gsm feels like a lighter annual report stock.

Whether you need a printer in Asia who can ship and distribute locally within Asia all year round; print and deliver to Coex, Kintex, Bexco, Exco, Songdo Convensia, or your hotel conference room; or ship FOB for export, we do all three.

Heidelberg Harris and Speedmasters

We have world class quality German printing presses including Heidelberg Harris 8 color web offset printing presses and 6 color Heidelberg Speedmaster printing presses for heavier stock over 150gsm.

Most magazines, brochures and catalogs that need a substantial heavy feel like a 32 page Mercedes or BMW automobile brochure need to be printed on sheetfed not web offset printing presses. The actual time spent on press to print 50,000 32 page brochures can only take 2-3 hours so printing 200,000 copies of this design might only take a day.

Small Print Jobs, Design, Labels, Scanning, etc...

Contact us for your various needs. Our local partners and clients do digital document imaging / scanning, direct mail fulfillment, graphic design, label making, 2d barcode serializing, and much more. We realize how hard it is to do business in a foreign country that doesn't have a strong grasp of English. So we'd be happy to refer you to other local businesses that we know and trust.

Our network in Korea extends from Seoul Gangnam, Ilsan Goyang, Busan, Ulsan, Songdo Incheon, Daegu, to Gwangju and Jeju Island. Our networks in Hong Kong and Japan as just as wide. We'd love a chance to point you to our family of dependable businesses while we build a relationship with you.

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While we generally do large volume printing, we're happy to introduce you to a local small print shop that we trust. So feel free to contact us regardless of the size of your order.

If we can't do it, we'll refer you to a printer who can. We just want to build a relationship with you.

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