Youtube Marketing: How To Boost Your Sales by 351%

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There’s a heirchy of communication impact you might not know about. A hand written letter is more effective than a typed one. A phone call is more persuasive than a hand written letter. A face to face meeting is more persuasive than a phone call. And so on.


To raise your sales volume, just raise the communication bandwidth from email to face-to-face consultative sales meeting.

The only problem with this is that the higher you go in the communication impact pyramid, the more resources it requires. In otherwords, it’s expensive in time and money to make a sale. This holds true like a set of laws written atop a mountain except for one odd loophole:



Video is almost as effective as a hand-shake lunch sales meeting but costs as much as an email to diseminate. Plus, video boasts these other factors you’re just not going to get in any other form of communication:

1. The worlds second largest search engine in not Bing. It’s Youtube.

2. You can actually demonstrate product use in detail.

3. You can study the precise time marker that people stop watching.

4. Google shows preference in search result rank to Youtube videos.

5. Video communicates on 3 modalities:

a. sight

b. sound

c. written form

You can’t make a sale in any medium before you first establish rapport and earn credibility with your prospect. Video is the fastest way to get both prerequisites down solid. And this is how you structure a Youtube Video for Marketing, Sales, and Subscribers.

Old Spice, Will It Blend, and PSY’s Gangnam Style show you how far you can go with video. PS… Zappos and Gilt Group are now beefing up their video departments 300%. It’s their fastest growing department. Faster than programming.

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