Home Page Optimization is a Scam, For the Last Time, Don’t Pay For It. Here’s Why

by admin on August 27, 2010

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I’ve said it before. SEO is a Scam: http://journik.posterous.com/tag/seo and again, differently. Home page optimization is a scam too. Here’s why.

Google doesn’t care about your site just like you don’t care about how much your dentist brags about his steady hands. Google, like you, only cares about what others say.

Here’s a tiny caveat for the thousands of SEO guys who will doubtless sending me hate mail, again. Optimizing your home page or landing page is only useful if you’re on page two and just need a tiny boost to get to page one. But that’s something you can do yourself. Just make the first words in your title tag, description tag, and body use your key words. That’s it. No need to repeat.

What you can do, on your home page is to offer motivation to link (via Google SEO Link Building Strategies NYC LA San Diego) to you. There are 73 ways to do this. You can say link (via Google SEO Link Building Strategies NYC LA San Diego) to us for a discount. You can say link (via Google SEO Link Building Strategies NYC LA San Diego) to this page as we will be adding the next 5 “trade secrets of how to blah blah” in a few days. You can even post a tips and tricks reference guide or infographic temporarily on your home page to promote links. People just love linking to lists and infographics. See: 5 Ways Your Iphone App Developer Burns You and see: How to Explain The Power of Twitter Retweets: an Infographic.

But ever you do, create something of long term value and the links will come. You can optimize a straw hut all day long. You won’t have guests until they can smell delicious cookies wafting out. If you want help building your online business, call Bob Wan Kim at 310 598 1606. We’re good at making things take off. We carry jet fuel.

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Vadim January 27, 2013 at 6:12 pm

I recently started a marketplace that is similar to ebay and amazon, but with many unique features they dont have. We used google adwords to attract users to our site and it did pretty well. We tried individuals and companies but seem to always get burned. We need someone who is an expert to get us on top. I can describe the website in more details if needed. Thanks for your time.

admin February 3, 2013 at 6:38 pm

please do!

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