Nanotech PR Firm Reveals: How to Get Bloggers to Blog About You

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You know how it feels. You have an amazing product or app developer in San Diego or service. It works. You just know that if a million people hear about it, all 1 million people will love you for it.

And yet, when you submit it to a blogger, he doesn’t reply. 

So you submit it to another, and then a hundred more. And nobody answers you — let alone blogs about your new deal. What’s the problem?

Well, this is why PR firms exist.

If you stood on the other side of the line and actually saw what one day in the mind of a blogger looks like, you’d cringe and see how horrible your blog post submission looks in their eyes. 

Your product, app, game, company, or service may look just like the content that the bloggers you submit to already blog about. But for them, at that moment, your submission couldn’t look more different. Here’s why:

PR FIRM REVEALS: How to Get Bloggers to Blog About You (Why They Won’t Reply) –