Twitter Bomb: Maximum Number of People You Can Tweet Message On Twitter Per Day And How

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Don’t you love it when you think, “I’m hungry.” And a friend unexpectedly stops by with sandwiches and wine? If you’ve used twitter for a while, you’ve even thought that outloud, “I’m lonely.” 

“I’m sore.”

“I’m sick.”

“Asiana Airlines Sucks.”

But alas, it seems nobody was listening. 

Wait, there was that one spammy bot listening. 

Well, what if you could turn that paradigm on it’s head and actually become the knight in shining white armor? Can you message thousands of people per day and have 85%+ reply with a “thank you!”


On one of my blogs, a health blog, I frequently message 250 people per hour 24 hours a day (6,000 tweets per day) a link to a blog post on natural sore throat remedies. 93% consistently message me back, “thank you.”

The search filter I used was, “have a sore throat”

This is how to do it and earn good will, great links, and guerrilla market: The Twitter Bomb: Maximum Number of People You Can Tweet Message On Twitter Per Day And How To Be Loved For It

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