Hardware Startup Success Stories Are…

Hardware Startup Success Stories Are…

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Hardware success stories are hard to come by. Sure, all the big guys like Tesla, Apple, IBM have success stories you can read on any book store bench. But how many of you have Steve Jobs’ timing or Musk’s Paypal wealth behind you?

Most of you are average engineers (who all happen to be in the 99% IQ percentile) so you really don’t stand out.

This isn’t to be cold or hurtful. It’s to give you an accurate lay of the competitive landscape. And its only when you have an accurate topography of what you’re up against that you can draft a effective road map to your own success.

The biggest mountain on every startup visionary’s competitive topography is the threat of becoming obsolete while you’re in versioning. It can happen to anybody. You can be as gigantic as Sony and make a perfect video solution and while you are perfecting it, VHS wins the market. Sorry Beta.

What I’m saying is that the biggest opportunity that all entrepreneurs have is precise and rapid iteration. In other words, while everybody else is making somebody else’s mistakes, you should make your own.

Elon Musk and Steve Jobs were successful because they were able to do just that. They didn’t make anyone else’s mistakes. They made their own. While everybody else was busy solving engineering problems that everybody else was also experiencing, the successful entrepreneurs took the best processes and practices from the most experienced in each field so they didn’t have to keep reinventing the same solutions thousands of other teams were tied down by. They were freed up to focus solely on problems that nobody else had — THAT was their differentiation. That is what enabled their innovation.

This is what I mean by, “Solve Your Own Engineering Problems, Not Everybody Else’s” — http://www.valuetransform.com/products-page/

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