Sleep With Me!

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You don’t normally do that, do you?

You just met someone. They don’t know you. And yet, the first thing you say to them isn’t even a saying. It’s a shouting: “Sleep with me!”

No. Instead, you’d start out by saying something that gives the intended target context about you. You’d say, “Nice shoes.” How does that give someone context? It shows the target that you pay attention to detail and that you weren’t just staring at their ass. Amazing how much you can say by not saying, right?

So if we all understand this, why do most of you keep shouting exclamations at people who don’t know you?

So what do you say instead? How do you start up a conversation with a total stranger on social media and make sure it leads to a sale, that will be in our next blog post. You’ll have to subscribe to our members only content here: