Top 100 Pharmaceutical & Medical Bloggers Who Influence Doctors and Prescribers

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Via Physician Sales Database Video — If you’re marketing a new drug or medical device, you are going to want to know these 100 people below.

If you’re a regular person, they are not important to you every single day of your life if you’re healthy.

They are not entertainment bloggers. They are not fashion or tech gadget bloggers. They are pharmaceutical and medical industry bloggers. While they may only touch your life when you’re ill, older, or have a headache, when any of these conditions apply, they are the most important people you’ll ever wish you got to know, now.

The following top 100 Pharmaceutical and Medical Industry Bloggers not only influence a multi billion dollar healthcare industry, they influence the drugs your doctor prescribes. They influence the pills you pick up over the counter at your local pharmacy (see guerrilla viral marketing strategies for medical device, hospitals, pharma and cosmetic surgeons). They influence global political regulatory industries as well as corporate entities like insurance companies that ultimately determine the quality and cost of your parents’ medication.

Follow and support the people here. You’ll find they are on the determining edge of issues that are important to you right now. You may even find them to be fun.

- Bob Wan Kim, Social Media Director.
Mr. Kim recently interviewed Healthcare Data Solutions CEO, Tim Slevin. The blog post is entitled: How Pharmas and Medical Companies Can Reduce Sales Cycle Time and Raise Profits — A Strategy for Streamlining Pharmceutical Marketing.

NOTE to Bloggers: Dear Selected Members, I’d love if you reblogged and shared my above post. It’s important to me personally and professionally. It will also offer your corporate pharmaceutical industry readers valuable strategies for eliminating wasted resources. Thanks and Congrats!

Top 100 Pharmaceutical & Medical Bloggers Who Influence Doctors, Prescribers, And the Quality of Your Medicine

kevinpmiller Kevin P. Miller Direct Contact I write and direct documentaries. Film giant Paul Haggis graciously called my film GENERATION RX ‘a powerful and often chilling eye-opener,’ which is cool.
T. J. Kuhn T. J. Kuhn Direct Contact Pharmaceutical Blogger from the Quality perspective. IAmBiotech Congressional Hearing on International #Patent Issues: BIO Submits Comments
Karl Uhlendorf Karl Uhlendorf Direct Contact As such, I mainly tweet on topics of interest to the biopharmaceutical sector. Forbes blog on #medical #innovation by #Pulitzer-winning author & farmer .
Pharma Conduct Blog Pharma Conduct Blog Direct Contact Pharma Conduct Blog Direct Contact Nexum @vytuko). Pharmaceutical student/blogger/electronic music fan I’m not a star, I’m just its Satellite.
PharmaceuticalOnline PharmaceuticalOnline Direct Contact Get short, timely messages from PharmaceuticalOnline. to be Official Blogger at BIO International Convention #pharma #biotech 12:04 PM
DigiPharm Blog DigiPharm Blog Direct Contact DigiPharm Blog @DigiPharm). A newsfeed on digital marketing strategies for pharmaceutical products. Our followers are attendees
Tim Sandle Tim Sandle Direct Contact Tim Sandle @timsandle). Tim Sandle, PhD is a pharmaceutical microbiologist (#microbiology), technical writer, blogger, journalist
Daniel Carlat Daniel Carlat Direct Contact Daniel Carlat @carlatblog). Psychiatrist, publisher, writer, blogger, critic of pharmaceutical industry marketing practices.
Pharma Screen Pharma Screen Direct Contact Pharma Screen @PharmaScreen). Pharmacy Screen- by this blog, the blogger wants to let the people know about human
SCBIO SCBIO Direct Contact human genomes, says a blogger… about 17 hours ago SCBIO leads team of 13 partners to Boston for BIO 2012 to sell SC life Analysis: Cancer drugs top biopharmaceutical deals in 2011
KianaKwon KianaKwon Direct Contact Bio 33F, San Diego CA, Pharmaceutical Chemist, Political Blogger, Conservative, Christian, UC Berkeley Alum, and Fred Thompson 2008/Rick Perry 2012
Alvia Magdalena M Alvia Magdalena M Direct Contact Alvia Magdalena M @alviamalau). Pharmaceutical Science and Technology ITB 2010, HMF 2010, UKSU 2010, MUSI 2010,
Amy S. Patel Amy S. Patel Direct Contact Engineering the future biomedical engineer with a booming biotech blog. Get updates via SMS by texting follow Bio BloggerAmyP to 40404 in the United States MAP #Pharma shares dive after FDA rejects migraine treatment @Reuters
Pharmacy Today Pharmacy Today Direct Contact No timeline for DHBs to respond to dispensary ratios blogger Nicolette McDonald says Pharmaceutical Society awards three deserving pharmacists Name Pharmacy Today; Location Auckland, New Zealand; Bio A monthly
Joseph O'Connell Joseph O’Connell Direct Contact Blogger, writer and office monkey for the CKA Group, providing updates on the Pro Bono Bio – Anglo-Russian collaboration to create UK jobs #pharma
Grant Koo Grant Koo Direct Contact Koo @iamgrantkoo). Novelist, short story writer, recovered poet, blogger, pop culture critic, and associate managing editor at a pharmaceutical ad agency.
Tingting Wang Tingting Wang Direct Contact coach, team manager in weekdays, oil painter and blogger in weekends. Chinese biopharmaceutical and vaccine manufacturers looking to expand into
Jiangtang Hu Jiangtang Hu Direct Contact Life Sciences Consultant @dWiseTech, blogger and evangelist on #SAS and dWiseTech Read ‘Re-thinking Pharmaceutical Software” our latest blog by Ian
Andi Kusuma Andi Kusuma Direct Contact – Translate this page Andi Kusuma @kedaiobat). A Blogger and Pharmacist for Novartis Indonesia Pharmaceutical Company.
Earl Crosby Earl Crosby Direct Contact I am a LIMITED GOV CONSERVATIVE: Retired Pharmaceutical Industry. VIDEO: ObamaCare and the Future of Political Speech at The Blogger Briefing
Dr. Omudhome Ogbru Dr. Omudhome Ogbru Direct Contact Pharmacist, entrepreneur, author, blogger, CEO of board for #healthcare, pharmaceuticals, and related jobs. 3:49 AM Apr 23rd via
Gustavo Duhamel Gustavo Duhamel Direct Contact Stumbler/Surfer/Blogger (New) and a fulltime packaging representative in #Packaging for the Pharmaceutical Industry…
Alicia Levy Alicia Levy Direct Contact ‘Blogger’ is the new ‘Pharmaceutical Rep’ 11:34 AM Apr 24th via web. @FranTxgirl @aspca Awww – thank Web alicia Bio Powerhouse Peanut
Ella's Garden Ella’s Garden Direct Contact Ellas Garden is the first blog network for the special needs community! RT @Epilepsy_News: Epilepsy News: Ortho-McNeil Pharmaceutical pleads guilty for
Duffy McMahon Duffy McMahon Direct Contact How do you feel about Pharmaceutical Advertising on Television? I think it should be banned Check out my blog 4:20 PM Jul 13th, 2011
Tanmay Saraykar Tanmay Saraykar Direct Contact Social Media Enthusiast, Blogger, Thunderbird MBA and VJTI Engineer. Sigma does a lot of work with multichannel analytics with pharmaceutical companies. Bio Head – Social Media Analytics at IMS Health, Digital Marketing Manager,
Norman Powell Norman Powell Direct Contact CisionUK Get your free sample of #pharmaceutical pitching profiles, #media rankings My weekly round up on comms news is out #CisionUK blog Name Norman Powell; Location London UK; Bio Customer Support Cision UK
Christelle Cazabat Christelle Cazabat Direct Contact Enlightening discussion on the future of pharmaceutical marketing at conference by Reed Smith 2nd top blogger of the #AmLaw 100:… 4:01 AM Bio Legal Marketing & BD Professional in an international law firm.
Monika Schlesinger Monika Schlesinger Direct Contact Relations, specialized on Venture Capital, Private Equity, Life Science, Pharma, IT. Total Recall: Persönliche Dienste fordern die PR (via press release and public relations strategies) heraus » Bio B2B Marketing Consultancy & Public Relations, specialized on Venture
TheFeministBreeder TheFeministBreeder Direct Contact Public health graduate student, activist blogger, and doula. Is it any wonder at all why we don’t trust pharmaceutical companies, even when we need pharmaceutical help? 7:00 PM Bio Rocker Chick turned Natural Mom.
Alex Marks Alex Marks Direct Contact CisionUK Get your free sample of #pharmaceutical pitching profiles, #media rankings and #CisionUK’s blogger panel at tomorrow’s breakfast club @olliedanger Bio New business executive at Cision UK and lifelong Tranmere rovers fan.
The Change Explained The Change Explained Direct Contact @TheRipeReport Invited me to guest blog on their fabulous site this week, How dare the Daily Mail fall into the pharmaceutical companies trap and fall for this utter lie!!… Bio Our website holding page is live.
Nancy Anderson Nancy Anderson Direct Contact Wednesday’s Featured Job: Sr Biopharmaceutical Rep needed with Amgen in Indiana – Nancy – about 14 hours ago via Facebook. Today’s
Andie O'Brien Andie O’Brien Direct Contact Andie O’Brien @andieobrien). Food blogger and obsessive shopper prone to random thoughts and silly hashtags.
Theo Smart Theo Smart Direct Contact @msf_tb We do and I’ll make reference to it in a blog re #SATB that is coming up soon. SciDevNet 7 #pharmaceutical companies join #academic #researchers to . Bio Freelance writer/editor/consultant concerned with delivery of HIV,
Doug Blackie Doug Blackie Direct Contact – New @4RealLeaders blog post #business about 8 hours ago via @globeandmail Jeffrey Simpson calls for national #pharmaceutical Bio Experienced and recognized leader in the public, private and non-profit sectors.
Napoleon Crowley Napoleon Crowley Direct Contact Singer/Songwriter/Blogger/Reality TV Junkie/ Read more:… 10:25 AM May 1st via Name Napoleon Crowley; Location San Jose City; Bio Singer/Songwriter/Blogger/Reality TV Junkie/
Myles Bermudez Myles Bermudez Direct Contact Bermudez @urvelostn). marketing student, social junkie, blogger, optimist, life Ohr Pharmaceutical Awarded U.S and European Composition of Matter Location Fort Worth; Bio marketing student, social junkie, blogger, optimist, life lover
Dancho Danchev Dancho Danchev Direct Contact OSINT/Cyber CI Analyst, Blogger, Security Blogger at Webroot. Support” themed emails lead to pharmaceutical scams – about 2 Bio Independent Cyber Threats Analyst, OSINT/Cyber CI Analyst,
Gregory Martin Gregory Martin Direct Contact WendyKovitz68 Research-based #pharmaceutical industry welcomes progress on JoyofConnecting [BizChick: Business] Are You a Perfection-Obsessed Blogger? De; Bio Manufactures all natural honey based skin rejuvenating creams;
John Lopos John Lopos Direct Contact Full Deloitte pharma SM report: can support both sides of debate, I think @LizzieGeorgescu I think this blogger poses a key question, but it depends on how we Name John Lopos; Location NYC Metro; Bio 20 years of experiences and
Haywood Bonds Haywood Bonds Direct Contact Haywood Bonds @tenci2139j). blogger, speaker, writer, Read more:… Name Haywood Bonds; Location Milwaukee; Bio blogger, speaker, writer, faither,
Ann Goldberg Ann Goldberg Direct Contact them – definitely ploy by pharmaceutical companies to make more money – disgrace 10:17 Bio I’m a freelance writer , blogger and EFL teacher in Jerusalem
Sweet Dee Sweet Dee Direct Contact Blogger. Army Brat for Life. Well, when u feel the need for pharmaceutical based relief, lemme know. about 2 hours
Adolph Dougherty Adolph Dougherty Direct Contact Honest, shy, cute, obsessive, in love, optimistic, dramatic, lover, hater, blogger, bipolar, crazy. Read more:… Name Adolph Dougherty; Location Washington; Bio Honest, shy, cute,
Hari Shanker Hari Shanker Direct Contact Hari Shanker @HariShanker). Blogger | Author | Journalist | Lensman | Techie | Engineer. Breathes Books, Music, GNU/Linux and
Mike Method Mike Method Direct Contact Trainer, Weight Loss Book Writer, Weight Loss Consultant, Muscle Building Blogger. Creative Fatty Liver Method Going Beyond Pharmaceutical Means
Donny Davis Donny Davis Direct Contact more. Name Donny Davis; Location ÜT: 33.858255,-117.790329; Web soundcloud Bio DJ • Producer • Blogger • Free Thinker • Dance Outfit Radio
Marcelo Montano Marcelo Montano Direct Contact Avid blogger, philosophical, humanitarian at heart. Read more:… 10:25 AM May 1st via Name Marcelo Montano; Location Arlington; Bio Avid blogger, philosophical, humanitarian at heart
Brennan Roy Brennan Roy Direct Contact Hypnotist, football fan, amateur blogger/photographer, Mac fanboy, and wanna be mercola About three-quarters of the pharmaceutical compounds used today
Paula Tredrea Paula Tredrea Direct Contact Paula Tredrea @MyTreSkinRX). Wife & mom to two sons, entrepeneur with TreSkinRX, skin care educator, cook, artist, blogger and
Budeck Flores Budeck Flores Direct Contact consultant, alternative medicine advocate, entrepreneur, public speaker, blogger. more from the ill effects of pharmaceutical drugs 3:37 AM Apr 27th, 2011 via web Bio book lover, consultant, alternative medicine advocate, entrepreneur,
Ecsite Mensvoort: Direct Contact Twitter (via social media optimization smo) implant, pharmaceutical sushi, nano face lift = all the future of nano. » #CrossingBorders Mensvoort: We live in a bio-nano-info techonology period.
Ethan Perlstein Ethan Perlstein Direct Contact @Neuro_Skeptic as a week-old blogger, I know exactly what you mean! The academia-pharmaceutical complex is crumbling. only 14% of bio PhDs get academic jobs within 5 years …
Batzul Gerelsaikhan Batzul Gerelsaikhan Direct Contact economics at University of Copenhagen | Blogger | Photo-addict | Passionate about culture, Hot industries for bribery risk are pharmaceutical, financial services, Bio Consultant at PwC Mongolia | Studied economics at University of
Hasegawa Tohru Hasegawa Tohru Direct Contact – Translate this page なおBOX :: beauty☆blogger なお Official Blog | 8:05 AM Oct 18th, Why have so many pharmaceutical cos. tried to develop amyloid treatments Name Hasegawa Tohru; Location Saga, Japan; Bio Alzheimer’s researcher.
Beth Landau-Halpern Beth Landau-Halpern Direct Contact Read the risks/dangers that the pharmaceutical companies suppress. Contagion — glorifies the Center for Disease (CDC) control and vilifies a blogger wh… Bio Homeopath — I love using the gentle and effective wisdom of
Connie Stanford Connie Stanford Direct Contact Connie Stanford @minkelle). blogger, speaker, writer, Find out here – 10:26 AM May 1st via web Name Connie Stanford; Location Phoenix; Bio blogger, speaker, writer,

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