Public Relations Firms NYC to LA Reveal How to Get Press in Social Media Since The Press Is Dead

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Via SMO Social Media Marketing and Internet PR Firm

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Just a few years ago, the TV, Radio, and Print you consumed was limited to names you could write two or three fingers. And they had been around long enough to become household names. In TV, is was ABC and CBS. In radio, you had KCRW and KROQ. In print, it was NYTimes and WSJ. That was it.

If you wanted your name to get out there without spending thousands of dollars per column inch, you just had to 411 the advertising desk of any of these media outlets and BAM, you made nationwide news (oversimplification acknowledged).

Today, even after cable give you 500 different channels, you have literally millions of media outlets. How do you reach them all?

Do you even know which sites and blogs you want to be featured in? Have you heard of Quora and Pinterest yet? They’re only facing out to millions of people. What about Reddit? They generate so much traffic that marketing departments of major corporations are blatantly spamming Reddit.

So how do you get press in a world where attention is splintered into a thousand shards?

This should simplify the process for you: Public Relations Firms NYC to LA Reveal How to Get Press in Social Media