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(Los Angeles, CA — Via Vancouver Printing San Francisco) Getting the world out used to be simple. You either had the money to buy a spread in the New York Times and the legacy relationships to take one of the writers out to lunch (on your yacht) or you didn’t. You either had a direct link to the people who controlled the media or you didn’t.

It’s a bit more complex now.

As the medium changes from 300 lbs TV “sets” to 36 gram heads-up display Google Glass and the ability to broadcast on the new media changes from Hegemoniacle to Democratic to Social, it gets a bit more complicated again.

Just knowing “a guy” isn’t enough.

To get your message out to your target demographic, just about 4 years ago, what you would do is read the demographic break downs on the rate card your display ad salesman from your favorite magazine gave you and if it fit, you’d hire a marketing research firm to do a focus group and a poll of maybe a few dozen people on the street. Once you got your point sample data, you’d roll the dice and invest a million dollars on an ad buy under the assumption that your focus group accurately predicted your real-world target reaction.

Sketchy isn’t it (I was tempted to do the French version but that would have just put this post over the top)?

The net result was that even if the test marketing results did not accurately predict the public’s reaction, there were only a hand full of amazing people in the PR business who had enough experience to know that if 100% of three dozen people sampled said they preferred the taste of “New Coke,” You’d have a global product disaster.

So you see how hard PR was then?

Now, you not only have to have that level of intuitive right-on-ness, you need to be dialed into the real-time pulse of the people. You’ve got to stay on top of every comment, every reshare, every retumble, every retweet, every blog post and more to truly have a sense of what your target demographic responds to. In other words, guessing from your ivory tower doesn’t cut it any more.

That having been said, I’m proud to introduce:

The Top 100 PR Pros Who Dominate Social Media: 2013–Hire Them…

by Robert, VP Strategic Alliances, Sparkah LLC. Robert’s lists appear in places like Forbes. He is the producer of “How to Launch a Social Media Marketing Campaign That Actually Sells?

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