X-Box Google TV Apple iTV Set Top Box Shelf that’s Wall Mountable?

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Guys, funny thing happened recently. You remember that set top box you got when you first installed cable? 

Yeah, the beighy looking thing that was almost the same color of your rotary dial phone. It sat on top of your TV SET. The weird thing is, now, there is no tv set.

So where do you put your XBox? Your NES? Your Apple iTV? Your Google TV?


I’m sure it’s not going into your entertainment system. After all, your speakers are mounted in your ceiling and your tv is hanging from a thumb-tac on the wall. So where do you put that set-top box when there is no set?

We looked into this. 

We found a simple yet elegant solution made by a European Architect. It’s Called the LLUM. And it even lights up at night via usb so you know where to aim your remote. You might want a couple. See X-Box Apple iTV Google TV Set Top Box Wall Mountable Shelf.

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