P2: Top Social Media Agencies REVEAL: 7 Steps for Twitter Facebook Google+ To Be A Profit Center

P2: Top Social Media Agencies REVEAL: 7 Steps for Twitter Facebook Google+ To Be A Profit Center

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Continued from: OK. So we’ve already established that Social Media is the only media that matters any more. In 2 years, newspapers books and tv will be extinct.

If you don’t believe me, you’re in good company — with Kodak.

Steve Jobs’ last contribution to technology (epub3 format html5 and ipads) was to make sure that ‘no more trees would be cut down and that no school children would have to carry heaving backpacks to school.’


Social Media is the only media that matters any more.

With over 10,000 Facebook (details – Facebook Social Media Marketing) likers and 10,000 Twitter (details – Twitter Management and Social Media Management) Followers, you’ll have build the the same reach power of a

— 20,000,000 person email list

— 700,000 opt In telemarketing list

— 400,000 direct mail address list

You will have direct access to your customers. Your Twitter, Facebook, and Google+ messages go straight to their cell phones. This is why #4 below is crucial.

Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to reach your customers directly without an intermediary? Social media enables you to cut out the middle man and cut out advertising costs completely IF you build up a large enough reach.

So, for you believers, this is how you make social media including Facebook, Twitter, and Google+ a profit center for your business:


1. Join

Craft Warm and Inviting Twitter, Google+, Facebook, Quora, Youtube and Niche Social Network Accounts.

You can’t miss a single one. 

Remember back in High School when you’d show up to every party except to Jenny’s parties? The next day everybody knew there was something weird going on between you an Jenny. Join every social network service that your very last customer uses. You can’t miss a single one.

2. Blog

If nothing else, create a blog with your FAQs. It

A) TIME: Saves you time because you can just send your customers a link (via Google SEO Link Building Strategies NYC LA San Diego) to a blog (via blog management company) post instead of explaining it over the phone or email every time for 47 minutes and 23 seconds.

B) QUALITY: Blogging an official answer ensures that your customers get the most accurate and polished response to their needs

C) CREDIBILITY: Openly posting your thoughts and expertise generates credibility and trust. This is something that you’d normally have to spend years building. But it can be done instantly and open the door to an immediate greased-lightning sale. Actually, it does takes years. This blog (via blog management company) for example is 2 years old.

3. Educate

Do not sell. 

This is not 3am Infomercial Amateur Hour. Your potential customers came to you for answers if you don’t give them fast accurate answers, Google is closer than their remote control.

Educate to engender appreciation. People buy from people they appreciate.


4. Entertain

Do not sell.

People buy from people they like.

5. Network

Build Vertical and Horizontal Alliances: #16 and #17.

Build a syndicate the way Capone did. Build a syndate the way Network News Syndicates did. 

6. Submit

Submit your blog posts and Youtube videos to the top 100 bloggers in your industry. Do you have the cell phone numbers of the top 100 bloggers in YOUR industry?

This is how you get their direct contact information: Top Tech, Fashion, and Music Publicists and PR Public Relations Firms REVEAL

7. TBA

You’ll just have to watch the video by The Top Social Media Agencies

Social Media Marketing and Management from Social Media Marketing Strategies for the Closet Revolutionary

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