ProTip: How To Blog Fast– Professional Style

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I love that my wordpress blog: gets tons of Google traffic. I hate how hard it is to resize pictures and format embedded videos and media in wordpress though.

So here’s how I finish a blog post for upload to WordPress and syndication in Tumblr, and Blogger in 12 minutes:

1. Set up autoposting from Posterous to your WordPress or Tumblr or Blogger.
(if you’re a guest blogger for or … I’ve already done this part for you)

2. Do all your blog posts in Posterous.

3. When embedding a picture, just paste the LINK to the photo into your post.
No more messing with windows or <img> tags. Posterous auto sizes the photo for you:

zxzx2. qzqz qzqz temp-2013-01-06/ohIknsFGaDaruzemBfpdIfGnCdvyzdGuvbozpBtlJejscgxCCIhhEkxxjpFz/posterous-images.png.scaled1000.png”>Posterous-images

Just make sure the photo is in it’s own paragraph– alone. It will look like this:

zxzx8. qzqz qzqz journik/mgIGpiyaoCfzDCutbhebJapoCEwltGFFHjyimaJDyBtADjgpCwIzuhzpzhCg/media_httpimgibtimesc_wcoFC.jpg.scaled1000.jpg”>Media_httpimgibtimesc_wcofc

4. Same with Youtube videos:

zxzx9. qzqz qzqz temp-2013-01-06/qixAyADzJEAeAqeqhnlhdtirrEesDfaIttqmlAcJsDvzccwhkpFcysnGekeI/posterous-youtube.png.scaled1000.png”>Posterous-youtube

They will look like this:

What it Looks Like From The “Create a Post” Window:

And this is what it looks like before I hit the “GREEN Publish” button:

zxzx9. qzqz qzqz temp-2013-01-06/HysujBgcvizHjHyiEaxjFnxCGmvafzhFucevemtoIGsDifnFtFAlobudfHnu/posterous-compose.png.scaled1000.png”>Posterous-compose

Next, Make Sure Your Blog Post Shows Up In Your Other Blogs. If Not, Click:

(i gotta publish this post before i can take a screen shot to insert here!)

Finally, This Is What It Looks Like After Auto Formatting and Upload to WordPress:

To see a video of this process…

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