Top 100 Furniture Designers of 2012 (You’ll Be Downloading 3d Autocad Files From)

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An Ian Schrager Hotel, your rich buddy’s beach house, and every grandmother’s house in Denmark- they have one thing in common: remarkable living space. You know what it feels like. Remarkable space makes you feel clear. Your mind seems to whirl rather than chug. Your IQ seems to rise higher. And your day looks a brighter.

If how well you think and how you feel is important to you, there are people who engineer environments that do this for you. They are the world’s hottest industrial and furniture designers. Starting this year, you’re going to get to know them very well. And we’re going to help by telling you who they are. Until now, it was rare that you got to own a piece from any of the top furniture designers in the world. Furniture distribution channels have been locked down by major retailers for decades. So the furniture you’ve been exposed to was just the furniture that the retailers decided to show you. For whatever internal reasons: profit margin, manufacturing time tables, multi year labor contracts etc, you’ve never been exposed to truly innovative and functional furniture.

That’s about to change. There’s a new technology called additive manufacturing or 3d printing that will give you direct access to the world’s top industrial designers. And they will finally be able to focus on design because their warehousing, sourcing, and wholesale costs will go to zero. That’s because you’ll be able to download their 3d Autocad, Trimble / Google SketchUp or Dassault Systems file and print out your new chair in your living room (making overnight delivery way too slow).

Just 10 years ago, nobody thought Colony Music Record Store would close. The same people never thought you’d be able to download a record.

But it’s all happening. So if you value your space, befriend the hottest global 100 furniture designers while they still return messages.
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The Llum. Wall Mountable High Tech Media Component Shelf by Aleksei Naumov, MBA, LEED

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Liam Treanor 

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