Movie Countdown Timer and Calendar: Innovative Apps

Movie Countdown Timer and Calendar: Innovative Apps

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In speaking with other startup and tech investors, the one thing I hear most is, “why didn’t I think of that!”

Ironically, there is an answer to that. 

I recently had a chance to touch base with MediaSpree, the makers of Movie Clock, which I prefer calling movie countdown timer and calendar. His concept is brilliant. As often as we wonder when a movie is playing, we also wonder when a movie will START playing. In other words, when opening day is for that movie.


In the past, you physically had to take an event, remember the date, walk 17 clicks and drags down your GUI and enter that date in Google Calendar or other calendar program to schedule a movie you couldn’t buy yet.

That’s the answer.

You too could have thought of any number of brilliant app ideas to launch into the iTunes app store if you just observed all the things you’re NOT doing. See why that’s tricky?

Look through your daily life and observe the things you’re not doing. And then ask yourself, why isn’t there an app that let’s me that THAT THING?

To help push you in the right direction, start with the things you are doing. Anything that takes more than 3 unique actions to execute is a target. For example, how many clicks does it take for you to buy a new pair of shoes online? 

You’re so used to that 17 click drudgery that you never stopped to ask, “why aren’t I doing this in ZERO clicks?”

Well, Google Glass is solving that problem right now. You already know that Google Image Search can do facial recognition. Google is using that technology to identify objects you see in store-fronts. In a few months, you’ll be able to just say, “OK Glass, Buy THAT.”

You see where this is going? 

Observe your daily routine and note anything that takes more than 3 clicks, scrolls, or drags. 

You’ll quickly tumble down the rabbit hole of app building possibility. All you need next is a company like MediaSpree to help build that app for you. Contact them for their experience and expertise.

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