PR and PRESS: How to Get Bloggers To Blog About Your New Product or App Without a Warm Introduction

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PR and PRESS: How to get bloggers to blog and write about you, your products, and apps

While warm introductions are useful on the super small scale, on a large scale, you just have to offer overt and impressive value to get a desired reaction.

Presenting a product and asking for blog coverage is kind of like
presenting your hand and asking for big coins because you’re hungry.

What works is

1. Offer cross blogging and reciprocation.

To offer this, we actually have to build a design/tech blog and make coverage desirable.

This makes you an industry insider. It makes you one of them.

2. Initiate by giving unusual value.

To do this, we publish a list of top (interior designers / tech bloggers / hippest indi retailers) and make it rise to Page 1 of Google.

That seals that page as being prime realestate.

The implied threat is that since we scratched your back…


3. Inform all 100 of the mentioned people that they were featured.

This creates instant “warm introduction-ness.”


So… basically, before asking for anything, we start by giving and giving and giving BIG.

Then, when we ask for coverage, the reception is huge.

We start by creating value for our allies — out of thin air.

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