Top NYC and LA Google SEO Company Reveals 23 Best Ways To Build Backlinks

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Via Kickstarter Strategies: How to Get VC Angel Investors and Event Management Company

This one is going to surprise you. If you’re a web marketing professional or a department head of marketing at your corporation, you know that if you build backlinks to your site from major blogs are worthless in Google’s eyes because they are all NOFOLLOW.

But here I am telling you that they are valuable. They are extremely valuable in raising your Google (via Google seo company) Rank.

The value doesn’t come directly from the blog or site you’re leaving a comment on however. The benefit is an indirect result of being highly visible on a major blog like CNN, LifeHacker, Huffington Post, Wall Street Journal Online, etc.

But if you do it the way you’ve seen some publications and Google SEO Marketing Companies do it, you’ll get your site black-listed by Google. So here’s what we do at Sparkah: The Best Ways to Build Backlinks

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