World’s Top 100 Video Production Companies and FilmMakers Who Know Social Media And Viral Marketing

by marketing on 08/23/2012

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Special Thanks to Corporate Video Cinematographer Barry W. in the UK. 

If you upload a video to Youtube or Vimeo, what’s the average length of time that your video is watched?

Your tendancy might be to answer, “doesn’t that depend on the length of my video?”

And you’d be wrong. 

Most of the videos uploaded never get past the first 5 seconds. 

That’s regardless of whether your video is 1 minute long or 2 hours long. Most videos aren’t captivating. they just don’t bolt the viewer down long enough for them to get your climax, the call to action, the resolution to the build up, or whatever else you spent thousands of dollars to put at the end of the video.

This is why you can have a fancy marketing firm like ours: get your video 100,000 views but you only get 100 sales out of the deal. You have a 0.1% conversion rate to 

1. sale

2. new user registration

3. new user subscription

4. download of your app

5. or whatever else the goal of your video is

2% Of the people who pressed play on your video ever made it to the end. 

2% Of the people who pressed play on your video ever made it to the end. That means 2,000 people got to see your phone number or website address or other call to action if you buried it at the very end. And of the 2,000, if you got 100 to act, you’re golden. You’ve got a real 5% conversion rate.

Now how many conversions would you have if you got 50% of the 100,000 people who watched your video to watch to the end? 5% conversion on 50,000. You’d have 2,500 customers. That’s a prettier number than 100.

So how do you get viewers to stick around and watch the whole video? Ask one of the guys below. That’s all they do.

Introducing the Global Top 100 Video Production Companies and Film Makers Who Know Social Media and Virals

Note: Each cinematographer below has their unique area of subjet matter expertise. Get to know them well. Hire based on their experience and vision.

Above story by Robert Kim, producer of The 4 Requirements of a Viral Marketing Campaign and The Video Production Checklist. List produced by Sparkah Business Consulting.

Philip Bloom
direct contact
Cinematographer, Filmmaker, Blogger etc.. Very little tweeting in August for personal reasons. May upload the odd picture. Be nice to each other x
Stu Maschwitz
direct contact
Filmmaking nerd.
direct contact
It begins with me covered in sperm, trapped in my old man’s balls. Then, suddenly… ESCAPE!
Lena Dunham
direct contact
My life is my art and therapy is my palette (JK, I make movies & shows. Like the movie @tinyfurniture & @GirlsHBO)
Vincent Laforet
direct contact
Filmmaker – DGA Director & DP, Photographer, Producer (specializing in herding cats!), blogger ( über tech geek – Los Angeles
Andrew Kramer
direct contact
Video Copilot started by Andrew Kramer, provides training & tools for motion graphics and visual effects.
Creative COW
direct contact
Creative COW Community of media professionals in the film, video, broadcast and effects industry.
direct contact
Delivering info on Zacuto USA current & future products, product updates, product videos & Zacuto original programming
direct contact
Tweets on YouTube news, trends, and — of course — videos.
David Spies
direct contact
Screenwriting, filmmaking, video production, acting and cooking. Skiing in the winter and soaking up the sun in the summer. Moving at 24fps
direct contact
Fresh, Crispy News and Views for the Film & Video production world.
Sebastian Wiegärtner
direct contact
Cinematographer, DP, Director, Editor, Filmmaker. Specialised in Video DSLR and Digital Cinema Cameras…
Nino Leitner
direct contact
Award winning cinematographer, filmmaker, film producer (commercials, corporate films, documentaries). Member of the Austrian Association of Cinematographers.
direct contact
A place for filmmakers to network and learn.
direct contact
Photographer, author & publisher. I want to be a race car driver when I grow up – I don’t try to win over the haters because I’m not the Jackass Whisperer.
JJ Kim
direct contact
I am filmmaker and exec. producer at Orange Video Productions + Orange Wedding Films/
FCP Daily
direct contact
Video editor, website creator, thinker. Currently blogging for
direct contact
The official Twitter account of the official best video platform on Earth. Follow us for news and an infinite supply of amazing videos.
Scott Macaulay
direct contact
Editor, Filmmaker Magazine, and independent film producer. Opinions posted are my own.
HBO Documentaries
direct contact
HBO Documentary Films. Defining. Moments.
B&H Photo Video
direct contact
B&H Photo has been the largest source of photo and video equipment for over 35 years.
Shane Hurlbut, ASC
direct contact
Cinematographer, trailblazer who is breaking new ground with HDSLR technology.
Kessler Crane
direct contact
Manufacturer of innovative tools for filmmakers.
Scott Simmons
direct contact
Editor of film, video & bytes. Writer of blogs about film, video & bytes. Post-er of other’s productions.
Larry Jordan
direct contact
Filmmaking survival tips, Adobe tutorials, Final Cut training and more at &
Richard Harrington
direct contact
Author, Consultant, Digital Dude, Geek, Motion Graphics, Director, Photographer, Husband and Father. Corporate site –
Cristina Clapp
direct contact
Cristina Clapp, editor of Digital Video magazine,
Ryan Koo
direct contact
Webby Award-winning writer/director working on my first feature: Founder/writer of, former designer at MTV.
jared abrams
direct contact
Shooter based in Hollywood. I shoot mostly Music Videos and Documentaries. Check out my demo reel here. Thanks!
Tom Guilmette
direct contact
Boston Cinematographer, Director of Photography, Editor, Freelance Sports Camera Operator
direct contact
We’re the British Film Institute. We promote greater understanding of and access to film and television culture.
James Cameron
direct contact
Masters In Motion
direct contact
A blog on all things filmmaking. We also throw educational workshops. Check out for more info.
direct contact
Freeing creativity.
Rodney Charters
direct contact
Shooter of Movies
Lee Unkrich
direct contact
Director of Toy Story 3. Pixar Handyman. Curator of Cabinets of Curiosities. Longtime caretaker of the Overlook Hotel. Tiki God.
direct contact
Founded by Natalie Portman and @CAylward, MakingOf features in-depth filmmaker interviews, movie features, and more.
ReelSEO Video Guide
direct contact
The Online Video Guide – News, Trends, Tips, and Commentary about Online Video, Marketing, Advertising, SEO, WebTV, Social Media & More – by @markrrobertson
direct contact
Online Marketplace for Broadcast TV, Motion Picture, Pro Video, Live Event, Corporate & Digital Media Production.
direct contact
The ProVideo Coalition brings together the industry’s best writers, bloggers and video gurus under one url.
direct contact
Creating the digital audio and video technology used to make the most listened to, most watched and most loved media in the world. Meet the @Avid/Team. #Avid
Tej Babra
direct contact
C.C.E. Associate – Film & Broadcast Editor working with CTV, MTV, Much Music, and Bell Media. Also teaching workshops for the Canadian Cinema Editors.
Jason Wingrove
direct contact
Director / Cinematographer
direct contact
Documentaries with a point of view on PBS.
direct contact
Delivering trends, educational and entertaining content for the indie film community including Zacuto Original Programming. Read more at:
Joseph Gordon-Levitt
direct contact
I direct an open collaborative production company called hitRECord — writers, filmmakers, musicians, artists… wanna come work with me?
Video Crews
direct contact
Staff video camera crews in LA, Chicago, Atlanta, Orlando, Charlotte, Raleigh, Nashville, and Charleston. We shoot for broadcast and corporate video clients.
direct contact
Sharing the Best in Moving Media since 200
Dan Chung
direct contact
Dan Chung is a news photographer who uses the latest DSLR and video cameras to create innovative multimedia
Red Giant Software
direct contact
Red Giant Software creates industry-leading tools for motion design, effects, photography and color correction. Trapcode, Magic Bullet & 60+ other products.
Judd Apatow
direct contact
Friedhelm Fischer
direct contact
awards winning creative director DP filmmaker cinematographer photographer 3D artist and marketing manager. all about me at:
direct contact
News, views and video on production and post from StudioDaily editors Bryant Frazer and Beth Marchant).
direct contact
Join our filmmakers network and connect at #1 Educational Resource for Film and Video Makers of all levels.
Peter Sciretta
direct contact
/Film – Twittering the Reel World
CPUG Network
direct contact
CPUG Network: Global community of FCP, Avid, Adobe editors & digital filmmakers. Story Driven with focus on Craft of Editing. SuperMeet organizer.
Gary Bettan
direct contact
Videoguys’ are the Video Editing and Production Experts!
The DV Show Podcast
direct contact
Video guru with podcast that covers the ins and outs of digital video
Matt Jeppsen
direct contact
Director of Photography • FreshDV • Fayetteville • Kansas City • Dallas • Memphis • Nashville
We’ve Moved!
direct contact
Now Tweeting on @Avid. Follow us there to join the discussion.
direct contact
Bringing together people in the moving image industries. Telling you what we’re doing. Sharing things we like. If you’re into gaming also follow @BAFTAGames
direct contact
ROYALTY FREE MUSIC – Stock Royalty Free Music Library. For video, TV, web designers, filmmakers, loops for Flash, radio and more.
The AV Club
direct contact
Pop culture obsessives writing for the pop culture obsessed.
direct contact
cinema accessories for digital filmmakers
Ron Dawson @ #DDMag
direct contact
Where @RonDawson writes about art & business of filmmaking & photography at Also home of @CrossingThe180.
Paul Feig
direct contact
Paul is a guy who wears suits and tries not to screw things up. He also created Freaks and Geeks. Oh yeah, and just directed Bridesmaids.
direct contact
Official GoPro® Twitter. We make the World’s Most Versatile Camera. Wear it. Mount it. Love it.
Karen Abad
direct contact
Adventuneer, kite-flyer, dinosaur lover, collector of infinite moments, listener, friend. Director of Photography who likes to collect/preserve moving images.
direct contact
Freddie Wong
direct contact
Grew up in Seattle. Lives in LA.
Film Riot
direct contact
Film Riot is a how-to trip through filmmaking from the hyper-active mind of Ryan Connolly… Enjoy.
direct contact
Your photos and video, our music and styles. Create magic. It’s free. Try it!
Rod Harlan
direct contact
Author, Artist, Director @CGSociety, Educator, Entrepreneur, Photographer, Videographer, Photoshop Addict! Using social media (via social media optimization marketing) to make Media social again :-)
Tom Lowe
direct contact
trying to become a very pure spirit
direct contact
Proud to be the 2012 Webby Award Winner in the Movie and Film category.
direct contact
See it. Film it. Change it. WITNESS uses video to open the eyes of the world to human rights violations. We empower people to use video as a tool for justice.
Videomaker Magazine
direct contact
Your guide to creating and publishing great video!
Red Letter Media
direct contact
Red Letter Media is a video production company responsible for the 70 minute Phantom Menace review, as well as several feature films and online shorts.
Jason Reitman
direct contact
Peter Wiggins
direct contact
Freelance FCP editor and writer/publisher of cool plugins for Final Cut Pro, Motion, FCE and After Effects
Raindance Film Fest
direct contact
Independent film festival since 1993, cutting edge film training and founder of the British Independent Film Awards
Edward Burns
direct contact
Writer/Director/Actor – I make those small talky New York movies about the Irish guys from Long Island.
Izzy Hyman
direct contact
Video shooter, Steadicam operator, cinematographer, trainer. Final Cut Pro X activist. :)
direct contact
Filmmaking with your nerd out.
Dana Brunetti
direct contact
Producer / President Trigger Street Productions and Founder of
direct contact
Trigger Street Productions:
Greg Yaitanes
direct contact
directing showrunner of BANSHEE season one.
Creative Skillset
direct contact
Creative Skillset is the UK Creative Industries’ Sector Skills Council
Film Independent
direct contact
Film Independent is a non-profit arts organization that supports independent film and filmmakers. We produce the Spirit Awards & the LA Film Festival.
direct contact
Sales – Rental – Service – Post – Training
direct contact
Hollywood’s trusted source for camera, lighting, grip, electrical, sound & expendable supplies. Tweeting the latest news, coupons, sales, and more.
direct contact
John Dickinson. Broadcast designer, trainer and presenter, specialising in Adobe After Effects and Maxon Cinema 4D.
Weinstein Company
direct contact
Curated by @yosub
Duncan Jones
direct contact
Director of Moon & Source Code
Gary Hustwit
direct contact
The jet-lagged and guitar-obsessed director of the documentary films Helvetica, Objectified, and Urbanized. Now: The Olympic City photo project.
Daniel Bérubé
direct contact
Boston Creative Pro User Group: Globally connected, Story Driven, ready to collaborate with all editors and Visual Storytellers. SuperMeet Co-Producer.
Pinewood Studios
direct contact
Official Twitter Account of The Pinewood Studios Group. Pinewood, Shepperton and Teddington Studios. Tweets by Daniel
The Film Snob
direct contact
We help independent filmmakers promote their work and find their audience!
Ron Risman
direct contact
Photographer, Cinematographer, Editor of, Owner of Cinematic Stories – event and commercial video production.
Braun Film & Video
direct contact
A top Washington, DC video production company that specializes in TV & radio ads, public service announcements, and corporate video.
Ryan Connolly
direct contact
Creator/Host of Film Riot & Film State – Filmmaker – Owner of Triune Films
Bruce Sharpe
direct contact
Automatic sync for video production: PluralEyes, DualEyes, Presto and The Levelator.
Jehu Garcia
direct contact
Product Designer, Apple User, and all around Aspiring Filmmaker
Jon Chappell
direct contact
Editor, Post Supervisor, Compositor, CEO of Digital Rebellion LLC.
Jim Geduldick
direct contact
Cinematographer I Editor I VFX Phantom Op
Vision Wrangler
direct contact
Award Winning Blogger: Filmer Shooter but not a Vimeographer: Introduced the world to Unicorn Cameras: Also @Cinescopophilia & @CameraRigs
Demi Pietchell
direct contact
Art, Film, Video, Marketing, Social Media. Founder & Filmmaker @HollowClone. Chapter Chair @SMCPBC. Director of Biz Dev @giantconcepts. Co-host @socialchatssf.
The Script Lab
direct contact
Comprehensive screenwriting resource. Helping writers of all levels on the path to their next screenplay. Inspiring anyone with a dream to #WriteNow!
Red Hour Films
direct contact
Red Hour is Ben Stiller’s film/tv/digital production company. If you’re following us, you are cool.
Video In My Backyard
direct contact
VIMBY, a Mark Burnett company, is a video studio with a local-national production infrastructure of network TV producers & filmmakers in cities across the US.
direct contact
Composer, music producer. Audio for video production, independent filmmaking, games, podcasts and on hold. Free to use under creative commons license.
direct contact
IFP represents a network of filmmakers around the world, and, through its programs, supports them in the business, technology and art of independent filmmaking.
Wong Fu Productions
direct contact
Wong Fu Productions Official Twitter account
Ted Hope
direct contact
Working together with the SF Film Society,we are going to build a better world for ambitious film. Right?
Mark Spencer
direct contact
Freelance editor+motion graphics artist/FCP and Motion certified Master Trainer/Author
direct contact
I’m a filmmaker who likes to share what he knows!
direct contact and
Ian Pearson
direct contact
Toronto FCP video editor, artist and SGI Buddhist interested in filmmaking, music, EFT, Final Cut Pro, Apple, video production, politics, enlightenment.
Robert Shutter
direct contact
film passionate person, and creator of
direct contact
Video Production Services Company based in the Big Apple. Rentals – Crewing – Editing – Office Space – Production
Letus Direct
direct contact
Letus gear for television and film makers. From entry level HDSLR to full cinema rigs.
Hybrid Vigor Film
direct contact
Our @Kickstarter was a Staff Pick & won @Indiewire’s Project of the Week! 1,013 backers and 114% funded! Now we make the film and you can follow along here!
Kevin Shahinian
direct contact
Filmmaker, Screenwriter, Director, Producer
Joe Simon
direct contact
Filmmaker/Storyteller creating wedding films, BMX films, commercials –
David Wain
direct contact
filmmaker, comedian, etc. Childrens Hospital Every Thurs Midnight on Adult Swim!
direct contact
Millimeter complete end-to-end video production and display to high-end motion picture production and post.
Jesse Averna
direct contact
Geek, Day Dreamer, Make Believer, Director, Emmy winning MPEG Editor. – Co-creator of #PostChat
Jason Pollock
direct contact
I’m the creator of @UNDROPPABLE. My first film, THE YOUNGEST CANDIDATE, is ON iTUNES & HULU! I’m working to help move things forward. @JasonPollockTV for more.
Eric Kessler
direct contact
Owner of Kessler Crane and friend to all. Fueled by smiles, saddened by negativity.
Ondi Timoner
direct contact
I love creating, in general. I mostly make films so I can learn endlessly and then share it with others.
direct contact
Moviola likes to share tips, tricks, news, tutorials, podcast shows & webinars for digital filmmakers working in film, video and new media.
Kanen Flowers
direct contact
Scruffy Thinking | Content Creator | Troublemaker | Formerly John
Chase Jarvis
direct contact
Maniac Photographer Director
Digital Juice, Inc.
direct contact
The leader in royalty free graphics, animations, stock footage, and music for video editing, print & graphic design, presentations and multimedia design.
direct contact
Storymaker – Raconteur. Mobile documenting, running workshops & talking on social technology, digital storytelling & video for the web.
Adam McKay
direct contact
Born by woman, raised by man, living by the word of Odin.
direct contact
The only online video network and community dedicated to DIY filmmaking. Watch. Create. Submit.
direct contact
Video tech geek @CrewsControlInc I tweet about cameras, professional video production gear, and post production workflows. FB
direct contact
Digital Cinema, HD, RED, Apple, SCRATCH, 4k production and post, SAN, NAS, and everything else…
AJA Video Systems
direct contact
AJA Video provides a range of high-end professional products for the entire production, post-production and broadcast spectrum.
walter biscardi
direct contact
Editor, Producer, Writer, Colorist, MoGraphs, Chef, Creative Cow fan
Crews Control
direct contact
We make Video Producers look really good, shoot after shoot! Video Productions made to order, anywhere, anytime. Booking Local Camera Crews, Worldwide.
John August
direct contact
writer, director, blogger, teen detective
direct contact
Indiegogo is the leading global platform for crowdfunding – empowering anyone, anywhere, to raise money for anything. Email
Just Film
direct contact
Video production for charities. Especially interested in restorative justice, equality and sustainability.

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