San Diego Doughnut Donuts Delivery for the Tastiest Donuts?

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Via Kickstarter Strategies: How to Get VC Angel Investors and Event Management Company

If you’ve got a special event, you need donut catering, or you’re a Bnb or Hotel who needs a daily delivery of doughnuts in San Diego, call Sesame Donuts.

In Yelp, they have a 4.7 Star rating out of 5. And their donuts are just delicious. Literally, if you try them once, you will gain a pound a week every week there after. But that’s not the best part. Sesame Donuts uses 100% Transfat Free Donuts. So you know you’re only getting the good cholesterol in your diet.

As far as the weight goes, can’t help you there much. Sorry! =)