X-Box Apple TV and Google TV Wall Mountable Media Shelf That Glows

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This is hard to do. Take the simplest ideas and just complicate it to hell, is what most people do.

Aleksi Naumov, LEED, industrial designer resisted that temptation. He designed a simple solution to a common problem: the electronics component media center. The bulky cabinet, the heavy multi-shelf entertainment center, the 4 feet deep piece of oak furniture for a 1 inch deep OLED HDTV.

The Llum solves that problem swiftly. It takes only as much space as your components require. And it does transparently — until you power it up. Then, it lights up serving an aesthetic as well as a practical purpose: you can see where to aim your remote. More importantly, the Llum Media and Entertainment Center Apple TV, Google TV, X-Box, and DVD Wall Mountable Shelving System creates a soft backlight for your TV so that your eyes don’t strain to see a bright tv shining at you out of the darkness.

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