Top Social Media Marketing Agency in Kyiv Kiev Ukraine and Moscow Russia – English Speaking

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I’m impressed.

I’m impressed by Anya Mihailova. She knows how social media (via social media optimization marketing) marketing works. And that’s important because even Americans with MBAs and PR (via press release and public relations strategies) degrees living in the greater San Francisco area where Twitter and Facebook and Google (via Google seo company) are headed don’t understand how to reach out to people over social networks. The fact that she speaks Ukrainian and Russian is a MUST for breaking into the Eastern European markets.

But most importantly for you, if you’re an American, Canadian, or Brittish company, is that Anya is also fluent in English. She’s the top social media (via social media optimization marketing) marketing agency head in Kyiv Kiev Ukraine and Moscow Russia I recommend you contact.

Her contact information is at .. you’ll be amazed at how quickly and efficiently she works. Just tell her what your goal is and she will craft the right marketing strategy to accomplish your goals.

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