Top Magento Programmers and Designers London to NYC

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A 41 year old guy recently predicted the death of retail. His name is Marc Andreessen.

He’s a multimillionaire who sits on the board of directors of HP, eBay, and Facebook. He also invested heavily in a few companies when they were tiny: Twitter, Google, and Pinterest.

He probably knows what he’s talking about. But if you’re in retail, You do too. So does the Top Magento Designer in London.

You’re not surprised by the fact that all the huge flagship haute couture stores on 5th Ave, NYC and Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills don’t turn a profit. In fact, these huge stores in major fashion meccas are just there for marketing and branding presence. They are there to (functionally) remind you to go online and order. eCommerce websites create profit.

So you’re going need to know a few people who are cracker-jacks at creating the eCommerce websites that create your profit. In a world where retail shopping malls are being converted into apartment communities and breeding grounds for mall-walkers (seriously, look this one up in Google News), You’re going to need a list of…

The Top 100 Magento Programmers/Developers and Designers To Hire 2013

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by Robert Wan, VP Business Strategy, Sparkah LLC. His lists have appeared in Forbes and Fast Company. He also wrote: iPhone App Programmers and Developers Reveal

MagentoDesignerBond™ | contact

Magento Designer Bond is one of the leading Magento E-commerce Web Design Companies/Agencies in the UK, based in London

Andrei Costin | contact

rolling stone


8theme | contact

Welcome to 8theme. We are a team of designers and developers that create high quality themes and provide premium and dedicated support to our products.

Alistair Stead | contact

Technical Assurance Manager @inviqa & @sessiondigital building interesting stuff with PHP, Ruby and a bit of Node.js, for fun, profit and distraction


Andy Skipper | contact

Agile, OpenERP, Magento, general eCommerce tech know-it-all – helping startups across the UK get it together. Shout if you think I can help

Karen Baker | contact

A marketplace for Magento Apps that work

Arturas Smorgun | contact

Magento and eCommerce Developer

Bas Nawijn | contact

Head of Sales EMEA – Magento/ (e)Commerce / Magento / Growth / Winning Platform / Mobile / Go / Connect

BoostMagento | contact

Christopher | contact

Magento developer, iPhone wanker. Catch a lot of trains and Snowboard the rest of the time.

Chris Simmons | contact

@Magento TSM. Passionate about eCommerce. Known to Swim, Bike & Run consecutively (Voluntarily)…Ellipsis Enthusiast…What doesn’t taste good w/ BBQ Sauce?

John Warner | contact

Surrey based. The Tashe is my Movember 12 Comp’ winner. Bring on ’13! I help to recruit design/creatives

Justin Biddle | contact

Magento retail platforms for UK SME retailers.

florinelchis | contact

Magento Professional, owner Magendoo Interactive, e-commerce / International Trade, Global Markets

Future Clients | contact

We train the people who run Magento stores

Deryck Harlick | contact

Helping merchants do the right thing with Magento through training and coaching. Check the website for our courses.

inventCommerce | contact

InventCommerce are a dedicated eCommerce platform consulting and integrator company. We are passionate about delivering online innovation to help clients grow

iWeb | contact

An innovative Web development, hosting company and design agency based in Staffordshire and London, UK.

Jenny Homer | contact

I work in e-commerce identifying and building mutually beneficial partnerships with digital agencies.

Lee Bolding | contact

Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something –Thomas Edison

LogicSpot | contact

Get the latest news & insights on Magento e-commerce, app developer in San Diego development and web design and development from a leading London web development agency.

Panphoenix | contact

Panphoenix is a creative digital agency based in central London with a passion for e-commerce.

Magento UK | contact

Magento: Possibly the best eCommerce platform on the market …

Phil Robinson | contact

Vice President, Business Development, Magento

Magento Showcase | contact

Magento Stats | contact

MageStats is Magento, Google Analytics and Realtime Stats combined – true customer insight.

MageTraining | contact

andrew mori | contact

Software engineer working with Magento and Php, iOs and others. A physicist by academic history.

PSD to Magento | contact

We transform your beautiful designs into high quality, money making Magento themes. Magento Tips and Tricks. | contact

Official twitter feed for  . We generally tweet about Magento, Internet Marketing, brands, design, social & Star Wars

Sam Marsh | contact

/// IT Recruitment Consultant @ ConSol Partners /// Magento, Drupal and PHP E: T: (0)20 7710 0213

Session Digital | contact

Enterprise digital commerce combining creative excellence with pure technical brilliance. Want enterprise-level Magento? Speak to us first.

Bolaji Olubajo | contact

happily married to technology and music

WebShopApps | contact

Magento Shipping Extension Specialists. Platinum Industry Partners.

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