The #3 Biggest Facebook Like or Fan Page Growth Secret Is

by marketing on 02/21/2013

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The 3rd biggest secret to growing your Facebook fan or like numbers is actually the number 1 most effective way to grow your likers. The title was a lie. But nobody would believe a title that claimed to lead to a blog the #1 most powerful Facebook secret so, the new title. 

Ironically, this is the secret.

The title. 


Make your Facebook page title something people can relate to. People relate to people and human experiences– not companies.

What is your Facebook page title? Is it “Seally Posturepedic?”

Who in their right mind would like a mattress company? Well, over 1 MILLION people liked a page called “Turning my pillow over to the cold side.”

Face It. You’re the Only One Who Likes Your Company

About 2 million liked a page entitled, “Sleeping in on Saturday morning.”

You see where we’re going with this? Make your Facebook page title an ASPECT of your product that your target market can relate to on a visceral, emotional, human level. You’ll get hundreds of times more likes because face it, you’re the only one who actually likes your company.

Everybody else loves the personal experience your company or product gives them.

Via more detailed video: Guerrilla Marketing: How to Grow Your Facebook Like and Fan Page Likers

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