How To Sell Fashion Tech Gadgets and Products on Pinterest

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I just hit 1,000 Pinterest followers.

That’s not a big deal. What IS a big deal is that I did it 100% native.

In other words, most people who have over 1,000 followers on Pinterest did it by asking their 10,000 Twitter followers or 25,000 blog subscribers that they built up over 7 years to follow them on Pinterest too.

But if you’re like most other people who just came up with a beautiful new product you want to sell, you got nuttin.

You don’t have a 50,000 baby products lovin’ person email list because you just now found that weird looking baby stroller today. That means that by the time you have built up enough of a demographically targeted follower base that would be interested in your new found products, somebody else will have saturated the market with something similar.

So what do you do?

Do what We did. We used Guerrilla Marketing strategies to build a 1,000 person Pinterest follower base in about 92 hours. You can do it in half the time or even a 1/10th of the time if you have more computers and more ISPs.

How we did it was start with a demographic target.

We have a website that sells tech gadgets. So getting a mountain of baby product buyers wouldn’t work for us. We found exactly 3,720 people on Pinterest who either said they bought or commented on products similar to ours. Then, we left 1 comment on each of the 3,720 persons’ pins publicly. That got their attention and that gets the attention of the followers of each of the persons whose pins we commented on.

Try it. You’ll find that for every 3.5 comments you leave, you’ll get 1 follower back.

If you get a lower conversion rate, it’s because your Pinterest profile looks boring and dislikeable.

You’ll also find that this process takes MUCH MUCH MUCH longer than the 92 hours it took us. To find out how we did it in about 10 days, you’ll have to subscribe to our private and free Guerrilla Marketing Trade Secrets. Major Ad Agencies have already done it.

Marketing’s Secret Sauce

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You know what the secret sauce is? It’s the sauce.

People tend to forget the most powerful secrets because they are so simple. If they were fancy and ego pleasingly complex, you’d remember it. But it wouldn’t be worth anything to you. What’s truly valuable are the powerful secrets and they are all always always always basic.

I know I’m rambling.

I came off of tell off one of my forum community members. He spammed the community — probably without even realizing that he was spamming. If you don’t use the secret sauce, every thing you do to try to gain clients will be nothing more than mystery meat worthless spam.

None of this makes sense does it?

I’ll tie it all together in a second. When you make sauce, people look for some secret spice or expensive oil. It might help but the really amazingly delicious sauce comes from good stuff that goes into the sauce. Ripe tomatoes. Crisp chives. Basic room temperature extra virgin. That’s all you need.

If you put your effort into other frilly stuff, you’ll end up using a green tomato and withery green onions.

You’re doing the same thing with your marketing. You’re using fancy social media tools and analytics and fancy server side manipulation. All of this is a waste of time. The most important ingredient in good marketing is the market.

Pick your audience carefully and precisely.

If you’re looking for a marriage mate, putting on the fanciest cologne or perfume wont help you even if you’re looking in Grand Central Station. If you’re looking for a marriage mate, determine demographics first. So if you want a Jewish wife or husband, go to a frikken Synagogue. Why go to a Mormon church?

Is it coming together now?

The title of the song a member posted in our marketing blog was, “Fu-k and Anger.”

You can see who the Jew is and who the Mormon is now, right?

If you’re going to promote anything, do your demographic targeting first.

In this case, if you’re promoting heavy metal or goth rock or whatever, do this:

1. Write a list of musicians that sound similar.

2. Do a search for these musicians in Twitter, Google+, Pinterest…

3. Write down the names of every one of the 999999999 people who are their fans.

4. Contact each of them and get them to listen to your music.

5. Remember: Never show up to a neighbor’s door uninvited without bringing a gift.

We can discuss these steps in details back at our community:

Why Your Should Network with Prolific Networkers

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I just got a frustrating tweet reply.

The replier said that he read my time line and found dozens of similar invitations to other bloggers to team-up and reblog each other.

That wasn’t the frustrating part. The timeline is public and open to see. It doesn’t take someone with James Bond instinct to figure that out. What frustrated me was that he declined to network with me because I reached out to so many other people.

This is not a marriage proposal.

In fact, the more people I reach out to and ask to network with, the more you should WANT to network with me. Think about it. The more people you reach out to, the bigger your network, right? Don’t you want to network with people who can introduce you to a LOT of people?

Another replier said that based on the number of conversations in my timeline, he doesn’t feel “special.” Well, if your goal is to feel special, wouldn’t it work out better for you if you derived that satisfaction from the sudden spike in targeted relevant traffic you got from networking with a prolific networker?

Remember. If you want to get something done, get a busy person to do it.

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In my marketing secrets youtube channel, I exclusively talk about strategy. I talk about how to craft your messages so you get understood faster. I talk about how to deliver that message via youtube, email, twitter, facebook, pinterest, snapchat… so you stand out above the noise. I even talk about how to create a viral effect.

What I don’t talk about is Hustle.

Personally, I don’t believe in it. If you saw me work, you might call me a liar. But philosophically, I don’t believe in hard work. I believe in strategic, precise, rare and occasional work.

I believe that 98% of the work you and I do is worthless. So what I do is sit back and just find those 2% slots what are worth it all.

But I wasn’t always like that. There was a time I did believe in Hustle. There was a time I Hustled from 5am to 2 am and got my sleep on Sundays–only. Frankly, I still work those same hours. The only difference is that instead of Hustling, I research, poll, test, ponder, muse and think.

Which approach to business dominance is right for you? I’m sure you’ve already read the 4 hour work week by Tim Ferris. It’s brilliant. BUT, it’s ONLY brilliant AFTER you’ve already laid your foundation with Hustle. This is how you do that —  (PS. I rarely DOFOLLOW link to other people’s work in my blog. In this case, @GaryVee more than earned it)

If you skipped over that link, go back and click it. Ask yourself, “how many new people do I meet every week?” Then ask, “how many new people do billionaires meet per week.” You see a difference anywhere? Gary’s video will push you from where you’re standing now to “over there.”

Also, this is my favorite video. I didn’t ever want to go searching for it again so it’s tagged in my blog.

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Sample Social Media Marketing Campaign Strategy Proposal

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[for industrial and home consumer utility product line]

Thank you for taking the time to meet with us and for giving us a sample of your products. We love them!

In fact, we use them daily. VERY USEFUL!

Essentially, there are two channels we can chose to get Dama Dream into hundreds of thousands of homes, hospitals, factories, laboratories and offices.


CHANNEL ONE: Ground Distribution Channels

There are 5 top industrial equipment distributors in the US and Canada.


If we launch a campaign to give tester samples to the buyers of each distributor, I predict a 60% Adoption rate over 1 year. In other words, if we ask 10 companies to sell Dama Dream, 6 will agree if the wholesale price is right. This is based on how we ask.

To build the marketing strategy for adoption by major equipment distributors, I recommend building a list of the top

– medical

– construction

– scientific

– manufacturing

– food

– pet

– home

furniture and equipment distributors in the US and Canada. This includes RiteAid and Home Depot.


CHANNEL TWO: Web Viral Distribution Channels

There are 4 major purchase channels on the web used by US and Canada consumers:

1. Youtube —

2. Pinterest — (SOLD OUT)

3. Facebook

4. Twitter

If we create a presentation designed for entertainment and irresistible resharing but offer a clear way to order online, then we will hit hundreds of thousands of women. In the US, about 60% of social media users are women.



I recommend we do both.

The first option will give us rapid entry into niche sectors. We can rapidly win these sectors and saturate the market closing out potential competitors.

The second option gets us into the homes of millions of people in the largest consumer marketplace on earth — Americas.

Also, instead of relying on distributors who will take a large cut of revenues, I recommend creating a 3rd marketing prong. Go directly to major hospital, lab, restaurant, and industrial chains.



Typical costs incurred will include about 100 sample units to be shipped in SWAG format. Other costs include marketing manpower and PR outreach costs. These costs start at $12,000 per month and go up from there.

To save costs, it is possible to select a smaller target niche. This will enable Dama Dream to experience a test marketing phase. The down side is that small penetrations generally do not lead to scalable growth and give time for competitors to defend and overtake your market.

Please do let me know if you have any questions.

Thank you!

Bobby Kim

VP Strategy and Creative Director

310 598 1606 in LA | 347 688 0050 in NYC



PS. If your budget is under $1,000 USD per month, get professional marketing help for free at … It’s a community driven marketing group.

Finally, get your industry insider social media marketing, guerrilla marketing and Google SEO secrets at

Secret Google Plus Tip For Professionals

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You’ve heard of the honeymoon period.

You can get anything you want when you’re on your honeymoon.

That applies in Google+.

What you really want are +1s and reshares. It doesn’t matter if you have 10 Bazillion circlers in Google+ right now. If you send out a share, only a tiny anemic percentage will reshare your post. Just as few will +1 it.

The only time you’re going to get a massive swell of shares and +s is during the honeymoon phase of a Google+ engagement. When is that? Let’s turn the tables. When are you most excited within Google+?

It’s when someone you don’t know +1s your posts, right?

You wonder who they are, how they found you… whether they are your soul mate…

Its the same for them. They overflow with nervous energy when they get a comment from a new person that’s positive. Then they use that nervous energy to climb over the fence and return the favor 23% of the time.

Yes. 23.

That’s huge.

So just as soon as you do your next Google Plus post, do a search withing G+ for others who post on the same subject matter. Then leave 10 positive comments. You’ll get exactly 2.3 +1s back.

I’m running off to do 100 comments now. I’ll end up with exactly 23 +1s on this new post on printing. If you felt this was valuable… would you climb over that fence and lend me a reshare? Thanks! — Bob.

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7 Word Elevator Pitch Problem

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How do you get people to do what you want them to do?

“It’s location, location, location.”

“It’s all timing.”

“It’s all in the wrist.”

Actually, in my experience, it’s all of these things. Everything has to be lined up just perfectly to there to be consumation.

In the case of marketing or advertising, let’s localize from the list on down to the fingertips–it’s the pitch you put on (e)paper.

I’m working on getting people to engage in a win-win rock soup action with me. I do twitter retweets for someone, they blog about one of my urls. We both end up getting more traffic and jump up in Google. Win-Win!

For this to work, I’ve got to catch them in the right place (location) in their work day. They have to have 30 minutes of discretionary time to write a blog post. I’ve got to engage them then close them within seconds (timing). For most people, marketing is not their biggest priority. So if we extend our conversation, something else always takes front burner.

I solved the first 2 problems. I haven’t solved the 3rd.

The first two birds: location and timing, were solved by one stone. I catch people in my target zone using a filter as soon as they tweet the words “pr” and “media.” These are words that only professionals use. No spammy scammy MLM or Network Marketing people use these terms together. So, I know that the people I catch are going to have high repute blogs.

Next, I have to engage them in a conversation so that I can make an opening to pitch them.


I used to ask why myself.

“Hi, you’re really pretty. Will you date me?”

That was my first iteration of the same “7 Word Elevator Pitch Problem.”

It never worked (actually, it worked once. Turns out she was a meth addict who ruined my life).

Frustrated, I asked the mom of one of my friends, “why doesn’t THAT work? I mean, if she’s single, she wants a boyfriend, right?”

Her answer was the holy grail: “Instead of shocking someone with a question like that, why don’t you just make her feel special first? Say something that applies just to here. Say, ‘nice purse.’ And say it in a way that you’re not expecting an answer. Then she won’t be defensive.”

Ever since then, I’ve never had to spurt the following throat slicers:

“Hi, will you date me?”

“Hi, follow Me.”

“Hi, check this out.”

“Hi, click here.”

“Hi, fund me.”

I know that I need a lead-in that doesn’t make my target feel like I’m expecting something from her/him.

In Twitter, that takes the form of a #Follow. I don’t wait til Friday. Why should I? I do about 70 #Follow recommendations per day. That’s about 500 per week. When they reply back saying, “thanks,” I know that’s the perfect moment for my pitch because they are online on Twitter and people are only online on Twitter when they have time to be.

So all I have left to do is to convince them to use that time to blog about one of my urls instead of doing what they were planning on doing before they caught me.

That’s the 3rd part I’ve been working 3 months on.

I started writing about the dynamics of why this pitch is so hard to nail. It turned into a huge long white-paper. So I’m just going to summarize by saying that the 7 words you choose when you finally set up and make your pitch can be misread, misunderstood, non-motivational, off-putting, and generally ineffective. You may not think so. But if you don’t get a 100% “YES, let’s do it!” response from your target, Your #7WordElevatorPitch #Sucks.

For part two, just tell me where to send it in our private subscriber only email: