Artificial Intelligence Salesforce & CRM Double Conversion Rates

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ALT HEADLINE: Double Your Conversion Rates Using AI, Artificial Intelligence Salesforce CRM

When you see a new lead in your inbox, what’s the first thing that goes through your mind? For us, it’s how long they’ve been waiting for a reply.

If that time stamp is longer than 8 minutes, chances are, they’ve already contacted one of our competitors. The longer that gap between their message and our reply, the more competitors they’ve contacted. The more competitors they start conversations with, the lower our likelihood of converting that prospect into a lifetime client.

Think about it. Minutes make the difference between zero dollars and hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Minutes is all that stands between you and a super high sales conversion rate. The only other way to effectively increase your sales figures is to just increase your marketing. But we all know that’s the most expensive way to grow your business.

So what’s the answer? You can’t exactly stay up and awake 24 hours a day, can you? You can’t demand that your top salesmen do, can you?

You don’t have to. You can finally clone yourself.

All you have to do now is use a robotic salesforce. Modern technology has developed an artificial intelligence based salesforce that never sleeps and answers your prospective customer’s questions before he has a chance to contact any of your competitors. What would that do for your bottom line?

How To Sell (Not Fast) In Social Media and Grow Your Customer Base

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There are two ways to sell and three paths leading up to both.

There’s the immediate sale and there’s the belabored sale.

Only online connected sales can be immediate. The belabored sales require driving somewhere, dialing some number, finding stuff in an isle, waiting in line or on hold. Connected sales can happen immediately at the office or on a smartwatch while jogging.

All three paths leading up to the sale must create desire and comfort in order to drive that sale. Without desire, she’ll say,”you’ll make somebody a very happy wife some day.” Without comfort, he’ll say, “ummm, I’ll just ask her out the next time I see her.” When you have both, you say, “Hi. Nice shoes. But are they comfortable? I love long walks too.”

The three paths are owned attention, borrowed attention, andrented attention. Rented attention says, “glad you made it tothe party! Don’t spill anything because me and my buddies barelyput together enough money for the cleaning deposit.” Borrowed attention says, “Welcome! don’t spill anything. My parents will kill me!” Owned attention says, “Welcome! I just Scotch Guarded everything so have a blast!”

Most companies rent attention. The benefit of renting attentionis that you can rent precise targetting of your message and youcan have it fast. The downside is that whether it’s overt or it’s implicit, you’re bidding against the most vested biggest wallets for that reach. With Google adwords, you’re overtly bidding overtly. With display ads, you’re paying market price. We both know that nobody likes when the Sea Bass is priced atM.P.

Renting attention is the most expensive way to get attention.And it favors companies that are the most entrenched in a sector, have the largest budgets, and have the longest ROI runway. This is what we mean. An common cost per click through to your website for a typical CPG or FMCG is $2.50. Profit peritem sold might be $0.25. Don’t make the mistake of thinking that all you have to do is make 10 sales and ‘everything afterthat is gravy.’ Typical CT to sales conversion rate is 200 to 1.That means you’ll have to pay $2.50 times 10 times 200. That’s $5,000 to get one person do buy your energy drink. Let’s say your marketing is 500% more effective than the average. You’re still paying $1,000 to earn one sale. That’s just in Google adwords. Advertising in some blog network is even worse. Advertising on print and TV is often beyond worse.

You see why rented attention favors the most entrenched deepest pockets with longest runways? Over the life time of the customer, the value of that first sale has to yield hundreds more sales for that $1,000 to $5,000 advertising investment to pay off.

By some metrics, as much as 70% of major consumer brands onlyhave a ‘rented attention’ based marketing strategy. You can’tblame them. They’ve been entrenched for decades.

What if your company or business unit doesn’t have a ‘3 cushy year runway’ to turn a profit? Innovative and forward thinking companies started investing in building their social media audience since Myspace. By now, they have hundreds of thousandsof customers they can reach over Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Google+, and dozens of other social media services that dominate regional attention like Weibo, Naver, Orkut. They are borrowing their attention from open internet platforms.

And they can reach all their friends, fans, likers, subscribers, members, followers, circlers, etc for free. But it’s still borrowed attention. When Facebook decided their users should only see your company’spost if their closest friends weren’t online, you could shootout 10 posts and maybe only get one of them to show up on a “Liker’s” news stream. You remember when you threw your greatest rager and your parents came home early? Yep. Borrowed.

Same story applies to Twitter as they struggle to find amonetization strategy that impresses Wall Street. They can change how your posts reach your followers on a whim. Or governments like Turkey and Thailand can just decree an all out ban. This also goes for Google+ since Google pulled all of theengineers and developers off Google+ to build other properties.


So how does one become an attention owner?

Well, when’s the last time you Googled for a new iPhone app? Google is a far more democratic and accurate judge of quality apps but nobody Googles for app discovery. Apple’s iTunes Store owns the attention of everybody who’d want a new app. When’s thelast time you text messaged or MMS’d somebody who also has Whatsapp or Kakao Talk installed? They userped your carrier’s traffic and now own two party and group communication attention.

If owning attention required that you have to be Apple or some huge VC backed IT startup, consumer brands wouldn’t have the bandwidth to try to become attention owners. Fortunately, you don’t have to be a big IT powerhouse to own your market’s attention online.

If you’re a food maker, what would happen if you built a recipeapp where users could upload photos and their culturally influenced recipies? What would happen if you periodically featured top users on your product packaging or even your advertising? If you’re a Uniqlo or Gap, what would happen if youbuild an app that let users upload photos of themselves in preset poses then let them virtually “try on” outfits on their iPad or Galaxy? What would happen if the most realistic looking photos earned that outfit for free?

The truth is, you don’t even have to build a powerful interactive app. If you just have better data than Google foryour specific vertical, you’ll own the attention of your market.That’s just what Pinterest did. They found a way to surfacebetter images than Google Image Search. Look how successful they became. Missed opportunity for Kodak?

Which of the three paths to driving a sale is right for you? Isit better to aim for an immediate sale rather than a belaboredsale? It depends entirely on you. There are pros and cons toeach scenario.

The next presentation will explain how to get all this done but rapidly. For part two, join our Fortune 100 subscribers at

If you want us to dominate market share and sell for you, talk to us at

Business Model Design Strategies

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I’m sitting at a cafe working on a big wooden slab table. There’s a designer from some design company sitting across from me. They are talking about designing for a specific outcome. She’s talking with her coworkers. In adobe illustrator or photoshop, that’s easy to do.

In designing your business, it’s harder. Much.

When this group of designers walked in with their boss, I thought of how most design firms grow. There’s on talented designer with strong business relationships. She gets too much work and she hires others to do the work she can’t or prefers not doing.

So business grows as a reaction to events that are temporary.

Businesses make (somewhat) permanent decisions based on temporary events.

That’s like marrying every guy that gets you pregnant.

So instead of growing your business based on what you need now, what would happen if you grew your business based on what you want later?

Technology is changing. Laws change. Market demand changes faster than ever. Just a few years ago, there was no such thing as a freemium. Now, you can indeed get things for free that you couldn’t get for millenia before that. Will what you do or sell soon be worth nothing more than bait for something else?

Premium content is given away to earn one email address. If you don’t give your email address, well, you never see the last episode. But who cares, there are even better episodes that just started with more realistic CG and innovative plot lines.

3d CAD files for 3d printing are now as free as gifs for Reddit.

You launch a website for your law practice or accountancy and 999 of the 1000 emails you get are people who want to DIY.

How do you design your business model in this constantly evolving landscape? How do you build a baseball field on quicksand? Thoughts?

For our industry insider trade secrets see

Marketing’s Secret Sauce

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You know what the secret sauce is? It’s the sauce.

People tend to forget the most powerful secrets because they are so simple. If they were fancy and ego pleasingly complex, you’d remember it. But it wouldn’t be worth anything to you. What’s truly valuable are the powerful secrets and they are all always always always basic.

I know I’m rambling.

I came off of tell off one of my forum community members. He spammed the community — probably without even realizing that he was spamming. If you don’t use the secret sauce, every thing you do to try to gain clients will be nothing more than mystery meat worthless spam.

None of this makes sense does it?

I’ll tie it all together in a second. When you make sauce, people look for some secret spice or expensive oil. It might help but the really amazingly delicious sauce comes from good stuff that goes into the sauce. Ripe tomatoes. Crisp chives. Basic room temperature extra virgin. That’s all you need.

If you put your effort into other frilly stuff, you’ll end up using a green tomato and withery green onions.

You’re doing the same thing with your marketing. You’re using fancy social media tools and analytics and fancy server side manipulation. All of this is a waste of time. The most important ingredient in good marketing is the market.

Pick your audience carefully and precisely.

If you’re looking for a marriage mate, putting on the fanciest cologne or perfume wont help you even if you’re looking in Grand Central Station. If you’re looking for a marriage mate, determine demographics first. So if you want a Jewish wife or husband, go to a frikken Synagogue. Why go to a Mormon church?

Is it coming together now?

The title of the song a member posted in our marketing blog was, “Fu-k and Anger.”

You can see who the Jew is and who the Mormon is now, right?

If you’re going to promote anything, do your demographic targeting first.

In this case, if you’re promoting heavy metal or goth rock or whatever, do this:

1. Write a list of musicians that sound similar.

2. Do a search for these musicians in Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…

3. Write down the names of every one of the 999999999 people who are their fans.

4. Contact each of them and get them to listen to your music.

5. Remember: Never show up to a neighbor’s door uninvited without bringing a gift.

We can discuss these steps in details back at our community:

Iphone and Android App Developer in Italy

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This is more of a post for my personal reference than anything else. But if you happen to be looking for a smart, agile, and experienced app development team in Italy, I recommend … They are responsive, collaborative, and fun to work with.

Get to know them. If you notice that their portfolio fits the work you need done, they might be a strong long term development partner for your software needs. After all, today, the fastest way to get a major competitive advantage is to build tools that give you exclusive leverage that nobody else has yet.

Printing Milan and Rome Italy

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Milan and Rome are beautiful. Any time of the year, they are gorgeous. That’s great if you’re on vacation. But if you’re on a work slash vacation, the last thing you need are cultural differences and language barriers getting in the way of your production schedule.

This can’t be more true than if you’re in Milan or Italy for a conference, show, or exposition.

You’ve got trade show exhibits to build, brochures and collateral to print, hotels to settle into, and meetings as far as your eye can see to coordinate. You need everything to go smoothly. That requires that everything go according to your cultural and professional expectations.

The only way to accomplish that is to work with a team that is a native of your culture. That’s where Exposition Printing comes into play. They were started by a New Yorker and a Londoner.

Realizing that overseas, you just can’t get the same level of communication and collaboration as you can back in Britain or the US and Canada, they went overseas to fill that need for you. Contact them when you’re on your way to Italy. They will take good care of you. They specialize in serving award winning design firms and Fortune 1000 clients when they need printing for special events and conferences.