How To Build Relationships and Your Follower Base in Social Media

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There are many ways to become popular and influential.

You can become the friend of a few kings or the advocate of many peasants.

Or you can do the both by adding value to influencers’ conversations in a highly visible way. What that means in practical terms is that you just have to be the first person to leave a valuable comment on an influential person’s Twitter message, Youtube video, Pinterest, Facebook post, etc.

You can later come back to ask the influencer for venture capital or for them to blast out your content to their followers. If you’ve already gained a lot of their followers by being present and visible in a valuable way over time, you can just ask the followers you have in common to pressure the influencer to support you.

This is what confuses most people. You know that the first comment is the most visible. But you think that valuable comments must be long and full of some sort of data. For most people, the most valuable thing you can do in ten words or less is entertain. Be the jester.

Now, the real question is, how many followers and influential relationships does this strategy actually produce per day? The answer is behind one button at


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In my marketing secrets youtube channel, I exclusively talk about strategy. I talk about how to craft your messages so you get understood faster. I talk about how to deliver that message via youtube, email, twitter, facebook, pinterest, snapchat… so you stand out above the noise. I even talk about how to create a viral effect.

What I don’t talk about is Hustle.

Personally, I don’t believe in it. If you saw me work, you might call me a liar. But philosophically, I don’t believe in hard work. I believe in strategic, precise, rare and occasional work.

I believe that 98% of the work you and I do is worthless. So what I do is sit back and just find those 2% slots what are worth it all.

But I wasn’t always like that. There was a time I did believe in Hustle. There was a time I Hustled from 5am to 2 am and got my sleep on Sundays–only. Frankly, I still work those same hours. The only difference is that instead of Hustling, I research, poll, test, ponder, muse and think.

Which approach to business dominance is right for you? I’m sure you’ve already read the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris. It’s brilliant. BUT, it’s ONLY brilliant AFTER you’ve already laid your foundation with Hustle. This is how you do that —  (PS. I rarely DOFOLLOW link to other people’s work in my blog. In this case, @GaryVee more than earned it)

If you skipped over that link, go back and click it. Ask yourself, “how many new people do I meet every week?” Then ask, “how many new people do billionaires meet per week.” You see a difference anywhere? Gary’s video will push you from where you’re standing now to “over there.”

Also, this is my favorite video. I didn’t ever want to go searching for it again so it’s tagged in my blog.

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Pros are NOT Raving About Guerrila Marketing Strategies By Sparkah

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Marketing and Sales Pros Are NOT Raving About the Sparkah Guerrilla Marketing Strategies at

Here’s why:

Youtube Marketing: How To Boost Your Sales by 351%

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There’s a heirchy of communication impact you might not know about. A hand written letter is more effective than a typed one. A phone call is more persuasive than a hand written letter. A face to face meeting is more persuasive than a phone call. And so on.


To raise your sales volume, just raise the communication bandwidth from email to face-to-face consultative sales meeting.

The only problem with this is that the higher you go in the communication impact pyramid, the more resources it requires. In otherwords, it’s expensive in time and money to make a sale. This holds true like a set of laws written atop a mountain except for one odd loophole:



Video is almost as effective as a hand-shake lunch sales meeting but costs as much as an email to diseminate. Plus, video boasts these other factors you’re just not going to get in any other form of communication:

1. The worlds second largest search engine in not Bing. It’s Youtube.

2. You can actually demonstrate product use in detail.

3. You can study the precise time marker that people stop watching.

4. Google shows preference in search result rank to Youtube videos.

5. Video communicates on 3 modalities:

a. sight

b. sound

c. written form

You can’t make a sale in any medium before you first establish rapport and earn credibility with your prospect. Video is the fastest way to get both prerequisites down solid. And this is how you structure a Youtube Video for Marketing, Sales, and Subscribers.

Old Spice, Will It Blend, and PSY’s Gangnam Style show you how far you can go with video. PS… Zappos and Gilt Group are now beefing up their video departments 300%. It’s their fastest growing department. Faster than programming.

Guerrilla Marketing Automation: How to Defeat Fortune 500 Marketing Budgets Alone

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Major corporations have 25 Columbia and NYU journalism grads working on their social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest over 2 shifts– every day.

To compete with them and build your business, you need an unfair advantage. The most unfair advantage you can use is Social Media Marketing Automation Software. But the trouble is, you risk having your accounts banned and losing all the followers you’ve build painstakingly.

I’ve spent 5 years building up my youtube channel on viral marketing and my guerrilla marketing secrets email list/database. Both can be banned and deleted at any time if I violate either social media network’s Terms of Service or TOS.

I can’t afford for that to happen.

You know what the #1 cause of being banned or blocked is? Using marketing automation software.

If you make a mistake in your marketing by hand, you can only make that mistake a few times a day before you get a warning. If you use software, you can make that mistake a thousand times a day and never even notice that you blew past 2 warnings and got banned.

The Solution: Social Media Marketing Automation Scripting

This is why I use a script. If you use scripting, you’re not manipulating Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, of Pinterest. The script manipulates your mouse and keyboard instead of you.

Basically, scripts mimic you.

So, there’s no way for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, or Any other SNS to know that you’re using software. This is what I mean:

You stay in 100% control. Your usage is totally unique and doesn’t follow anybody else’s patterns. It’s the perfect unfair advantage.

Change Youtube Channel URL Name or Username

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So here’s the thing. Just like Facebook Pages, Youtube won’t let you change your channel url

1. once you’ve got subscribers or
2. changed your channel name once already.

This makes sense. It’s because bad people will lure you to subscribe to a nice channel name like “” then suddenly, after they have 1,000,000 dollars, oh. I mean, subscribers, change the name to “DunkinDonuts” But, if you don’t fall into either category, the best way to get subscribers, and hence, viewers to your channel is to

1. deliver emotionally surprising mentally memorable unique content
2. be highly visible by leaving comments on the youtube walls of all the people who commented on your competitors’ youtube videos.

In other words, if you’re selling women’s clothing,

A. don’t make your username or channel url “”

B. don’t leave on comments on a channel named “”

Anyhow, the video for how you do it is above.

Now, if you want to know how to make people AUTOMATICALLY subscribe to your Youtube channel automatically, that’s the next video HERE.

Dangerous. Extracting Spidering Youtube Usernames From Video Comments: How To

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How to Extract or Spider Youtube Usernames From Video Comments:

If you’ve recently tried to contact everybody who is subscribed to your competitors in Youtube, you realize you’ve failed. The new Youtube makes seeing other channel subscribers impossible. 

So then, how do you reach out to people who have an interest in your music? Content? Niche? Etc?

Simple. Stop trying to get everybody who has subscribed to your competitor. Just get the most active and vocal fanbois. Get the otaku. Nobody else will like, share, retweet, comment battle, or favorite like they will. They are the sweetest core of your mellon.

And they are easy to find. They are all over your competitors’ videos.

But how do you extract their youtube addresses or usernames so you can contact them or subscribe to them in hopes that they will return the favor and subscribe to you?

Like this:

All your best potential fans are in the comments

And here they are in one page like one big happy signature spread:

But the names you see here are NOT youtube urls or user names. So instead, you need to copy the link url. Just right mouse click.

If you have any questions, or if you want to do all of this automatically using a script, ask em here: