Print Shop Offers Marketing Alternatives

Print Shop Offers Marketing Alternatives

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When the web first started, there weren’t many users but you had every single last one of them at your doorstep. Well, now, the internet and social networks have grows so much that conventional brick and mortar businesses including big box stores and even malls are closing up. That means that just putting up a website isn’t going to cut it any more for your business marketing.

Ironically, where there’s an ebb, there is a flow.

Print Shops are rapidly growing their business recently since CPC started skyrocketing and PPC started getting too competitive to bid. Printing on an offset printing press also affords you the ability to mail your customers information that doesn’t need to be recharged every night. They can keep your data in front of them all day or year if your content is evergreen.

So, have you considered sending your clients some form of printed marketing collateral that they could use for years? Charts, cheat sheets, reference data, industry codes and spec numbers tend to do the trick with many verticals. Try it out. You might be surprised how easy it is to earn a 0% bounce rate when you mail a client something worth keeping on their desktop.

So, are you finally curious about how much does it cost to print magazines?

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