Negative SEO: How To Remove and Delete Your Name Slander from Google

Negative SEO: How To Remove and Delete Your Name Slander from Google

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99% of anything ever written or said about some one else is going to be negative. Have you ever heard a bunch of school kids spend an hour talking praise about a friend of theirs? What about a group of house wives spreading exhaultative rumors about a young second wife down the street. Have you ever been in an old chronie board meeting where the old-boys waxed lyrical about their competitor CEO?

People love talking shit.

Actually, (unhappy) people love talking shit. And the only people spewing sewage from their minds online on some spam forum or blog at 1am at night are unhappy people. The happy people are out with friends or having sex with their soul mate.

It happens to everybody. There are even hate groups against Tom Hanks. This Christian NewsPaper did a story about Tom Hanks because he used the “F-word.”

Only problem with Google and the web is that now, trolling and hate-speech fingerprints are permanent.

If you don’t get a call back from a client, girl who gave your her number, potential employer, guy who offered to take you out, or school you’re applying to, the weight of not knowing if they Googled your name to find that hurtful comment or not can even keep you up at night. Celebrities have commited suicide due to intense netizen trolling.

So, What Can You Do to Delete / Remove Your Name and Slander from Google?

1. Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google recommends you change your name in his Wall Street Journal interview

2. If Your Name Is On a Page That You Can Comment on or Add Content to, Add Spam.

A tell tale DNA hallmark of spam is keyword stuffing. In this case, the keyword that people used to find that hate-speech page about you is your name. Fill that page with your name over and over again. Make that page so ugly that Google doesn’t want to show it to it’s users. Remember, Google loves delivering clean content.

3. How Do You Damage a Page in Such a Way that the Admin or Moderators Don’t Delete You?

This is where creative writing comes into play. You’ve got an agenda. But so do the moderators. They want controversy on their pages to keep the traffic coming back. That is how they get paid by their advertisers: views + clicks. You’ve got to frame your comments in a way that looks spammy to Google but looks valuable to the website owner. It takes experience to know how to do this part.

(above: now you know what page two of Google looks like)

4. Nobody Goes to Page 2 of Google. Nobody. So, Do Google SEO on 10 Other Links

This is a sure fire way to get the job done. You don’t have to remove your name from Google. You just have to remove your name and the slander from the Google that everyone knows: Google Page one.

There are only 10 spots in the top 10 spots in Google. Fill them with all the other links that are below the putrid page in question. This generally requires an SEO expert. See: Google SEO strategies.

5. Get 45 Different Bloggers to Link to That Slander Page (that comes up in Google for your name) Using the Link Keyword, “SPAM.”

This generally tells Google that the page is spam. But you’ve got to convince Google that you’re not doing a “content bomb.” That requires thoughtful and experienced writing.

6. If It’s a Discussion Forum Page, Add a Link to A Photo From a Super Slow Server

This is the fastest way to get a page torn down from Google’s page one. Google hates slow urls. It makes them look bad. So, if it’s a forum, just start a new account and post a large photo up from a very slow server. Google will drop you like a hot stinky potato.

7. Register AS The Irate Bad Mouther If You Can

In the case that the negative press about you is on a blog or forum, you can register and join the conversation. Don’t do it as yourself. Do NOT. You’ll end up defending yourself and there’s nothing bottom feeding crill eaters like more than a fight under the cloak of anonymity. Register as the user who is the most vocal. Use his name.

Then continue to say horrible things about you. But do so in a way that makes you (him) look a pathetic as he really is. Misspell words. Curse. And generally sound like an idiot.

We’ve all seen A Few Good Men.

8. Add mispellings, poor grammar, and explicit content to that page.

If you can add comments, do the above. Google will filter it out.

9. Buy the Website.

You’d be surprised how cheap most people will sell their websites come

a. tax time.

b. vacation time.

c. when they have a life crisis

Also, I’m sure that site that’s slandering you has other people who’ve been slandered. Use an internet lawyer / attorney. Get the law firm to set up a shell corporation to buy the site for you. If you get 3 or 4 others in the corporation who’ve all been slandered, the cost is minimal. Remember, it only takes 51%.

10. There’s one more thing us professional Google PR Consultants do. it’s the most effective technique. For that last item, you must be a member

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