Social Media Marketing Key Note and White Paper for CEO Level Executives

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If you’re experienced enough to run a corporation with hundreds of employees, you probably didn’t facebook when you were in college. It’s possible that you didn’t even myspace. It’s also likely that you didn’t even email or SMS during your teens. So for you, the Internet is not your native environment. In fact, for the kids that you’re hiring to work for you, while liking and tweeting and pinning are their native activities, they are ironically hesitant to pick up the phone and call or drive to a meeting to have a conversation. So while their breadth of reach is wide, their depth is shallow.

To bridge this generational gap, we’ve created a Social Media Marketing Key Note and Executive Overview that frames keywords and catchphrases used by facebook, twitter, Pinterest, quora, etc… in relation to traditional marketing and pr practices you’re familiar with. So the next time your 26 year old Social Media Intern says a bunch of words you’ve only heard from your nephews, you’ll know that a retweet is the same thing as taking a newspaper article and cutting it out to mail to your clients. :0)

Here’s the link: