Why Your Should Network with Prolific Networkers

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I just got a frustrating tweet reply.

The replier said that he read my time line and found dozens of similar invitations to other bloggers to team-up and reblog each other.

That wasn’t the frustrating part. The timeline is public and open to see. It doesn’t take someone with James Bond instinct to figure that out. What frustrated me was that he declined to network with me because I reached out to so many other people.

This is not a marriage proposal.

In fact, the more people I reach out to and ask to network with, the more you should WANT to network with me. Think about it. The more people you reach out to, the bigger your network, right? Don’t you want to network with people who can introduce you to a LOT of people?

Another replier said that based on the number of conversations in my timeline, he doesn’t feel “special.” Well, if your goal is to feel special, wouldn’t it work out better for you if you derived that satisfaction from the sudden spike in targeted relevant traffic you got from networking with a prolific networker?

Remember. If you want to get something done, get a busy person to do it.

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  2. I quite agree with that, though what about the fact to target a precise “community” when dealing with such trade as wholesale.. This being said, I still believe but am far from being a professional that mass reach contains eventual wholesales buyers. They at least some also go social I reckon..

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