Youtube Marketing Software: Tube Toolbox vs Youtube Genius vs Scripting

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How to Steal 10,000 of Your Competitors’ Subscribers Away to Your Channel…

Via: Youtube Viral Marketing Strategies  and Software: Tube Toolbox vs Youtube Genius

1. Find all your competitors in Youtube.

Why? You want their subscribers. You don’t want just any subscriber. You want their subscribers because they are your demographic target. But you don’t just want all their subscribers. Most are deadbeats. You want their most active fanbois.
2. Go to all your competitors’ videos.
All their most stalkery fanbois are the ones who leave comments. VOILA! You’ve found them.
But how do you brainwash them into loving you instead?
3. You Start By Clicking “See All”
This rounds them all up into one tight corner.
But the trouble is that even though you can see them all here, you can’t access them quickly or efficiently. You need a list. You need a clean list of just their youtube account user names. This is how:
4. View Source
When you view source, instead of looking at their name, you’ll get their URL. Their URL is the string of characters after the /user/ and before the /class/ tag.
Below are the screen captures that show the clean extracted usernames from the comments above. But how do you strip out all the text and just leave the usernames? There’s a script that will do it for you in 2.3 seconds. That’s available at only.
5. To Send Them All Messages, Just Break This List Into Sets of 25
And send 25 messages out to them at a time. Youtube lets you send 6 messages out then limits you to 4 per hour. Below is a pic of a 25 username long formatted list. But, since Youtube messages never get read, and because 1 subscriber is worth an infinite number of views, what do you do if you want to get these guys to subscribe instead? See detailed links at

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