Google Glass Developer App Ideas

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I recently did a top 50 list of most influential google glass programmers and consultants. One of members found this and it’s become my gem and crystal ball.

I hope you enjoy it and throw it into your business plans! I’m

Why VCs Marketing Firms and App Developers won’t NDA

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Hello zxzxz,

Your concern is totally understandable.

We treat each conversation with complete confidence.

That being said, on our side of the brick fence, we get about 30 new app ideas a day. That’s about 1000 a month. I’ve never heard of an app concept that’s totally unique. Someone always has some other app that somehow sounds like the last one.

And after you’ve built your 10th app, you’ll probably feel like the other successful app developers. They have sooooo many great ideas that they are not interested in protecting them at all. They want to just build build build ASAP. If it takes just 1 day to protect your idea, that’s one more day that a competitor can come out first and steal your thunder or one more day to improve your design and user friendliness.

Those two factors are a zillion times more important than being defensive.

But yes, we can sign a NDA if you wish. Just be aware that we’ve never been asked to do so by any big companies. Only small companies have asked for that.

Also, since all the discussions we have with other companies sound more or less similar, the NDA has to allow for the possibility that we can discuss a app project after talking with you even if its similar.

Can you imagine this: “oh, sorry, your app uses GPS? We can’t talk with you because this similar to an app we discussed last Wednesday.”

Whew. I need to make this a blog post!

PS. I’d recommend that you google: NDA VENTURE CAPITAL
For a view into the software industry


Bob S Kim,
VP of Marketing Strategy and PR
310 598 1606 in LA

If you feel you may have gotten lost in our inbox, please use instead of replying.

On Jul 1, 2013, at 9:55 AM, wrote:

To Bob S,

Thank you for your prompt reply.
I have the typical question from someone new in this field…please do not think this is “douchy”

What is your procedure with sharing information that might be confidential,


On Mon, Jul 1, 2013 at 11:57 PM, wrote:

Thank you for reaching out to us regarding your app development. We do that.

Can you send me your layouts so we can see what you are visualizing?

This is how we build apps and manage the process:

Bob S Kim,
VP of Marketing Strategy and PR
310 598 1606 in LA

If you feel you may have gotten lost in our inbox, please use instead of replying.

Top Magento Programmers and Designers London to NYC

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A 41 year old guy recently predicted the death of retail. His name is Marc Andreessen.

He’s a multimillionaire who sits on the board of directors of HP, eBay, and Facebook. He also invested heavily in a few companies when they were tiny: Twitter, Google, and Pinterest.

He probably knows what he’s talking about. But if you’re in retail, You do too. So does the Top Magento Designer in London.

You’re not surprised by the fact that all the huge flagship haute couture stores on 5th Ave, NYC and Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills don’t turn a profit. In fact, these huge stores in major fashion meccas are just there for marketing and branding presence. They are there to (functionally) remind you to go online and order. eCommerce websites create profit.

So you’re going need to know a few people who are cracker-jacks at creating the eCommerce websites that create your profit. In a world where retail shopping malls are being converted into apartment communities and breeding grounds for mall-walkers (seriously, look this one up in Google News), You’re going to need a list of…

The Top 100 Magento Programmers/Developers and Designers To Hire 2013

(To Get a Quote From One of the Top Magento Programmers on Earth, Here’s Your Magento Development Quote Form)

by Robert Wan, VP Business Strategy, Sparkah LLC. His lists have appeared in Forbes and Fast Company. He also wrote: iPhone App Programmers and Developers Reveal

MagentoDesignerBond™ | contact

Magento Designer Bond is one of the leading Magento E-commerce Web Design Companies/Agencies in the UK, based in London

Andrei Costin | contact

rolling stone


8theme | contact

Welcome to 8theme. We are a team of designers and developers that create high quality themes and provide premium and dedicated support to our products.

Alistair Stead | contact

Technical Assurance Manager @inviqa & @sessiondigital building interesting stuff with PHP, Ruby and a bit of Node.js, for fun, profit and distraction


Andy Skipper | contact

Agile, OpenERP, Magento, general eCommerce tech know-it-all – helping startups across the UK get it together. Shout if you think I can help

Karen Baker | contact

A marketplace for Magento Apps that work

Arturas Smorgun | contact

Magento and eCommerce Developer

Bas Nawijn | contact

Head of Sales EMEA – Magento/ (e)Commerce / Magento / Growth / Winning Platform / Mobile / Go / Connect

BoostMagento | contact

Christopher | contact

Magento developer, iPhone wanker. Catch a lot of trains and Snowboard the rest of the time.

Chris Simmons | contact

@Magento TSM. Passionate about eCommerce. Known to Swim, Bike & Run consecutively (Voluntarily)…Ellipsis Enthusiast…What doesn’t taste good w/ BBQ Sauce?

John Warner | contact

Surrey based. The Tashe is my Movember 12 Comp’ winner. Bring on ’13! I help to recruit design/creatives

Justin Biddle | contact

Magento retail platforms for UK SME retailers.

florinelchis | contact

Magento Professional, owner Magendoo Interactive, e-commerce / International Trade, Global Markets

Future Clients | contact

We train the people who run Magento stores

Deryck Harlick | contact

Helping merchants do the right thing with Magento through training and coaching. Check the website for our courses.

inventCommerce | contact

InventCommerce are a dedicated eCommerce platform consulting and integrator company. We are passionate about delivering online innovation to help clients grow

iWeb | contact

An innovative Web development, hosting company and design agency based in Staffordshire and London, UK.

Jenny Homer | contact

I work in e-commerce identifying and building mutually beneficial partnerships with digital agencies.

Lee Bolding | contact

Hell, there are no rules here – we’re trying to accomplish something –Thomas Edison

LogicSpot | contact

Get the latest news & insights on Magento e-commerce, app development and web design and development from a leading London web development agency.

Panphoenix | contact

Panphoenix is a creative digital agency based in central London with a passion for e-commerce.

Magento UK | contact

Magento: Possibly the best eCommerce platform on the market …

Phil Robinson | contact

Vice President, Business Development, Magento

Magento Showcase | contact

Magento Stats | contact

MageStats is Magento, Google Analytics and Realtime Stats combined – true customer insight.

MageTraining | contact

andrew mori | contact

Software engineer working with Magento and Php, iOs and others. A physicist by academic history.

PSD to Magento | contact

We transform your beautiful designs into high quality, money making Magento themes. Magento Tips and Tricks. | contact

Official twitter feed for  . We generally tweet about Magento, Internet Marketing, brands, design, social & Star Wars

Sam Marsh | contact

/// IT Recruitment Consultant @ ConSol Partners /// Magento, Drupal and PHP E: T: (0)20 7710 0213

Session Digital | contact

Enterprise digital commerce combining creative excellence with pure technical brilliance. Want enterprise-level Magento? Speak to us first.

Bolaji Olubajo | contact

happily married to technology and music

WebShopApps | contact

Magento Shipping Extension Specialists. Platinum Industry Partners.

Guerrilla Marketing Automation: How to Defeat Fortune 500 Marketing Budgets Alone

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Major corporations have 25 Columbia and NYU journalism grads working on their social media accounts from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest over 2 shifts– every day.

To compete with them and build your business, you need an unfair advantage. The most unfair advantage you can use is Social Media Marketing Automation Software. But the trouble is, you risk having your accounts banned and losing all the followers you’ve build painstakingly.

I’ve spent 5 years building up my youtube channel on viral marketing and my guerrilla marketing secrets email list/database. Both can be banned and deleted at any time if I violate either social media network’s Terms of Service or TOS.

I can’t afford for that to happen.

You know what the #1 cause of being banned or blocked is? Using marketing automation software.

If you make a mistake in your marketing by hand, you can only make that mistake a few times a day before you get a warning. If you use software, you can make that mistake a thousand times a day and never even notice that you blew past 2 warnings and got banned.

The Solution: Social Media Marketing Automation Scripting

This is why I use a script. If you use scripting, you’re not manipulating Twitter, Facebook, Youtube, of Pinterest. The script manipulates your mouse and keyboard instead of you.

Basically, scripts mimic you.

So, there’s no way for Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Pinterest, or Any other SNS to know that you’re using software. This is what I mean:

You stay in 100% control. Your usage is totally unique and doesn’t follow anybody else’s patterns. It’s the perfect unfair advantage.

Android App Programmers and Developers Who Know C++ Java and Jelly Bean

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PS. (pre-script)
Who here wants to be featured in our new Game and App Review Blog and Youtube Channel ??? If you want press coverage and blog coverage, let’s form a marketing alliance! Just blog about our Tower Defense TD Game and contact us at Sparkah–@–Gmail to be featured. We’re open to a long term marketing alliance as well!

Via SMO Social Media Marketing and Internet PR Firm



Why are you still trying to hire an iPhone App Developer?

It just doesn’t make sense anymore to try to build an iPhone app when in Q2 of 2012, 57.6% of all smart phones sold were Android based and only about half, 32.4% were iPhones.

1. Percentage of Smart Phones Sold in Q2 2012: Android:57.6%; iPhone:32.4%

Sure, the iPhone 5 is going to change those numbers a bit. But not much. It looks almost identical to the iPhone 4. And both Samsung Korea and HTC have big plans for 2013 and 2014. As a note, LG Korea is the company that makes all the iPhone retina displays. With Steve’s passing on, LG’s loyalty looks like it might shift away from Apple.

2. Tech Like the Retina Display Technology Is Not “Owned” Owned By Apple

Programmers for Android and the Jelly Bean OS are generally far more experienced. Apple iOS apps need to be programmed in Objective C. Before the iPhone came out, a very small slice of the programming world knew Objective C. Android, on the other hand, lets you build apps in Java and C++ — even a form of rails will work.

These are languages that most programmers are comfortable with. They are experienced in developing code in these languages. They’ve been through all the bugs and they’ve come out the other side. If you’ve never worked with an iPhone App developer, chances are, you’re in for a painful ride. We carefully screen our programmers and about 14 out of 15 iPhone Programmers we hire can’t finish the jobs we give them.

3. Android Programming Has a Rich Experience and Talent Base

Apple screens apps very tightly. You might actually build an app that never gets allowed into the AppStore. Seriously. This has happened to the cleanest well built apps. Just google it if you don’t believe me.

Android lets almost anybody in.

4. Android Apps are Easy to Get Approved in the Market


Since, Android lets almost anybody into the Marketplace, most of the apps are crap. All you have to do is build a good looking app that functions well and you’ll instantly stand head and shoulders above everybody else. it’s much easier to get noticed in Android than iPhone.

5. Android App Competition is Lower than Apple

Finally, marketing. Marketing your iPhone app is tough. The most successful iPhone apps had about a $45,000 marketing budget. Not so with Android apps. Since Android is powered by Google, all the apps in the Market are easy to find and search for. Use this to your advantage. Change your app name every week. Then, get bloggers to mention your app. Google (via Google seo company) cross references web popularity with your Market visibility. And by changing your name, if you don’t get any downloads for one name this week, a different name can get you thousands of downloads next week. Apple search doesn’t work that way.

6. You Can Game The Market

Finally, Experience and network. The guys who code in JAVA and C++ just have a much bigger support network and experience breadth. These languages have been around long before the iPhone was released. And so if you’re going to build your first app, or your tenth, you should probably start with the platform that has the most support.

7. Now, You can contact the:

Global Top 100 Android Developers Who Know Jelly Bean and Success

post by Bob Wan Kim (follow him @journik).
Producer of Android App Programmers’ Project Management Best Practices

Android Developers Android Developers
direct contact
News and announcements for developers from the Android team.
OneLouder Apps OneLouder Apps
direct contact
Delivering socially-powered mobile apps with passion and creativity. TweetCaster, FriendCaster, SportCaster, ChannelCaster, BaconReader, 1Weather. We go to 11.
Reto Meier Reto Meier
direct contact
Android Developer Relations Tech Lead @ Google, software engineer, and author of Professional Android 4 Application Development.
Richard Hyndman Richard Hyndman
direct contact
Android Developer Advocate at Google. Loves family, cars, bikes and other things that move me. Contact me on G+ at not here.
Android Android
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News, tips, and tricks direct from the Android team.
Roman Nurik Roman Nurik
direct contact
Android Developer Advocate @ Google (via Google seo company) · UI/Web/Graphic Designer · Maker of Many Pixels
Cyril Mottier Cyril Mottier
direct contact
Lead Mobile Software Engineer at Prixing and Android Google (via Google seo company) Developer Expert 2012. Passionate about Android, iOS, design, UI/UX, iconography, typography, etc.
XDA Developers XDA Developers
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The premiere Android and Windows Phone development community
Trevor Johns Trevor Johns
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Software engineer, hardware hacker, and lover of adventure. Android Developer Advocate and Engineer @ Google.
Ersin KOÇ Ersin KOÇ
direct contact
#Baba #Girisimci #MelekYatirimci #Android #Developer #Insan #Domain #Hosting #Beyin #Zeka #Hokkabaz #Ukala #Proje #Ehliyetsiz #Dost #Dürüst #Kararlı #Efendi #..
Android Police Android Police
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Android news, reviews, applications, games, phones, devices, tips, hacks, rooting, custom ROMS, videos – Android Police
Android Development Android Development
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Basic4android is a simple and powerful development environment for developers of Google (via Google seo company) Android-based applications.
Michael Huang Michael Huang
direct contact
Hacker and Android developer. I made SetCPU and other stuff.
king king
direct contact
android developer, porter, enthusiast.
Tim Bray Tim Bray
direct contact
Web geek with a camera, currently doing Android stuff at Google.
Puleen Patel Puleen Patel
direct contact
MobWeb Solutions, Technology Architect, Open Source / Linux Advocate, Google (via Google seo company) – Android Developer, AndroidTO Co-Chair
Android Developer Android Developer
direct contact
Amante de la Electrónica, del Software Libre, de GNU-Linux, FreeBSD y Geek por siempre :)
Romain Guy Romain Guy
direct contact
Android engineer, photographer, avid reader
DroidLanding DroidLanding
direct contact
Expect the unexpected from Droid. Monitor this feed to find out what will be landing next.
CyanogenMod CyanogenMod
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CyanogenMod is a community, developer-friendly Android distribution for 80+ devices.
Talk Android Talk Android
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Latest Android news, applications, interviews and rumors! Join in the Android community @
Android and Me Android and Me
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Meet your new Android friend.
Android Community Android Community
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Android Community, news, reviews, & rumors. All the Android info you want and need faster and more in depth than any other website on the entire internet.
David Shellabarger David Shellabarger
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Full-time freelance Android developer
Chris Haseman Chris Haseman
direct contact
Lead Android Developer at Tumblr, DJ, and tech writer
cyanogen cyanogen
direct contact
Android hacker, coder, snowboarder, trancer, traveller, bacon connoisseur.
Derek Rodriguez Derek Rodriguez
direct contact
Android Developer, College Student, Workout Fanatic
Stephen Hyde Stephen Hyde
direct contact
Android developer/Device Porter, IT support tech and webhost/server admin
Connectandroid Connectandroid
direct contact
Connecting Google (via Google seo company) Android users & Android developers
koush koush
direct contact
Creator of ROM Manager, ClockworkMod, Tether, and DeskSMS. Developer on CyanogenMod.
Android-Developers Android-Developers
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Android Developers Microblog
phandroid phandroid
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We Love Android
Android Development Android Development
direct contact
Android Application Development – Android Application Development India Software Company Develop Google (via Google seo company) Android Apps,games, Hire Android developer.
Nathan Russell Nathan Russell
direct contact
Android Developer & Customromulator
Luis Mez Espinosa Luis Mez Espinosa
direct contact
A Dad, ΔΩE, Android Developer & Android Themer ~ M_Blend. DJ SiR*Mez. Graphic Designer and Photography. JDM enthusiast sponsered by V Race Works and Android!
Danny Cassidy Danny Cassidy
direct contact
Android Developer and creator of Volume+. I also kind of play guitar a bit – – I drink, smoke, swear and love @bethnortley.
CarmenDelessio CarmenDelessio
direct contact
CTO Layercake, Android Development. BFF Photo app. Google (via Google seo company) TV fan.
Chris DiBona Chris DiBona
direct contact
Googler, Open Source Dude, Dad
Android Developer Android Developer
direct contact
Android Developer, Website developer, Java, Sqlite, Php, MySql, Html, Css, JQuery etc.
Matthew Patience Matthew Patience
direct contact
I’m a YorkU Student, Android Developer, Music Teacher, and a really good Lover. I do that every day… impressed? Neither am I.
Androinica Androinica
direct contact
An Android blog that helps users get the most out of the Google (via Google seo company) Android device.
Stéphane Guérin Stéphane Guérin
direct contact
Co-founder of the @ParisAndroidUG. Android Technical Lead at @netcosports.
François Simond François Simond
direct contact
Android screen&sound hacker and developer, sometimes writer @anandtech @engadget apps: #VoodooSoundPlus: IRC Chat:
Dan Morrill Dan Morrill
direct contact
San Franciscan. Recovering New Yorker. Android Open Source & Compatibility Tech Lead.
Jean-Baptiste Queru Jean-Baptiste Queru
direct contact
French Software Engineer working on Android Open-Source at Google. Traveler, Photographer, Eater and Drinker, Video Gamer, Geohasher, Astronomer.
Steve Troughton-Sm… Steve Troughton-Sm…
direct contact
I make apps and hack things
direct contact
Samsung’s developer program
Thomas Riley Thomas Riley
direct contact
Computer Networking graduate, car enthusiast, Android developer. I enjoy fixing things!
Shen Ye Shen Ye
direct contact
Android Developer, VillainROM Site Admin, Superuser TV Host, XDA TV Personality, @SassiBoB’s favourite Asian.
Bart Bart
direct contact
Android enthusiast/developer – traveler – knowledge seeker – bf of @ellenkerkhofs – all thoughts expressed are my own and don’t represent my employer
Android developer Android developer
direct contact
An Android developer among you!! An Android fanatic!!
RootzWiki RootzWiki
direct contact
Your premier Android spot. Check us out!
Songpol Thep Songpol Thep
direct contact
.Net+Android Developer, Droidsans’ Gangster
Mark Murphy Mark Murphy
direct contact
Owner of CommonsWare, Android maven, and fan of all things commons: cooperative democracy, open source, etc.
Javi Pacheco Javi Pacheco
direct contact
Linuxero pesao, programador incansable, geek ambicioso, android developer, creador de TweetTopics y trabajando en @47deg_es
Loic Le Meur Loic Le Meur
direct contact
LeWeb and Seesmic founder. Loves kitesurfing and running!
Paul O'Brien Paul O’Brien
direct contact
Founder of MoDaCo – trying to make web communities a friendly place.
Patryk Zabicki Patryk Zabicki
direct contact
android developer. adventurer. experience seeker. passionate about e-sport and open source.
Christian Brüggemann Christian Brüggemann
direct contact
German. Android addict. Editor for AndroidPIT. Editor, Sysadmin & Developer for Squasher. Guitarist & Bassist.
Tor Norbye Tor Norbye
direct contact
Tor Norbye is a software engineer on the Android team at Google.
Lars Vogel Lars Vogel
direct contact
Eclipse and Android Evangelist. Publishes tutorials at, proud Dad and Husband
Peter Alfonso Peter Alfonso
direct contact
Android dev
thomas marban thomas marban
direct contact
startup creator and long-distance runner.
Bob Lee Bob Lee
direct contact
CTO of @Square
Al Sutton Al Sutton
direct contact
Company Director, System Designer, Developer, and, most importantly, human being.
Jared Rummler Jared Rummler
direct contact
Developer of ROM Toolbox, Android Overclock and other apps found on the Android Market. Love to Surf, skimboard, longboard, hang out w/ the hot wife and code.
Jake Wharton Jake Wharton
direct contact
Programmer, web developer, open source practitioner and contributor. Bytecode janitor at @square.
Eric Burke Eric Burke
direct contact
Android Engineering Manager with Square.
Benji Benji
direct contact
Powered by Android, Douches, and my TARDIS. These are my views and opinions, not those of Cyanogenmod, TDRevolution or AndroidGuys. Don’t Blink
direct contact
Android Open Kang Project – Please refer to our section at RootzWiki for support/bug tracker!
Brian Swetland Brian Swetland
direct contact
android kernel developer, embedded systems hacker, etc
Adam Shanks Adam Shanks
direct contact
USAF serving in the UK. General android dev. Responsible for such greatness as Superuser. I pretty much rock, just sayin’.
Keyan Keyan
direct contact
Developer for Cyanogenmod. Thoughts here in no way represent CyanogenMod as a whole.
Stephen Stephen
direct contact
Android Fanatic, Dev, hacker….
Jason Chen Jason Chen
direct contact
Nope — not *that* Jason Chen.
Justin Case Justin Case
direct contact
Low hanging fruit isn’t the best tasting, but it sure gets the job done.
Michael Winton Michael Winton
direct contact
Google Developer Relations. I love seeing cool apps that developers build on Android, App Engine, etc…
Ander Webbs Ander Webbs
direct contact
Coding enthusiast, tech lover, lazy guy, freaky nerd, porque espain is diferent
cvpcs cvpcs
direct contact
developer, musician, mathematician, etc
Roman Roman
direct contact
Dave Morin Dave Morin
direct contact
Small town Montana guy. Husband. Entrepreneur. Skier. Co-Founder and CEO of Path.
SamFirmware SamFirmware
direct contact
Official Twitter account of (Powered by
Richard Ross Richard Ross
direct contact
Developer and device maintainer for CyanogenMod, TeamWin, and various personal projects.
Chet Haase Chet Haase
direct contact
Graphics geek, comedy communicator, Android animator
greg carron greg carron
direct contact
chief evangelist @bnotions – co-founder @mobicartel – father (3) & loving husband – android designer/h3cker – mobile, photoshop, nfc, ar, ui/ux, poker & mma
Tetsuya Aoyama Tetsuya Aoyama
direct contact
The creator of twicca(Yet another Twitter client for Android) / A user of NEX-5(with SEL18200/SEL1855/SEL16) / A fan of Momoiro Clover Z
adamrocker adamrocker
direct contact
Smartphone/Cloud開発者。Android向けIME「Simeji」を開発しています。Google API Expert(Android)。サンフランシスコでソフトウェアエンジニアとして働いた後、SimejiをBaiduに売却し同時に移籍。
Stephen Bird Stephen Bird
direct contact
I know a little about a lot of things.
Kirill Grouchnikov Kirill Grouchnikov
direct contact
User interface engineer currently working on Android project at Google.
Ryan Scott Ryan Scott
direct contact
Cyanogenmod Developer/Device Maintainer, Android Addict, Embedded Systems Hacker, PenTest Hobbyist,Classic Truck Builder/Collector, Cooking Enthusiast…
barak roth barak roth
direct contact
android rules autism can be cool… and barak is treading water :-)
Lox Lox
direct contact
Web developer, android enthousiast
Billy Rutledge Billy Rutledge
direct contact
Google Developer Advocate
San Mehat San Mehat
direct contact
Android Kernel / Systems Dev
Virgil Dobjanschi Virgil Dobjanschi
direct contact
Android platform applications developer @ Google.
Christian Kurzke Christian Kurzke
direct contact
Developer Advocate for Google (via Google seo company) TV / Android. Mobile Technologist, Eclectic Tinkerer, Geek, Gear Head, Biker and Burner.
Cedric Beust Cedric Beust
direct contact
Former Android engineer, creator of TestNG, geek without a neck beard.
Andrew Xie Andrew Xie
direct contact
Android ROM developer University of Illinois Alum Every day I’m hustlin
Erick Tseng Erick Tseng
direct contact
Head of Mobile Products, Facebook
Ed Burnette Ed Burnette
direct contact
Software developer, technology analyst, author.
Chris Pruett Chris Pruett
direct contact
I run Robot Invader, where I make rocking video games. I am a walking encyclopedia of horror games. I can do a pretty fantastic handstand.
Andrew Andrew
direct contact
Android, Music and Happiness
矢野りん 矢野りん
direct contact
デザイナ/著者です Android女子部ぶちょう。rockrin’のrinのほう。 ソーシャルアルバム機能付きカメラアプリ「6x6cm」リリースしました。リリースしてからが開発です!→ www.6×
Justin Mattson Justin Mattson
direct contact
Geek. Objectivist-lite. Social liberal, economic conservative. Ski enthusiast. Optimistic about society, pessimistic about individual members.
Prash Prash
direct contact
I’m Prash. I make freelance graphics and themes for android based phones. Proud member of #TeamDouche and CyanogenMod. AKA I’m AWESOME. G+:
Mike Wallace Mike Wallace
direct contact
Android Software developer, trying to get a grip. Owner of Rise Software, love my Android phone, my Ubuntu box, and my dogs. Check please.
Tony L Tony L
direct contact
AKA slayher in the android world, Android fanatic, father to 6, husband to an amazing woman and a Navy Nuke. Thats about it for me.
simms22 simms
direct contact
android tinkerer, hacker, repairman, photographer, artist, and miracle worker. Free thinking Nexus One, Nexus S, and Nexus Prime(Galaxy Nexus) owner :)
itog itog
direct contact
PIGMAL LLC 代表。 クラウド時代の小鳥とのQOL向上サービスcotorito(コトリト)、Android用押しボタンFourBeatその他IoT関連サービス開発中。Ruby、Android、Arduino、回路・基板設計出来るバイト・従業員募集中!
Nick Butcher Nick Butcher
direct contact
Daniel Huckaby Daniel Huckaby
direct contact
Mobile Developer, working at @mercury most of the time. Developer of @tweedleapp for Android
Akio みかえる Kondo Akio みかえる Kondo
direct contact
ADKを使用したAndroid搭載ロボット、Android植物工場を2011年のGoogle I/Oに出展しました 。オライリー・ジャパンよりAndroid Hacks発売中!お陰さまで8刷目突入! 面白いことをじゃんじゃんやっていきたい。 株式会社ブリリアントサービス取締役
Nicole Cozma Nicole Cozma
direct contact
Blog Network Author for @CNETHowTo. Loves Android, cooking, WoW, D3, doodles and the Interwebs. Tries to answer your Android/tech questions. My tweets=my words.
Soh Yuan Chin Soh Yuan Chin
direct contact
programmer and tech enthusiast. believes in ballmer peak.
Jake Southers Jake Southers
direct contact
Carlos Graves Carlos Graves
direct contact
Punk rock – Tattoos – Colorblind – Technology – Video Games – @lillykins – Baseball – Hockey – Heavy tweeter (almost sounds dirty, eh?) ;)
Bill Gross Bill Gross
direct contact
Founder of Technology Incubator Idealab and 100 companies in last 30 years. Tweeting while on my quest for learning in life and at conferences.
Lee Bailey Lee Bailey
direct contact
29 year old father of 3, .. ROM & Kernel developer for the HTC Desire, Desire HD, Inspire4G, Sensation, EVO 3D, Flyer, the One X & One S.. Google (via Google seo company) me ;)
Ahmet Ahmet
direct contact
Web design entrepeneur, with a passion for motorcycles, gadgets and knowledge. Founder and creator of the CyanogenMod web portfolio.
なかざん/Yukiya Nakagawa なかざん/Yukiya Nakagawa
direct contact
お祭り系プログラマ男子。会津大学OB。日本Androidの会 新潟支部長。ウォーターセル株式会社取締役。 クラウド農業日誌「アグリノート」作ってます。 Coronaの入門本書きました!
Martin Brabham 1 Martin Brabham
direct contact
Jeet Kune Do, Android, Python, Crotchrocket, Metal enthusiast. Family man, proud parent. Work at thoughts & views are mine; not affiliated.
ciwrl ciwrl
direct contact
Nerd. General tech geek. CyanogenMod Head Moderator & Community Staff
SwiftKey SwiftKey
direct contact
SwiftKey is an award-winning Android app that makes typing much easier, replacing your keyboard with one powered by smarter natural language technology.
Justin Rogers Justin Rogers
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That guy who used to make Gummy and Liberty :P
Dion Almaer Dion Almaer
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technologist, product engineer and human dev aggregator
imoseyon imoseyon
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imoseyon leanKernel
lychee lychee
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Faruq Rasid Faruq Rasid
direct contact
tech geek. mobile apps developer. lover
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iPhone iPod Android App Programmers’ Best Practices: Project Management, Wireframes, Site Maps

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Via Kickstarter Strategies: How to Get VC Angel Investors and Event Management Company


If you’ve ever been burnt by the app development and programming process or if you’ve never build software before, this the process used by the most successful iphone ipod and android app programmers today. It doesn’t guarantee success but it does guarantee that you won’t fail for lack of a road map.

Watch this video to learn how to structure your app development from features, functions, responsibilities, and roles, to deliverables. It explains how to use site maps and wireframes as well as mock-ups and comps to get your project completed professionally: iPhone iPod Android App Programmers’ Best Practices: Project Management, Wireframes, Site Maps

Best Android iPhone App Programmers in the World: Seoul Hong Kong Tokyo. Here’s Why

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Via Kickstarter Strategies: How to Get VC Angel Investors and Event Management Company

How to Hire the Best iPhone and Android App Programmers in the World


We all know that the quality of education for everything from doctors to computer science engineers including programmers varies widely from country to country. In fact, as arguable as American education is, America is still the top nation for producing the smartest, sharpest, and best programmers in the world. Major corporations like HTC, Huawei, Samsung, LG, Sony and others all know this.

This is why they scout and hand pick all the smartest high school kids from Seoul, Tokyo, Hong Kong, and Taiwan then send them to American engineering schools like MIT, Berkeley, Stanford, Caltech, etc.

It’s a smart move on their part because American companies can’t employ these brilliant Koreans, Chinese, and Japanese programmers. They can’t get green-cards.

Here’s the fun part. While you can’t employ these guys, you sure can hire them. They work for Sparkah LLC. An LA based consulting firm. 

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