How One Simple Blog Post is Making Me $57,000 this Month

How One Simple Blog Post is Making Me $57,000 this Month

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Via Social Media Optimization and Google SEO

I’ve been told that I’m pretty good at writing teasing headlines. Honestly though, everything I know about headlines, I learned from Ogilvy and @woodlandalyssa. There’s a precise and unforgiving science to writing a headline that gets you to read the first line of a blog (via blog management company) post. But there is an even more precise and unforgivingly rigid set of rules that get your reader to become your client.

One of my favorite blogs post that’s prominently findable when you search: Iphone App Developer is making me $57,000 this month alone. It precisely follows the formula below…

Here’s the great big magical triune formula to converting your readers into clients:

1) Rapport

2) Credibility

3) Volume

That’s it. If you understand exactly what I mean by the above, you don’t need to drip another second into reading farther. But if you do, I think you’ll be happy you did.

You see, there are only two types of people you ever buy from — evah:

1) Friends

2) Celebrities

That’s it. Why? Because you’ve built up a rapport with your friends. And celebrities have credibility. And guess what, both have volume. Both occupy a significant volume of space in your life.

All you have to do to turn your blog (via blog management company) into a client generating interdimensional space/time portal is to duplicate that triune formula precisely and you’ll engender a perception of friendship, celebrity, and relationship volume. This is where it gets tricky. Unless you know the substructural formula to imbibe a linear blog (via blog management company) post with a real world friend/celebrity aura, you’ll never achieve that magical sauce.

How can the written word be a surrogate for a true friend and Paris Hilton?

To create rapport, credibility, and volume with a blog (via blog management company) post, you’ve got to precisely impliment the following substructural formula:

1) Educate your reader – Credibility
Educating your reader builds your credibility since it establishes your subject matter / domain expertise.

2) Defend your reader – Rapport
Make it clear that while you have something to sell, you have your prospective client’s best interests in mind — even if it’s at the expense of losing their business. The best example of this is the LA based Charter Drug Rehab Centers. Their slogan is, “If you don’t get help at Charter, please, get help somewhere!”

One of my early advertising mentors, Bill Oxford used to have a page on his ad agency home page that said, “How to Know If You’re Not Our Target Client.” On that page, he tried his darnest to NOT get the reader to pick up that phone and ask for an initial consultation. But the criteria he used to try and push people away actually made them want to work with him even more. It’s kinda like an old girl friend of mine. She told me that she didn’t want to date anyone who didn’t have a six pack (true story). Her anti-sales approach made me rise to the occasion (no, this is not a double entendre).

Master The art of the Anti-Sale

3) Get into Google Page One Under Several Intersecting Searches – Volume
That blog (via blog management company) post above is in Page 1 of Google SEO Algorithm under

“iphone app developer”
“iphone app developer nyc”
“iphone app developer LA”
“iphone app developer Los Angeles”

and many more. Google creates my volume for me. A prospective client will search for me using several different query terms. If I show up on page one under all of his searches, I’ve satisfied that 3rd and most elusive requirement – Volume. I’m like Amex — everywhere they want to be. And yes, this month alone, i got several phone calls for iphone, android and ipad app development projects.

So, if you’ve got a blog (via blog management company) post that satisfies the top two requirements but doesn’t pop up on page one of a major traffic key term phrase, contact me at sparkah@gmail. If you do a simple one paragraph blog (via blog management company) post linking to my iphone developer blog (via blog management company) post… I’ll get your blog (via blog management company) post to page one of Google under a popular search. Deal?

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