Top 100 Pharmaceutical & Medical Bloggers Who Influence Doctors and Prescribers

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If you’re marketing a new drug or medical device, you are going to want to know these 100 people below.

If you’re a regular person, they are not important to you every single day of your life if you’re healthy. And healthy people use drinks and medications that are produced in chemical labs of toll manufacturers in Mexico, China, and Korea.

They are not entertainment bloggers. They are not fashion or tech gadget bloggers. They are pharmaceutical and medical industry bloggers. While they may only touch your life when you’re ill, older, or have a headache, when any of these conditions apply, they are the most important people you’ll ever wish you got to know, now.

The following top 100 Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Bloggers not only influence a multi billion dollar healthcare industry, they influence the drugs your doctor prescribes. They influence the pills you pick up over the counter at your local pharmacy. They influence global political regulatory industries as well as corporate entities like insurance companies that ultimately determine the quality and cost of your parents’ medication.

Follow and support the people here. You’ll find they are on the determining edge of issues that are important to you right now. You may even find them to be fun.

Mr. recently interviewed Healthcare Data Solutions CEO, Tim Slevin. The blog post is entitled: NOTE to Bloggers: Dear Selected Members, I’d love if you reblogged and shared my above post. It’s important to me personally and professionally. It will also offer your corporate pharmaceutical industry readers valuable strategies for eliminating wasted resources. Thanks and Congrats!

Top 100 Pharmaceutical & Medical Bloggers Who Influence Doctors, Prescribers, And the Quality of Your Medicine

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