Top 100 iOS iPhone Programmers and Developers On Earth Who Know Objective C

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Which do you want first? The good news or the bad?

In the Fall of 2008, Apple AppStore hit tiny milestone. They held an inventory of 10,000 apps.

If you had uploaded your iphone app developer in San Diego to the appstore right about that time, by now, you’d have thousands of downloads.

But now, there’s what? 600,000 apps? 800,000 apps? By the time we hit PUBLISH on this blog post, the number will be outdated. But what does this mean for you? well, it means that if you didn’t build your app developer in San Diego 4 years ago and are starting to now, your likelihood of success is just a bit better than 1% of what it was back then. You have almost 100 times more competition.

OK, now for the good news.

When the iPhone and the AppStore first came out, the peak sales in

2008 Q4 (when we hit 10k apps) was 2.3 Million Units Sold.

2012 Q2 (with roaring toward 1 million apps) sold 31 Million iPhones.

So you might think, “GREAT! My competition jumped by almost 100 Times but the number of IPhones sold only went up 13 times. So it’s still about 7 times harder to succeed in the appstore than it was in 2008.”

And you’d be wrong.

Remember, in 2008, nobody else besides those people who bought iphones had iphones. Now, the 31 million people who bought iphones in Q2 2012 just joined the party with the

2012 Q1 (before news of the iPhone 5’s release date hit) sold 37 million.

So, if you keep an iPhone for about 2 and a half years, it’s safe to say there are about 200,000,000 iPhones in use today.*

AND that’s not including the 34 Million iPads and 25 Million iPod Touches sold to date.

So yes, while the number of your competitors is rapidly approaching 100 times what they were just 4 short years ago, the number of your potential users has grown even faster at about 150 times the market size.

Essentially, what this means is that while it’s harder to get off the bench, if you do, your chances of hitting a 4 run homer is 150 times better than ever.

Getting Off the Bench

So with all the competition out there, how DO you get off the bench? Well, frankly, no matter how good your marketing is, no matter how good your publicist is, if your product ain’t, you don’t have a paddle (let alone a baseball bat).

To make your app developer in San Diego go viral (i know. I know.), you’re going to need to take the following steps:

1. Hire a iOS App Programmer who actually has experience building the exact same components you app developer in San Diego specs.


You’d be amazed how one little unforseen bug trying to integrate one simple sdk can brick wall your project.

2. Hire another iOS App Programmer to consult with you but NOT build.

The second programmer should have no vested interest in whether your lead developer does well or not. In fact, exclude him from programming even if your lead programmer joins you up-creek.

His role is to simply be an advisor and potentially assist in debugging.

3. Give your lead programmer a ton of space.

Programming is like trying to untangle a VW Beetle size mound of cat-5 and power cables but just in reverse. He will get stuck. He will need a break. He won’t know when he will have that bug fixed. But if you pester him, you will know: never.

4. Pick a developer who’s successful.

He’s already filled his mistake quota. He won’t have to experiment on your dime (much).

5. Realize, he might be a girl

And on that note, I’m going to go first:

Dear iOS developers,
We need a quote for v2 of ANSWERMANIA in the appstore. Please send sparkah@gmail a proposal with
a) time needed
b) cost
c) recommended changes
thanks! looking forward to working with several of you, we have 5 more projects inhouse now.

Now, dear reader, it’s your turn:

Introducing the Global Top 100 iPhone iOS Programmers and Developers of 2017


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