Why Your Conversion Rate and Sales Volume Sucks: The #1 ROI Secret Is…

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Have you ever read your own tweets, adwords headline, website copy, brochure?

Sure you have. Now, forget everything about you and what you know. In fact, forget who you are and then re-read that same copy you spent thousands of dollars to push out into the world. How would it sound?

1. Nobody knows you

(if you’re trying to capture new marketshare)

2. Everybody already gets everything they need

(from somebody else they already know and trust)

3. Everybody already has an agenda

(nobody sits there thinking, “I wish someone would find me and sell me something better than this thing I’m using right now.”) Actually, #3 is wrong. Here’s why: ADVANCED Social Media Marketing

“Check This Out!”
(what is this, a Library?!) 

Now, observe yourself.

How many websites do you read on a daily basis that you NEVER sign up for. Why is that? How many products do you get exposed to that you never get the urge to buy? Why is that?

More importantly, how do you overcome that apathy when you present and sell your product, service, app, ebook, or self? This is why your conversion rate sucks and how to multiply your ROI.

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