Printing Prices for Print Shops

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Print Shops all over the world are rising out of a 10 year slump. Digital marketing is becoming so commoditized now that only the big corporations can afford to advertise. Prices for clicks in Adwords and Facebook are jumping upwards of $7 to $20 a click for higher end demographics and industries.

No wonder printing is taking off again.

But that doesn’t mean that the democratization of printing makes every printing company feature the same pricing. For example, printing in China offers prices that are about 80% lower than Germany, Switzerland, or Japan. That also means printing in these countries is five times more expensive.

Why the price difference? Well, there are a lot of factors. Each of the factors do apply across the board in most manufacturing industries. First, there’s the cost of the equipment. In Germany and Switzerland, Heidelberg Speedmasters are used. These are the highest quality printing presses on earth. Another issue is the cost of labor. That means China and Vietnam will be much cheaper due to the high degree of manual labor required in printing.

But ironically, Vietnam printing is expensive. That’s because they don’t make their own paper in Vietnam. Offset printing paper is imported.