Top 10 Zen Productivity Tips That Made Me Powerful

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It’s amazing how little I get done in a day. 

It’s not to say I do little. I do a lot. But once you get used to your productivity, your output loses it’s bang quickly. So here’s a list of the things I did to impress myself with my own productivity and skyvault my own self-happiness.

10. Stopped answering the phone

9. Turned off IM and Chats

8. Changed my VM greeting to tell people to use my online contact form for fastest response.

7. Made an online contact form

6. Turned on 2-Step Password Verification with Gmail.

5. Turned OFF IMAP and POP
Above two items were so I don’t have to stress about hacking. I already know of 3 attempts.

4. Programmed my most frequently used sentences into my F-Keys. see Marketing Automation

3. Got a wireless mouse. It’s amazing how much time you waste fidgeting with the cord!

2. Put a Postit Note on my monitor: “relax, breathe deep, strecth”

1. Got guest bloggers to write for my blogs. see: marketing alliance.

Got a service in Czech Republic to dictate all my VM messages and fill in my forms for the callers. It’s not the time it saves. It’s my frustration. Listening to those rambling long winded vms is not how I like to start my day. PS. Google transcription still sucks.

Double Bonus:
Started telling my clients when our conferences had 5 minutes left. The ones who take more of my time get dropped– they obviously don’t respect my time.


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