Top Mommy Bloggers: Worlds Most Powerful Social Media Influencers to Treat and Pamper

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I’m going to introduce you to the most powerful people on earth. No. It’s not the Illuminati. It’s not the Knights Templar. It’s Mommy Bloggers (whether they have kids in the house or not).

They control the world.

Mommy bloggers / women not only control the 97% of the purchasing power in any given household (58% of all online buys are done by women. The rest are men buying what their women told them to buy), they talk, they network, they ally, they are influencing every social media (via social media optimization marketing) outlet from Facebook to Twitter to Pinterest to Quora. most importantly, they are influencing their children.

In 5 years, an 11 year old can get a work permit and spend as they wish.

Companies like Samsung are sponsoring high achievers from Jr High School to walking them through to law school (lot’s of good that strategy did against Apple). And again, Moms are the people who have their finger on the green and red buttons.

How to Reach Out to Amateur Bloggers

If you’re opening a new boutique hotel and spa, announce a contest where 1 in 20 amateur mommy bloggers who write about you will win an all expenses paid weekend getaway.

If you’re a major automobile manufacturer, announce a contest where you give 1 in 500 moms a 1 year lease of your E-Class. That year will cost you as the manufacturer $2000 but you’ll earn 500 blog posts. That’s $4 per blog post. Hell. Improve the odds and make it 1:100. You’ll still be under what Demand Media is paying per blog: $25 per post.

How to Reach Out to The Professional Bloggers On This List

First, block out your biggest conference room. You might need a warehouse if it’s not big enough. Print out the last 30 days of blog posts from the bloggers below and tile your walls and floor with all the pages you’ll be getting.

You’ll notice a distinct pattern.

Not every blogger covers “Baby Bjorn.” In fact, some of the bloggers here don’t even have kids (at home or ever). The pattern you’ll notice is that your stereo types don’t fit. Each blogger has their own niche. They have their own suite of manufacturers they are giving feedback to. And they each have a content dispersal pattern that might lean more toward health or dining or housewares.

From this wallpapering you just did, you’ll immediately find bloggers you wish you were friends with.

Now that you’ve done your due diligence, you can contact the bloggers you want to engage with authenticity. People like genuine people.

Ask them if your product or company fits into their graph. They may have preexisting exclusivity contracts with your competitors. If they don’t and you’re cleared for take-off, ask for the following stats: average unique views per blog, average CTR per reviewed product, total uniques per blog per month, and total click throughs per reviewed product per month.

Now you have enough data to build a competitive ROI matrix. If

200,000 : 500 : 1 Google Adwords gives you 200,000 impressions on search : 500 Clicks : one conversion (You’ve Got Money!)

1,700,000 : 3000/210 : 0.15 Facebook Ads give you 1,700,000 impressions : 3000 Clicks (70% are bots so you’re left with) 210 real human Clicks : 0.15 conversion

X : Y : Z And Mommy Blogger gives you X impressions (with full branding that Google and FB can’t give you) : Y clicks (endorsed and recommended) : Z sales,

The math becomes easy.

Google @ $1.5 CPC = $750 per conversion

Facebook @ $1 CPC = 3,000 x 1/0.15 (that’s a LOT)

Mommy Blogger : …

Getting a Facebook (via social media marketing) user to click your ad when they’re not even in the mood to buy gets you the lowest possible conversion rate. Getting 500 clicks from Google (via Google seo company) to generate one sale will cost you about $750 per sale because you’re competing with guys like P&G for that spot. Finally, getting a professional mommy blogger to review your product will not only get you branded impressions with photos and maybe even video, if they like your product, you’ll get their hard earned influential stamp of approval. You’d better believe that generates a conversion rate far better than Google Adwords’ 500 clicks to 1.

But probably most importantly, you’ll get their end-user feedback that’s worth 100 focus groups. With their feedback, you’ll be able to redesign or reposition your product in a way that all consumers globally will embrace what might have been too clunky for mass market penetration (you gotta read the Febreeze go to market story).

Whether you have a product intended for children, families, husbands or wives, all purchases must first pass through the opine of Mommy bloggers. Even if you’re not a manufacturer, maybe you’re an app developer of an educational children’s game like Forest Ride, if you just get one of these power bloggers to write about you, every one of them will see see you. They all read each other.

If your company does anything from making apparel to medicine to furniture to automobiles, before you go out and hire an expensive ad agency to run focus groups that tell you only what’s observable when observing (kind of like the atomic shot that can be a particle or a wave), contact the most influential people on earth first. Get their perspective.

And when you do, come bearing gifts. After all, it’s rude to show up to your neighbor’s doorstep unannounced — empty handed.

Introducing the Global Top 100 Mommy Bloggers to Treat and Pamper of 2012

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