Sothys Paris vs Matis Paris: What Spa Treatment Do You Want?

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So, I’m a dude. The only thing I’ve ever put on my face is Zest soap. And that was to shave. It works better than shaving cream. It does.

But you women put on sun screen, make up, powder, moisturizer, toner, wow. So much happens on your skin. So I want to ask you, what’s your favorite skin care product line?

We’re potentially working with a new client and we can probably email you a discount code for your favorite skin care products if you help us pick our product line for winter 2012. Just talk to us at

We’ve worked with many health care companies, medical companies, holistic eastern health companies, and skin care companies. So while I’ve personally never tried premium products like Matis Paris: or Sothys Paris: … we do have the connections to be able to get you some big discounts! =)

Looking forward to hearing from you and working with you long term!

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