Open Letter to Cunning Web and App Developers: I have too much work. I’ll send you my clients.

by admin on August 3, 2010

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Via Social Media Optimization and Google SEO

Hi. If you don’t know me, I’m the guy who’s blog (via blog management company) post about getting scammed and burnt by iPhone iPad App Developers is on page 1 of G00gl3.

I already get too many phone calls from this page being up. So I want to send you my clients. I’ll put your phone number and website up at so that you get the benefit of all that Google SEO Algorithm traffic.

Yes, there’s a catch. 

Two actually.

1. I want 15% of what you make from clients who come through my site. 

2. I want a link (via Google SEO Link Building Strategies NYC LA San Diego) to that page above under “iphone app developer.”

#2 benefits you. By adding a link, you’ll be helping that page WITH YOUR PHONE NUMBER ON IT go even higher. Win-Win. You In?

Lemme know after you add that link (via Google SEO Link Building Strategies NYC LA San Diego) to your index page and tell me what phone number you want me to add. Hit me at or @gmail

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