Press Release and Marketing Campaign Timing: The Traps That Make You Too Late

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99.99 Percent of the companies who do marketing are too late. 

If you have a product or a service, you’re obviously going to want to get it out there and find users, buyers, customers, distributors, bloggers, journalists, venture capital or angel investors, etc who will support you.

The #1 Biggest Marketing Mistake You’ll Make

But here’s the fatal mistake you’ll make 99.99% guaranteed: You’ll start your marketing after your product or service is ready to sell. 

This is like inviting guests to come eat after the timer bell for your roast dings.


Start Your Marketing BEFORE You Know What To Sell!

What I’m telling you is that you must start your marketing far before your product or company is ready for market. This brings up the next reasonable question, “well, if I do THAT, then what do I market? Do I market a blueprint? Do I market my concept? What if it gets ripped off by some big company before I can build it”

No. No. No.

You’re looking at the world from a product centric perspective. If you look at the world from a user centric perspective (what Jobs was magnificent at), you’ll see ]

how and when to launch your press release and marketing campaign:

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