Music Marketing Strategy: The Secret of Driving Revenues and Sales

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This is an excerpt from an email I sent to a musician, Dan Voth. It’s almost twice a day that musicians ask for marketing help. This is what we tell all of them:

Thanks for contacting us at for your marketing.

Marketing music takes a lot of work or a ton of money or a bit of both.

That’s because BEFORE people have a chance to NEED to seek out new music, It’s thrust out at them by the media.

So that means the demand is low while the supply is HIGH.

THAT having been said, you CAN build a massive base and sell your music via:

1. Commercial Royalties

2. Concerts

3. Sponsors

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Who are your top 3 competitors? The best known people who sound similar to you? Starting there will give us access to their fans who send them messages to them publically all day long — and we can userp them.

This is the strategy we use to make musicians famous. We did it for The FRAY.

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