When To Start Your Marketing Campaign

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This question sucks.

If you have to launch a campaign, like a political campaign or the campaign to take Normandy beach, that means you’re in a position where you have to take ownership of property you don’t currently control.

It gets worse.

The reason you have to take control is because you’ve got huge sunk cost you’re trying to capitalize on. You’ve got vested interest.

In marketing, if you have to launch a marketing campaign, it’s because someone else already owns your (DESIRED) market. You don’t own it so you have to launch a campaign to userp it away from the incumbent. It’s just not a smart position to be in.

Instead, start your marketing without a campaign. Start your marketing months or years before you sink a single penny into developing a company, product or service. It costs $800 to get an LLC or INC in the USA. Don’t even do that.

In our case, we have hundreds of projects inhouse that we are incubating. If one of them grows big enough, we will then invest in building a product for that market that we have ALREADY won. Does that make sense?

Most of you invest time and money into making a product THEN try to sell it.

What you should be doing is investing minimal time and money on dominating a market by getting thousands of contacts who already buy the item you HAVEN’T BUILT YET. Then, it will be a slam dunk to sell or get venture capital to build a product.

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