Top 100 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Management Firms and Consultants 2013

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I’m going to get political here. There’s no way around it.

Whenever a team wanted to defend themselves from a massive force one hundred times more powerful and numerous than they were, there was only one way to succeed and thrive. They had to use what Che Guevara called “guerrilla warfare.”

2,500 years before, Sun Tzu wrote what became Che Guevara’s source material in his State Secret Military Manifest called, “The Art of War.”

Today, the rules of engagement are exactly the same.

The only circumstantial differences are, instead of flying arrows or bullets, you’ve got nuclear content. Thoughts, messages, opinions, photos, and videos all proliferate at viral speed and scale. I didn’t do the research to find out who coined the term for this slight shift: “guerrilla marketing strategies,” but it’s right-on.

To survive marketing campaigns by multinational corporate brands, no, to thrive in today’s 2.0 landscape, you’re going to need the expertise of a General who knows Sun Tzu’s 3 part secret of Guerrilla warfare, “know yourself, know your enemy, know your landscape.”

Facebook’s privacy policy and advertiser options change daily. Google’s algorithm changes almost daily. Twitter changes their API with no warning. Pinterest skyrocketed into top contender position before most anyone even heard of it.

You’re going to need to know the professionals who can get you in front of thousands of your potential customers, users, and subscribers before the big fortune 500 companies know what hit them. This might help:

The Top 100 Guerrilla Social Media Marketing Firms 2013

by Robert Wan, VP Business Consulting, Sparkah LLC; Writer for Forbes and Fast Company. Subscribe to his Youtube show on viral and guerrilla marketing industry news.

Guerrilla Marketing Strategies

Guerrilla marketing concepts depend 100% on knowing your audience. Your intent is to create a viral action response from your viewer. Is your content, messaging, wording, and concept compelling enough to get that response? Contact to brainstorm.

Al Lautenslager Al Lautenslager:@GMarketingGuy

Speaker, Best-selling Author, Consultant, Guerrilla Marketing Coach, Business Owner, Social Media Marketing Consultant, franchising expert, adjunct inst.

Guerrilla Marketing:@Guerrilla_Mkt

Guerrilla #Marketing , a unconventional system of promotions that relies on time, energy and imagination

Guerrilla Marketing:@GuerrillaCheese

Guerrilla Cheese Marketing is a #Guerrilla #Marketing Ideas Blog dedicated to unconventional , Experiential , and Interactive Tactics & Trends

Guerrilla Marketing:@GuerrillaViral | Creative Guerrilla Marketing Meets Viral Marketing

GuerrillaComm GuerrillaComm:@guerrillacomm

Guerrilla Communication is a unique guerrilla marketing company. Tweets by Herbert Krabel.

Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing:@GMFD

Guerilla Marketing For Dummies is packed with guerilla tactics and trade secrets for marketing your products or services like never before.

Guerrilla Marketing:@GuerrillaMrktng

GMYB is the European home of Guerrilla Marketing. We train small businesses and self employed people how to marketing their business! Free resources available.

Sam Travis Ewen Sam Travis Ewen:@SamEwen

CEO / Founder – & The Supertouch Group Guerrilla Marketer, Trouble Maker, Technologist, Occasional Scarecrow.

Scott Schang Scott Schang:@scottschang

Tinkerer, Revolutionary, Entrepreneur, Social Marketing System Strategist, Guerrilla Marketeer, Innovator, Visionary, Mortgage Banker Broadview Mortgage Katella

Mirko Pallera Mirko Pallera:@mirkopallera

Archetypal Branding & Digital Strategist.Watch the trailer of Create! How to design contagious ideas (and make the world a better place):

Mitch Meyerson Mitch Meyerson:@MitchMeyerson

Mitch Meyerson is Founder of Guerrilla Marketing Coaching, author of nine books including Mastering Online Marketing

Jay Conrad Levinson Jay Conrad Levinson: LocalGuerrilla

Local Guerrilla Marketing – Our team of experts know how to create an effective online presence for that speaks volumes about the quality of your business.

Guerrilla Marketing:@gmarketingaus

Achieving conventional goals through the use of unconventional means.

Attack! Attack!: @ AttackMarketing

Street Team Marketing | Promotional Staffing | Promotion Agency | Event Marketing Agency | News & Updates from Experiential Marketing experts

Guerrilla Marketing:@Guerrilla_M

This is official twitter profile of

Guerrilla Marketing:@MayaGuerrilla

Guerrilla Marketing relies on time, energy and imagination. Let’s here what you have to say about this great marketing strategy.

Guerrilla SM Marktng Guerrilla SM Marktng:@Guerrilla_SMM

Hola soy @javiergomez_eu y hago Marketing de Guerrilla usando # socialmedia Ayudo empresas y profesionales con pocos recursos a lograr resultados rápidamente

posterGIANT posterGIANT:@postergiant

posterGIANT is the one-stop shop for all guerrilla marketing and digital marketing needs. Our job is to get you noticed.

Marketing Cloud Marketing Cloud:Verified account   @ AdobeMktgCloud

Adobe Marketing Cloud gives marketers everything they need to get ahead. Go from data to insights to action, faster and smarter than ever.

Thinkbox Thinkbox:@ThinkboxCanada

Thinkbox National Marketing Inc is an experiential, promotions, and guerrilla marketing company with offices across Canada.

Subvertising Subvertising:@subvertising

Official Twitter for #Subvertising monthly magazine. Available for free on AppleStore or in pdf from our website. #guerrilla #marketing and #transmedia focus.

Crier Communications Crier Communications:@CrierPR

Crier PR along with Crier Street is a communications / guerrilla marketing firm specializing in food, lifestyles and projection marketing.

Guerrilla Solutions Guerrilla Solutions:@GSGuerrilla

Guerrilla Solutions ™ offer Guerrilla Marketing and Sales Services & Training. Clients: Financial, Retail, Online & Adult Industry. Doing it the Guerrilla Way!

Total Marketing Total Marketing:@tmktg

Building Community for your businesss through digital marketing, social media, web design, SEO, and guerrilla marketing.

Engage Marketing Engage Marketing:@EngageMrktingAU

Melbourne’s small business marketing specialists. Makers of @Plan_Lab ! We help small biz owners to afford nice things 🙂 We love guerrilla marketing!

UrbanBella Marketing The UrbanBella Marketing:@urbanbella

Western Canada | Alcohol Promotion, Street promotion, Liquor Tasting, Liquor Sampling, Liquor Promotion, Golf Caddy, Special Events, Guerrilla Marketing

Local marketing Local marketing:@marketingutah

Local Branding & Advertising Group by Yodels. Local Business Branding Services Serving Utah & California. Guerrilla Marketing Style.

cor hospes cor hospes:@corhospes

Helpt en inspireert. Als auteur, consultant en spreker. Social Media. Contentmarketing. Guerrillamarketing. Branding. Trends. Reist door zijn keuken.


Todo mas

Matecumbe Marketing Matecumbe Marketing:@Matecumbe_Mktg

We are a communications company specializing in social media, web & logo design, dynamic media, promo materials, & guerrilla marketing for small business.

GuerrillaBlog GuerrillaBlog:@GuerrillaBlog

Blogger @GuerrillaBlog | Guerrilla Marketing Consultant | R & R | Social Media Junkie | Amsterdam

Shift Guerrilla Shift Guerrilla:@shiftguerrilla

Shift – Social Media & Guerrilla Marketing Boutique

Guerrilla Radio Guerrilla Radio:@Radio_Guerrilla

Unconventional, Experiential, and Guerrilla Marketing Trends. (Guerrilla Radio is Now @GuerrillaCheese )

goldenGuerrilla goldenGuerrilla:@goldenGuerrilla

goldenGuerrila specializes in the development & implementation of guerrilla marketing campaigns that are designed to set your brand apart

Local Marketing Serv Local Marketing Serv:@yodelsads

Local Branding & Advertising Group by Yodels. Local Business Branding Services Serving Utah & California. Guerrilla Marketing Style.

GuerrillaGirlsOnTour GuerrillaGirlsOnTour:@GuerrillaGsOT

Official page of Guerrilla Girls On Tour! ( . GuerrillaGirlsOT) feminist artists using smart humor to address sexism with performance art. #fe

Alessandro Del Re Alessandro Del Re:@guerrilla_mktg

creative soldiers

Shane Gibson Shane Gibson:@shanegibson

Speaker, Author: Sociable! How Social Media is Turning Sales and Marketing Upside-down, Closing Bigger, Guerrilla Social Media Marketing, Agency Exec

Guerrilla Marketing:@guerrillamktgph

The Secrets of Guerrilla Marketing Event with Al Lautenslager, Co-author of the Jay Conrad Levinson in the # 1 best selling book: Guerrilla Marketing in 30 days

Avinash Kaushik Avinash Kaushik:Verified account @ avinash

Author, Web Analytics 2.0 & Web Analytics: An Hour A Day | Digital Marketing Evangelist, Google | Co-Founder, Market Motive

Email Marketing News Email Marketing News:@absolit

Tipps & Trends zu E-Mail-und Newsletter-Marketing – vormittags auf deutsch and in the evening we switch to english language

Mike Volpe Mike Volpe:Verified account @ mvolpe

CMO @HubSpot – marketing, Startups, entrepreneurship, SaaS, B2B, lead generation, blog, social media, SEO, analytics, VC, golf, Patriots, Red Sox

Marketing Guerrilha Marketing Guerrilha:@MktGuerrilla

Grupo de Estudantes de Mercadologia Focados em Marketing de guerrilha presenteando com dicas seus seguidores

Pierre Ayroles Pierre Ayroles:@p8perplane

Street / ambient / guerilla marketing, out of home, innovation, street art, futilities & pop culture

Guerrilla Marketing Guerrilla Marketing:@gmcsingapore

Guerrilla Marketing Consulting helps clients to achieve their marketing goals through training of effective marketers, development of strategic marketing plans,

Craft Guerrilla Craft Guerrilla:@craftguerrilla

Designer led creative collective.Hosts of DIY craft events, workshops, craft markets & general creative goodness! Plus we have 2 other armies Brighton & Edinburgh!

Guerrilla Marketing:@Guerrilla4u

Internet Marketing For The Future

Stefan K. Tornquist Stefan K. Tornquist:@MarketingStefan

I run US research at Econsultancy. We study digital marketing & its intersections with the offline world. Originator of the #StatOfTheDay tweet (well, most days)

Carlos Bravo Carlos Bravo:@carlosbravo

In pursuit of happyness. Most of the time.

marketing_power marketing_power:@marketing_power

AMA is a prof assn for individuals and orgs involved in the practice, teaching and study of mktg. Hosted by Nancy Pekala, Senior Dir of Online Content, / npekala

Buzz Brand Marketing Buzz Brand Marketing:@BuzzGroup

Buzz Brand Marketing is a firm specializing in building brand equity through communications, marketing, and events. TeamBuzz 212.360.0399 | 404.865.1254

Gentepublicidad Gentepublicidad:@gentepublicidad

Dar a conocer noticias, informaciones, campañas o simplemente hacerse eco de cualquier evento relacionado con el sector. / gentepublicidad

Lee Odden Lee Odden:@leeodden

Author: CEO @TopRank Online Marketing w / insights on strategic Content Marketing, Social Media PR & SEO. Proud dad, world traveler, foodie.

Conductor Conductor:Verified account @ Conductor

Conductor is the most widely-used SEO technology company empowering enterprise marketers to manage and improve their SEO efforts.

GuerrillaSocialMedia GuerrillaSocialMedia:@GuerrillaSMM

Hola soy @javiergomez_eu y hago Marketing de Guerrilla usando # socialmedia Ayudo empresas y profesionales con pocos recursos a lograr resultados rápidamente

Marketo Marketo:Verified account @ marketo

Marketing Software. Easy. Powerful. Complete. Marketing automation, social campaigns, inbound marketing, sales apps, ROI reporting – all in one place.

Jeremiah Owyang Jeremiah Owyang:Verified account @ jowyang

Industry Analyst, Partner at Altimeter Group. Some tweets publish on timer. How I use Twitter

Danny Brown Danny Brown:@DannyBrown

Chief Technologist @ArCIntel Co-author Influence Marketing: How to Create, Manage and Measure Brand Influencers in Social Media Marketing:

Chris Abraham Chris Abraham:@chrisabraham

Chris Abraham is the consummate social media marketing and digital PR professional, experiencing unparalleled success at @UnisonAgency He is also very humble.

Líneas de Marketing Líneas de Marketing:@lineasmarketing

Twitter del blog sobre las disciplinas y estrategias del marketing on-line.

Content Marketing Content Marketing:@CMIContent

Content Marketing Institute, Chief Content Officer Magazine & Content Marketing World. Join us in #Sydney 4-5-6 Mar 2013 #cmworld contentmarketing

MediaPost MediaPost:@MediaPost

MediaPost Publications – Home of Media Daily News, Online Media Daily, Marketing Daily, and MEDIA and OMMA Magazines

David Anthony Alves David Anthony Alves:@Green_Guerrilla

I’ll tell you what, why do not you just tell me exactly who you think I am. That way, I’ll sound more interesting. Views expressed are my own. Apparently.

Darren Rowse Darren Rowse:Verified account @ problogger

Founder of @ProBlogger & @DigitalPS Author, speaker and eBook publisher. Husband & Dad to 3 boys. Love Lattes & Leicas. Personal Tweets at @DarrenRowse

Michael A. Stelzner Michael A. Stelzner:@Mike_Stelzner

Founded Social Media Examiner & Social Media Marketing podcast, authored Launch & Writing White Papers. Committed Christian and dad.

WPP WPP:Verified account @ WPP

News, insights, research and much more from WPP marketing professionals across the world.

Kyle Lacy Kyle Lacy:@kyleplacy

Sr Manager, Content Marketing & Research at @ExactTarget . Author of Twitter Marketing for Dummies, Branding Yourself and Social CRM. Thoughts are mine alone.

Porter Gale Porter Gale:@portergale

Author of Your Network is Your Net Worth (2013) – former VP of Marketing / Virgin America. Follow me on FB at!

Viral Marketing Mom Viral Marketing Mom:@viralmarketmom

Lea Hunt is a Viral Marketing Mom that ♥ creating a buzz about Internet Business Marketing Moms Christian Kids Social Media Blogs Organic Food Healthy Family

Shawn Collins Shawn Collins:@affiliatetip

Shawn Collins is an affiliate Marketer, runner, Yankees & Jets fan, Maryland Terp, future writer of the great American novel

Ian Lurie Ian Lurie:@portentint

Founder & CEO of Portent. Speaker. Internet Marketer. I blog at tweet marketing & news 5-8 times / day. Randomness, more often.

Isabelle Mathieu Isabelle Mathieu:@isabellemathieu

Social Media Strategist, Speaker & Trainer. Facebook Marketing Expert. Top 10 European Influencers ~ Salesforce | Consultante Médias Sociaux & Réseaux Sociaux

Patrick Strother Patrick Strother:@PatrickStrother

Founder Strother Communications Group ( ). Teach @UMN_SJMC Main Topics: #PR #B2B #Marketing #Digital #HigherEd .

Erick Schonfeld Erick Schonfeld:Verified account @ erickschonfeld

Gentleman blogger, executive producer DEMO

Massimo Sommella Massimo Sommella:@ninjaviral

Creativity, adv, unconventional, branding, viral, guerrilla. Tweets dalla redazione Marketing di @ninjamarketing Follow Us! 😉

Paul Dunay Paul Dunay:@PaulDunay

Global VP of Marketing for Maxymiser, Author, Blogger, Public Speaker and Award-Winning B2B Marketing Expert

Joe Dager Joe Dager:@business901

A process thinker specializing in bringing Lean and continuous improvement processes to sales and marketing.

Brian Halligan Brian Halligan:@bhalligan

CEO @HubSpot , Author of Inbound Marketing book, MIT Sr Lecturer, Red Sox fan.

comScore, Inc. comScore, Inc.: Verified account @ comScore

We provide Analytics for a Digital World, turning information into insights & actions for our clients to maximize the value of their digital investments.

Aaron Lee Aaron Lee:@AskAaronLee

Social media consultant and marketing guy at @GetBinkd Average Joe who loves social media more than his coffee (I really love coffee!!).

ViralBlog ViralBlog:@viralblog

Award Winning Blog. AdAge # 41. Sharing viral ideas & social trends since 2007. Tweets about #marketing #media #music #technology #trends #twitter #video

Justin Levy Justin Levy:@justinlevy

Head of social media at @CitrixOnline Author, Facebook Marketing Productivity -nerd Fitness Foodie. Dog lover. Red Sox, Patriots & Celtics fan

Carol Phillips Carol Phillips:@carol_phillips

Notre Dame Marketing professor Brand Strategist President independent market research & consulting firm, Brand Amplitude; #Millennials are my passion.

The Guerrilla Guide The Guerrilla Guide:@DGuerrillaGuide

Author of The Guerrilla Guide to Twitter Marketing the how-to guide to promoting your business on Twitter.

Beth Kanter Beth Kanter:Verified account @ Kanter

Let’s talk about networked approaches & social media for training and capacity building for the nonprofit sector that leverage learning and impact.

Toby Bloomberg Toby Bloomberg:@TobyDiva

Social media marketg strategist, speaker, author.SM integrates: brand, employee, customer.Diva Marketing: Forbes BestMrk & SMBlog.CMG intgratn Opinions R Mine

Nicole Harrison Nicole Harrison:@SocialNicole

President of full service social media marketing agency growing businesses through strategic campaigns, smart design, measurement, channel management

Paul Gillin Paul Gillin:@pgillin

Speaker, writer and B2B social media marketing strategist. Author of five books about online communities. Also love @RedSox @Patriots @Bunnylvr and my kids.

Bill Hibbler Bill Hibbler:@BillHibbler

Marketing and Media Consultant, Best Selling Author, Speaker & Recovering Music Biz Exec

Joe Trippi Joe Trippi:Verified account @ JoeTrippi

Fmr Dean Campaign Mgr. Author of The Revolution Will Not Be Televised Tweets important causes. Internet and Democracy. Social media and business.

Melinda Emerson Melinda Emerson:Verified account @ SmallBizLady

Forbes # 1 Influential Woman for Entrepreneurs, Host #SmallBizChat , Author Become Your Own Boss in 12 Months.Expert: Start-up, Social Media & Reinventing a Biz

The CMO Club The CMO Club:@TheCMOclub

Exclusively for CMOs (and heads of marketing) Share ideas / best practices, build peer networks. Tweets by Founder Pete Krainik

Michael Brenner Michael Brenner:@BrennerMichael

Sr. Director of Marketing and Content Strategy, . Blogging at @ Co-founder of @ Tech content @ -views are mine

Tara missrogue Hunt Tara missrogue Hunt:Verified account @ missrogue

The Interdisciplinarian, Author ( @whuffiefactor ), Speaker Startup founder ( @buyosphere ), Mom ( @taquitotadito ), Pug lover @ridley + partner ( @carlospache_co )

NikkiPilkington NikkiPilkington:@NikkiPilkington

Social Media Marketing Support, including blogging, Twitter, Facebook, SEO and more – ask me anything!

Cheryl K. Burgess Cheryl K. Burgess:@ckburgess

CEO & CMO @BlueFocus Marketing, social branding consultancy Winner MarketingSherpa Best Social Media Marketing Blog | Huffington / Wharton / Shorty Awards Winner

# SMWF # SMWF: SocialMediaWF

Event & Conference dedicated to Social Media Marketing & Digital Strategy, Monitoring & Measurement, Social CRM, Social Shopping, Social TV. London & New York

Kim Krause Berg Kim Krause Berg:@kim_cre8pc

Usability / User Interface Analyst Founder & Admin Cre8asiteforums, Internet Marketing Ninjas. Founder, http://Cre8pc.comUX, IA, SEO, Speaker, Writer, Mom

Imagine Marketing Imagine Marketing:@imaginehq

We are a Live Marketing Agency based in Dublin. We provide guerrilla campaigns, street teams, sampling, merchandising, pop up stores & roadshows. We love it.

Christopher Penn Christopher Penn:@cspenn

VP Marketing Technology @shiftcomm , ninja, PodCamp cofounder, Marketing Over Coffee cohost, speaker, author, marketing professor. More:

Kent Huffman Kent Huffman:@KentHuffman

@ CMO at @BearCom , author of (launched on 10/31), co-publisher of @ , creator of # MarketerMonday , marketing and customer experience advocate

Daniele Daniele:@Viralmente

Dana Lynn Smith Dana Lynn Smith:@bookmarketer

Book marketing coach and author of The Savvy Book Marketer Guides at Get free book promotion tips at

Chris Bennett Chris Bennett:@chrisbennett

CEO / Founder of 97th Floor a SEO / Social Media Firm. Link Building & Viral Marketing is what we do. Family man that loves to surf, snowboard and travel.

Webtrends Webtrends:Verified account @ Webtrends

Everything you need to create great digital experiences for every customer.

Maria Gamero Maria Gamero:@mdmgamero

Marketing digital y acciones especiales. Buzz marketing, bloggers relations, comunicación. Social Media.

Seth Goldstein Seth Goldstein:@sethgoldstein

Code Hound – Web Designer – Internet Marketer – Internet Obsessed – Technology Nut – Blogger / Podcaster – Father To The Most Amazing Little Boy.

Martin Henley Martin Henley:@EffectiveMktg

Small business sales and marketing, mountain biking, photography, and Mac fanatic

Adrants Adrants:@adrants

Marketing and Advertising News With Attitude by @stevehall New campaigns. Creative commentary. Trends. Research. Social Media. Need a job? Follow @adrantsjobs

Bernie Borges Bernie Borges:@berniebay

Husband, father, friend … Digital Marketing Agency CEO, Social Business Evangelist, Blogger, Speaker, Trainer, Author, Christ follower.

Dave Evans Dave Evans:@evansdave

Social Media enthusiast and author of Social Media Marketing ‘An Hour a Day’ (2008) and ‘The Next Generation of Business Engagement’ (2010).

Stephanie Tilton Stephanie Tilton:@StephanieTilton

Content marketing consultant for B2B high tech. Write case studies, eBooks, white papers, etc. that advance the buying cycle: Founding member @savvy_b2b blog.

Geoff Livingston Geoff Livingston:@geoffliving

Marketing strategist. Author. Amateur photographer.

Ardath Albee Ardath Albee:@ardath421

B2B Marketer, Content Strategist, Writer, Storyteller and Author of eMarketing Strategies for the Complex Sale

Megan Leap Megan Leap:@MeganLeap

The Marketing Director @OMInstitute , marathon runner, lover of Cavalier King Charles Spaniels

Mike Moran Mike Moran:@MikeMoran

Speaker, author, and consultant in digital marketing, particularly search marketing and social media marketing, and Chief Strategist at Converseon201-477-8380

Brooklyn Flea Brooklyn Flea:@bkflea

NYC’s Coolest Flea Market

Nate Elliott Nate Elliott:@nate_elliott

VP and Principal Analyst at Forrester, leading the company’s coverage of global interactive marketing. Key topics include social media and online branding.

Will Scott Will Scott:@w2scott

CEO of Search Influence, New Orleans only 2011 Inc. 500 honoree and the largest Online Marketing firm on the Gulf Coast.

Adam Urbanski Adam Urbanski:@AdamUrbanski

Millionaire Marketing Mentor ® dedicated to teaching people how to turn their passion into a business that makes a big impact and generates big profits fast!

BBH Labs BBH Labs:@BBHLabs

Marketing skunkworks | Innovation & new models for marketing & for creative businesses | Part of BBH | @melex @saneel @jeremyet @tim_nolan

SMM Magazine SMM Magazine:@SMMmagazine

Social Media Marketing Magazine features marketing leaders from the business, publishing, and academic communities. Tweets by @KentHuffman #SM #SMM #Marketing

Adam Singer Adam Singer:@AdamSinger

Googler in product marketing @GoogleAnalytics Marketing & tech blogger @TheFutureBuzz Perpetual student. Music composer.

Ed Shahzade Ed Shahzade:Verified account @ Ed

Connecting people on Twitter since 2006. Trust and Communications Consultant. Happily raising 3 sons, 2 guitars, 1 dog. We the People …

Laura Ramos Laura Ramos:@lauraramos

B2B marketing and social media enthusiast, I head up Industry Marketing at Xerox. Wife, mom of 2, mediocre golfer.

MichelleRobbins MichelleRobbins:@MichelleRobbins

Caffeine based life form. Vice President of Technology for Search Engine Land, Marketing Land, Search Marketing Expo & Digital Mktng Depot @ Third Door Media

Affiliate Summit Affiliate Summit:@affiliatesummit

The premier affiliate marketing conference, since 2003.

michelle crossley michelle crossley:@studio1c

joomla website designer, graphic design, marketing wizard, typography lover, artist, runner, diver, caffeine addict

Joseph Zuccaro Joseph Zuccaro:@joezuc

B2B Marketing Consigliere startup veteran President of Marketing Automation services provider Allinio @allinio & B2B Twitterer of the Year Awards @b2btoty

Jennifer Aaker Jennifer Aaker:@aaker

General Atlantic Professor of Marketing, Stanford GSB. Author of The Dragonfly Effect.

Antony Mayfield Antony Mayfield:@amayfield

Author of Me & My Web Shadow. Founding partner @brilliantnoise Blogs. Brighton. Dissident marketer.

ResumeBear ResumeBear:Verified account @ ResumeBear

Advance your Career ! Empower Your Resume ! New Resume Coming September 2012! Get Your Beta Invite Now! Track Down Your Tweets by Abby and Tommy DreamJob

JWT Worldwide JWT Worldwide:@JWT_Worldwide

JWT is the world’s best-known marketing communications brand. JWT is a true global network with 200-plus offices in over 90 countries.

Nick Wilsdon Nick Wilsdon:@nickwilsdon

Head of SEO & Content Marketing at Arena Media UK (HAVAS). Disclaimer: my opinions are not necessarily those of my employer.

gail_nelson gail_nelson:@gail_nelson

Marketing. Global CMO of brand strategy and experience firm Siegel + Gale, aka The Simplicity Company. Owned by 3 dogs. Live in NJ. Views are my own.

Community, jobs, courses, news, and resources from and beyond. Please note that featured jobs posted to this feed are #paid .

Bob Gilbreath Bob Gilbreath:@mktgwithmeaning

CEO of Minimum Viable Concept; EIR at CincyTech; investor; advisor; author of The Next Evolution of Marketing (Marketing with Meaning); former P & Ger & WPPer.

Guerrilla Streetfood Guerrilla Streetfood:@guerrillastreet

As seen on DDD and RFT’s Best Food Truck in St. Louis, Best dish of 2012, serving Filipino-inspired food w / a focus on fresh, local & seasonal ingredients.

Glen Gilmore Glen Gilmore:@GlenGilmore

FORBES Top 10 Social Media Power Influencer TIME Man of Action VID BOOK Lawyer #Tech #PR Educator

Michael Margolis Michael Margolis:@getstoried

CEO | Get Storied | #Storytelling University | Reinvention Summit | a tribe for marketers, change-makers, creatives Believes chocolate is a food group

Molly Block Molly Block:@mollyblock

design-loving marketing and development geek; arts and non-profit advocate; coffee and wine enthusiast; values ​​quality over quantity; minimalist; eco-deliberate

Trevor Claiborne Trevor Claiborne:@tclaiborne

Product Marketing Manager at Google and a nice guy too

Renee Blodgett Renee Blodgett:@MagicSauceMedia

Branding, Social Media, Marketing & HAPIness Guru! Rainmaker & Entrepreneur who’ll help U Paint a Canvas for your Biz & your Life! Corp Marketing for HAPILABS

Diane Hessan Diane Hessan:@CommunispaceCEO

CEO of Communispace, author, lover of all things marketing, baseball and politics. Mom to 2 fabulous daughters. My Twitter Journey:

TheBusyBrain TheBusyBrain:@TheBusyBrain

Father, Husband, Entrepreneur, Photography, Music Producer, Love Nature / Animals, Horrible Blogger, Outside-the-Box’er, UberGeek, Marketing, Ron Paul Supporter

Lisa Barone Lisa Barone:@LisaBarone

VP of Strategy at @Overit , a digital agency Redefining Creative through motion graphics, development, design, SEO / PPC, PR, content & social.

Alec Ross Alec Ross:Verified account @ AlecJRoss

Senior Advisor for Innovation to the Secretary of State

Michael Learmonth Michael Learmonth:@learmonth

I’m digital editor at Advertising Age. Folding bike enthusiast. DC native. Re-tweets are sometimes endorsements. mlearmonth@adage.com212.210.0283

Amy: Digital Royalty Amy: Digital Royalty:Verified account @ AmyJoMartin

NY Times Best Selling Author & Founder of @DigitalRoyalty Innovation Advocate. Fearless snowboarder Speaking:

ted murphy ted murphy:Verified account @ tedmurphy

Founder / CEO of IZEA. Serial entrepreneur. 14x Marathon runner. Cheese eater. Baconator. Apple fan boy. Owner of 3 pairs of pants. Disruption with a smile.

Gerald Weber Gerald Weber:@the_gman

Professional SEO-Social Media Enthusiast-Link Builder – Entrepreneur – Blogger – Skydiver – Always a student! My latest project

datalicious datalicious:@datalicious

Smart data driven marketing.

Ian Schafer Ian Schafer:@ischafer

Founder / CEO, Deep Focus. Once interviewed Mr. T in my office. Still waiting for Darth Vader’s people to get back to me @InvisibleObama when nobody’s looking.

Jason Falls Jason Falls:@JasonFalls

By day, I lead digital strategy for CafePress. Most know me as founder and smartass in residence at Social Media Explorer. I share well.

✉ Guerrilla Mail ✉ Guerrilla Mail: GuerrillaMail

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Amy Vernon Amy Vernon:@AmyVernon

GM, #SocialMarketing for Internet Media Labs ( ) #TheLabNYC . #Bacon Queen ( ). Recovering #journalist .

Joel Mackey Joel Mackey:@webaddict

Internet Marketer, Executive Editor of Z6Mag, SEO, Partial Hippie, Techie, News & Idea Syndication

JD Lasica JD Lasica:@jdlasica

Social media Strategist | Entrepreneur | Author, journalist | Speaker | Photographer | Founder of &

Shakil Khan Shakil Khan:@shak

Advisor and Investor @Spotify – Friend of charity: water

gianluca diegoli gianluca diegoli:@gluca

[Mini] marketing the web, negozianti e intersezioni minimali tra esseri umani e business. Scrisse @vendere_online , 91 Discutibili Tesi e altro Meta-appassionato.

Guerrilla Gardeners Guerrilla Gardeners:@Guerrillas

When the city workers retreat to the ‘burbs’, the Guerrillas undertake covert operations that transform the biggest eye-sores into an oasis of greenery. account @ KISSmetrics

Official KISSmetrics Twitter account. Our online software helps businesses turn analytics into insights that guide decision-making and growth.

Doug Ulman Doug Ulman:Verified account @ LIVESTRONGCEO

Cancer survivor, father, Pres / CEO of LIVESTRONG, runner, golfer, traveler, social activist, optimist, avid reader, and fearful flyer.

Andy Beal Andy Beal:@AndyBeal

CEO of @Trackur , founder of @MarketingPilgrm Loves the ukulele, taekwondo, 2A, @SheilaBeal & God. Also on the BOD for @RaleighRescue

Mark Schaefer Mark Schaefer:@markwschaefer

Chieftain of the social web’s most unique blog, {grow}. Consultant, college professor, author of Return On Influence and Tao of Twitter. Social Media Bouncer.

FacelessTechnologies FacelessTechnologies:@WeAreMarketing

Business Marketing Services: Design | Printing | Web | Media | Direct Mail | Marketing Services | Social Media | SEO | Public Relations |

Mike Morrison Mike Morrison:@RapidBI

Family 1st! but after that-Businessman-Human Resources | Management | Productivity | Social media | Startup | Facilitator | Leadership

Scott Stratten Scott Stratten:Verified account @ unmarketing

Author, Speaker and kind of a big deal on a fairly irrelevant soc media site which inflates my self-importance.

Suresh Vittal Suresh Vittal:@sureshvittal

Product guy @Neolane . Trying to redefine the marketing technology platform. Tweets are my own.

shel israel shel israel:@shelisrael

I help businesses & people tell their stories.

David Cancel David Cancel:@dcancel

Entrepreneur. Chief Product Officer at @HubSpot . The Previously founded @Performable , @Ghostery , @Lookery and @Compete .

Rae Hoffman Rae Hoffman:@sugarrae

Entrepreneur, White-Collar Redneck, Proud Born and Raised Jersey Girl, CEO of @PushFire , Honorary Canadian … ‘Who do I trust? Me. ‘ – Scarface #truestory

Dana Todd Dana Todd:@danatodd

SVP Marketing . Founder of many things. New Chicagoan. Purple haired internet pioneer. Searchie. Google me.

Frank Reed Frank Reed:@frankreed

Managing Editor of Marketing Pilgrim blog. Dir. of Biz Dev for Edgeworks Group. Life long learner.

pearsonified pearsonified:@pearsonified

I’m a * very * dangerous Scrabble player. Also, I created Thesis-software that you can use to build a killer website. Good times.

David Frey David Frey:@David_Frey

Online and offline marketing expert and Founder of and (and a cool Dad and husband!)

Mack Collier Mack Collier:@MackCollier

Helping companies Think Like a Rock Star & with a Southern accent. The Founder of #Blogchat , Sun nights at 8pm CT

Todd Defren Todd Defren:@TDefren

CEO at SHIFT Communications, http://www.shiftcomm.comViews expressed here are my own.

Jonny Hardwick Jonny Hardwick:@JonnyHardwick

Internet Entrepreneur, Marketing Strategist, Founder & Editor of http://marketeering.comFollow Jonny on Facebook at

Post-Advertising Post-Advertising:@postadvertising

Chronicles of storytelling, advertising, marketing and branding campaigns in the post-advertising age from @StoryWorldwide Account managed by @Story_Jon

Michael Gray Michael Gray:@graywolf

Sometimes I feel like a bot, sometimes I don’t …

Duncan Alney Duncan Alney:@firebelly

Passionate leader of Firebelly Social Media Marketing agency. Helping brands produce results by being more connected.

Chris Treadaway Chris Treadaway:@ctreada

Founder polygraph Media @polygraphmedia Co-author of Facebook Marketing An Hour a Day with @marismith Data junkie.

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Adland gossips about ads, marketing mishaps and looks at commercials all day. @dabitch and I am not any other adland writer – care to comment onsite? Do ♻ us!

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