Nanotech, OLED, 3d Printing, Social Media and Converging Tech Are Speeding Up

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I love that picture.

It may look like a slow and understandable transition from one to the next but the people who worked on one model to the next were swapped out as fast as the poppy seed muffins at Pipes Cafe on Saturday morning.

Me: I do business consulting on OLED, 3d Printing, GPS, Nanotech including SuperHydrophobic Coatings and Social Media. And it’s occurred to me that while the technology that we use is evolving at 64 times the speed it was 10 years ago, and will evolve 1024 times that speed 10 years from now, your business isn’t.

Now, every technology is disruptive tech. 3d Printing threatens to cripple China’s Hong Kong volume scale mass production economy. Imagine. Why would you have anybody ship you a toy you can just print out and plug together like Ikea?

OLED displays will finally give us foldable iPhone 7s that can fold out to 17 displays. Why not? OLED displays are paper thin and can be printed by your current inkjet printer. OLED lighting is going to bring the florescent and incandescent light business, as well as electrical bills to their knees.

Nanotechnology is making superhydrophobic and superhydrophilic coatings possible. This means that your iPhone 6 can work underwater while you scuba dive. This also means that all your electronics can now be water-cooled. That means that you can have a chip run 10 times faster at the same temperature.

Let’s not even touch cloud computing. That’s a quantum leap above the linear 2x jump. It’s a big jump to go from a Heidelberg offset printing press to a Shapeways 3d printer.

Now, every technology is disruptive tech. How fast are you evolving?