Venture Capital and Angel Funding for Startups: How To Get Investment Money Fast

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Via SMO Social Media Marketing and Internet PR Firm

Just flew back from LA for a few days. I’m sitting in a cafe in the Gangnam district of Seoul. You’ve heard of it. I’m sure.

There’s a table behind me full of beautiful 20 something modelesque, tall, gorgeous women dressed in Prada and Gucci. In front of me there’s a table packed with 5 young business men from Europe somewhere. They look like they too could be models.

A few minutes in, I realize the table in front of me is a delegation of businessmen from Spain. They are here to work with the WTF or World Tae Kwon Do. But their conversation is the same one you’d hear at any table.

“Miguel, you speak the most Korean here. How do you hit on a Korean girl?” They ask, in Spanish. I know because I lived in Madrid.

Behind me, the gorgeous girls as saying, “Uhn ni, soh gae ting hae joh!”

They are asking each other to introduce them to European men.

Neither groups even realize they are looking for each other.

This is exactly what it’s like in the Venture Capital and Angel funding world. You might have a startup that needs one missing link. Maybe you have a technology that needs to be integrated into a bigger ship. Maybe you have a team that can make disruptive innovation happen but you just need to bring in another element that you can’t afford right now.

Well, chances are, while you realize that you’d love to have a gorgeous infusion modelesque infusion of capital, you may not think you’re packaged or presentable yet. What you don’t realize is that there are VCs who want you and need you just the way you are now. THIS is how to get Venture Capital and Angel Funding for Startups: Getting Investing.

It’s surprising to most people who find out that all you have to do is send an email with the right words in the subject line at the right time and a VC or Angel will fly you out to meet them if you can’t afford the flight.

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